Best Patio Sofa: Our Picks for Outdoor Relaxation

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The patio is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy nature, and get a change of scenery, but they’re usually missing some of the comfort factor.

The simple addition of a sofa is the missing link in most patios and it has the power to transform it into a more stylish and comfortable outdoor space.

What are the best types of patio sofa?

A good patio sofa should be durable enough to handle outdoor conditions but still stylish, and it may be an entire set or a single piece.

Many furniture manufacturers create outdoor settings and pieces for this exact purpose and they’re guaranteed to last longer than a regular piece of furniture made for the indoors.

Whether it’s patio furniture sofa sets or just a standalone outdoor patio sofa you’re after, there’s something out there to suit every taste and budget.

We’ve created this buying guide to make the hunt a little easier and ensure end up with the perfect fit for your ideal outdoor setting.

A patio sofa set should be able to handle its home outdoors, but also with the right level of style and comfort to meet your requirements.

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a selection of patio sofas covering all budgets, tastes, and luxury levels, for you to consider.

Winner: