The Best Patio Set With Umbrella: Fun in the Sun

Enjoying your outdoor entertaining space can be a little hard when the sun is glaring in all the time.

As a stylish solution to this problem, a patio set that includes an umbrella will solve the shade problem, as well as offering somewhere for everyone to sit and mingle.

Why choose a patio set with an umbrella?

These furniture sets are designed to offer a place to sit for people, and a table for resting food and drinks on, with the addition of an umbrella as well.

The umbrella keeps the sun off the table occupants and the table itself, as well as providing a shield against rain.

If your patio is exposed to the elements more than you like, the simple addition of a patio dining set with umbrella is the solution to your problems.

To help you find the perfect match for your outdoor haven, we’ve reviewed some of the best, so you only have the finest options to choose from.

A patio table set with umbrella attached is a stylish and functional way to utilize your outdoor area, but if you don’t have the first clue what to look for in this furniture package, we’re here to help.

These are our top picks for the best patio umbrella and table, and how they can elevate any space.

Winner: Mainstays Albany Lane 6 Piece Outdoor Set

Mainstays Albany Lane 6 Piece Outdoor Set
  • No of chairs: 4
  • Chair material: Polyester and PVC
  • Table material: Steel

If you want a cheap patio dining set with umbrella that looks far more stylish than it costs, the Mainstays Albany Lane 6 Piece Outdoor Set is our favorite.

This set contains a table, four folding chairs, and a large umbrella, so you can enjoy your patio or lawn with shade and comfort.

The table features a two-inch hole for the umbrella and it sits atop the set measuring 86.6 inches in height, and you have four gorgeous colors to choose from.  

Because the chairs in this set are folding, and everything is lightweight when carried separately, this is a totally portable patio package that you can take just about anywhere.

Customers loved that they could pack it up for a day at the beach and some even took it camping, with the entire set weighing around 80lbs in total.

Another great thing about this patio set is that it’s durable and can withstand quite a lot of weight for something that’s so light itself.

Each chair has a 250lbs weight capacity and will comfortably and securely fit most adults on them, which further highlights how well the entire set was made.

However, there were some concerns about its weather resistance, which can be a downside when you’re looking at patio furniture.

The powder-coated steel frame of the chairs was durable but the fabric that covered them tended to fade if left in the sun, so while it’s a good option for the patio, leaving them exposed without any shade other than the umbrella isn’t the best idea.

As an incredibly lightweight patio set, you’ll also want to be sure not to leave this out in the wind, otherwise, it could easily blow away.

If it’s stored on your patio it should be okay unless there are serious gales afoot, but if you plan on keeping it set up on the lawn or in the back garden, you need to keep an eye on the weather.

The Albany Lane 6 Piece Outdoor Set from Mainstays is easy to clean with mild soap and water, but no parts should be machine washed.

The chair sling material is a combination of polyester and PVC and the umbrella is made of Olefin which makes it more resistant to heat and UV damage.

If you want a cheap way to entertain and must have an umbrella with your patio set, the Mainstays Albany Lane 6 Piece Outdoor Set is our favorite.

The set comes with a 12 month limited warranty, as well as free shipping, free returns, and the option to add on an outdoor furniture protection plan when you buy it through Amazon.

For the best deal on patio set with umbrella accessory, this is the way to go.

Runner Up: Flash Furniture Nantucket Dining Set

Flash Furniture Nantucket Dining Set
  • No of chairs: 4
  • Chair material: Texteline
  • Table material: Glass and metal

Flash Furniture has created their Nantucket Dining Set for outdoor entertainers and the six-piece package comes with four chairs, a table, and a 6.6 ft umbrella.

The glass patio table is made with 5mm tempered glass and features a stylish wave pattern, with each of the chairs covered in a breathable texteline material to help you keep cool.

This outdoor patio set with umbrella is durable, thanks to the alloy steel and metal construction of the entire frame.

However, it’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to move around, so if you want a change of scenery you can pack up your Nantucket Dining Set and enjoy it out on the lawn or even for a day at the beach.

Customers also loved the umbrella that came with this patio set, and they could tell right away that it was of good quality.

The umbrella is made with 100% polyester so it’s got great weather resistance and it has an ample diameter that’ll keep everyone in the shade while they’re sitting at the table.

The fabric used to cover the chairs on the Nantucket Dining Set could be better, and although it’s meant to be lightweight to allow breathability, it ends up feeling a little flimsy.

If you prefer a thicker material under your backside or providing lumbar support while you sit, you may want to shop around for something that can give you this, because the texteline isn’t that thick.

As a bonus though, the chairs arrive already assembled, so the setup process is pretty minimal.

Additionally, customers found the set to be pretty small and it might not be the right fit, depending on how many people you plan on using it regularly.

There’s also no word from Flash Furntiure on the weight capacity of each chair, so you’ll have to take a guess.

The table itself is just 31 inches at its widest and there’s not a whole lot of room for food and drinks at the same time, which makes it better suited to just one or the other.

Flash Furniture’s small patio set with umbrella is a compact package, and the table measures just 31.25 x 31.25 x 28 inches high.

The umbrella is 59 inches in width which is much larger, and it sits in the hole of the table easily, otherwise, you can upgrade to one with a swivel and weighted base.

There are four color choices available and the option to buy an extra umbrella or chair on top of your dining package.

The Flash Furniture Nantucket Dining Set is cheap and effective, and if you’re after something light and airy to enjoy your patio with, it’s a top contender.

Amazon has this dining set available for the lowest price online and they also offer free returns and a five year outdoor furniture protection plan, for an extra cost. If simple and stylish is your preference, the Nantucket has everything you’re after.

Alternative: Oakland Living Outdoor Furniture Set

Oakland Living Outdoor Furniture Set
  • No of chairs: 4
  • Chair material: Steel
  • Table material: Glass and steel

If your style is more refined and you only want the most durable and sophisticated outdoor furniture, look no further than Oakland Living and their Outdoor Furniture Set.

This is a six-piece setting that weighs 36lbs in total and includes four sturdy chairs, a glass and steel table, and large cranking and tilting umbrella, all secured with metal hardware for your peace of mind.

The umbrella is the drawcard of this set and the reason why so many people are happy to pay a premium price for it.

It’s large, has a base made of cast iron, and has additional features like being able to tilt over and go up and down using a hand crank, so it’s the perfect outdoor accessory.

Customers also loved the high quality and craftsmanship of this dining set, so don’t get it if you’re expecting a cheap patio dining set with umbrella.

The cast iron legs of the tables and chairs are strong and built to last, and even the synthetic resin wicker used to cover the rest of the pieces feels tough.

However, it can look a little dated, especially with this fake rattan and the weave pattern used.

If you prefer a more modern or clean look, this might feel ancient to you, and there’s a good chance it won’t fit in with the rest of your outdoor or patio décor.

Another negative was the price, and it’s made even worse when you look at some of the competing dining sets and what they offer for less than half the cost.

The key thing you’re paying for here is the umbrella, which is impressive in its own right, as the rest of the dining set doesn’t appear to be worth the inflated cost on its own.

The Oakland Living Outdoor Furniture Set features a real wicker appearance in a coffee color throughout the chairs and they feature a curved back and legs for a unique look.

The assembly instructions are included and it’s easy to put together at home, including the steel frame and 42-inch tempered glass top.

To equip your patio with a serious outdoor umbrella and durable dining set to match, head to Amazon to find the Oakling Living package.

This outdoor furniture set is an expensive option but well made and highly resistant to extreme weather, and you can purchase an additional five year protection plan for your peace of mind when you shop through Amazon as well.

Alternative: Tangkula 2 Piece Outdoor Set

Tangkula 2 Piece Outdoor Set
  • No of chairs: 0
  • Chair material: NA
  • Table material: Steel and glass

If a patio umbrella is on your list but you have no need for chairs, something simple like the Tangkula 2 Piece Outdoor Set is the best option.

This bistro set features a 32 inch round table made of tempered glass with steel legs, and a 6.6 feet high umbrella with 1.5-inch steel tube to hold it up.

The umbrella fits into the table with ease and it can be tilted and lifted with the included hand crank.

The coolest thing about this set is the umbrella itself, including how easy it is to maneuver to wherever you need it.

It’s made with 250gm polyester which does a fine job of keeping the sun out, and you can bring it up and down using the hand crank, as well as adjust its angle so it’s always moving with the sun and keeping everyone protecting from glare and UV rays.

In terms of weatherproofing, Tangkula has thought of everything, and this is a set you can easily leave outdoors without a second thought.

The powder coated steel base of the table and umbrella can withstand anything and is corrosion-resistant, and the 100% polyester fabric covering it is just as impressive.

On the downside, the instructions included with the umbrella and table mean you’re left on your own a lot and to figure out certain bits and pieces.

For someone who’s not very handy, you’ll need to call in reinforcements for this part. Those with the skill set to put tables together will still spend around an hour getting it done, as it’s a bit complicated.

Customers also found the umbrella to be quite short when you compare the height of others on the market, which made it feel crowded at times when using the table.

It’s missing a couple of feet of its total height when it’s stacked up against others and if you’re tall or prefer an umbrella that towers over the table, you’ll probably want to keep shopping.

The Tangkula 2 Piece Outdoor Set is weather resistant and made solidly, so you don’t want to worry about leaving it out in wild weather.

As a multifunction table, it can be used indoors and outdoors, and the tempered glass table has a rubber ring in the middle that protects it from scratching when the umbrella is moved around.

To get your hands on the Tangkula 2 Piece Outdoor Set and see what a truly durable and weatherproof umbrella can offer, head to Amazon for a great price and enjoy free shipping and returns from them as well.

Although there’s no official word from Tangkula about a warranty, you can purchase a protection plan from Amazon that will cover the set for five years, which is pretty impressive and should set your mind at ease.

Alternative: Vicllax Patio Dining Set

Vicllax Patio Dining Set
  • No of chairs: 4
  • Chair material: Metal
  • Table material: Metal

Vicllax is a premium outdoor furniture brand that has created a set perfect for those wanting to use an umbrella whenever needed.

With four swivel dining chairs and a sturdy metal table, all with powder coating and exceptional style, this set is designed to host an umbrella, although it’s not included in the package.

The umbrella hole is 1.57 inches to suit most sizes, and it means you don’t always have to be covered up when you’re outdoors.

Customers loved the look of this dining set, and it’s clear that it costs a little more money when you check out the finer details and take a seat on it.

The cushions are thick and comfortable, the four chairs feature can rock and swivel, and the entire set is durable and weather resistant making it ideal for patio setups.

Another huge bonus of this patio set is the option to add an umbrella, rather than having it attached, and it has an umbrella hole in the middle that’s a universal size.

Even without it, the table and chairs are a great option for the outdoors because of how well they stand up against harsh weather, rain, and UV rays.

Even after years of use, customers noticed how little their cushions and the metal frame have faded.

Assembly was a real pain with this package, and because it’s shipped in three different parcels, you might be waiting a while between their arrivals.

Once they come, you then have to figure out how to put the tables and swivel chairs together, as it appears a sizeable chunk of the instructions are missing from Vicllax’s owner manual.

Customers were also disappointed at the color of the dining set when it arrived, as some people thought they were getting an umbrella but found none included.

Others found it was hard to contact Vicllax if they had issues and noted there was a three or four day turnaround with communication.

This aside, there are lots of cool features of the Vicllax Dining Set, including the 360-degree swivel range of the chairs and the large table measuring 37 x 37 x 28 inches.

The metal frame of the table also features an e-coating which gives it another level of protection against the elements and is great for your peace of mind.

Vicllax has succeeded in creating a beautiful outdoor dining set with an umbrella included, even if there were some communication issues.

To equip your patio with this stylish dining package, head to Amazon to purchase, and benefit from free shipping and returns.

Vicllax offers an impressive two year limited warranty on this set as well, so while it’s expensive, it does stand up where it counts.

FAQs of Patio Sets With Umbrella

Patio Set With Umbrella

Choosing the right patio set can be made a little easier when you understand more about what you’re looking for.

If you’re on the hunt for a patio set with an umbrella, we can help, so check out these commonly asked questions and our answers that will give you a push in the right direction.

What Patio Furniture Is Best For Outdoors?

Choosing pieces of furniture for your patio should be done while considering what you want to use the outdoor space for.

At the most basic level, a bistro set with two chairs and a table might suffice, otherwise, you might prefer a large sofa or love seat along with a dining package, so you can entertain for all occasions outdoors.

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Patio furniture is made of materials that can withstand constant outdoor use and elements like sunlight and water.

As well as having more durable materials, it needs to provide comfort as well, so it requires more from the manufacturers to create a piece that ticks both of these boxes.

What Kind Of Patio Furniture Lasts The Longest?

Any furniture made with metal is considered long-lasting, especially when it comes to patio and outdoor furniture.

Metal frames on the furniture will be structurally sound but also provide good weather resistance and are better at standing up against the constant contact with the elements.

Which Is Better Wicker Or Metal Patio Furniture?

Many patio furniture pieces today make use of a PE wicker or rattan material along with a metal base, and combining these two ensures durability and weather resistance.

Some people might have a style preference that leads them towards a specific material, but generally, wicker and metal are a smart combination for outdoor furniture.

The Stylish Shade Accessory

It’s not often that you find a piece of furniture as functional yet stylish as a patio dining set with a large umbrella attached.

Whatever the reason for needing this extra shade, you’ll be in good hands with any of our top picks for the best of these shielded outdoor furniture sets.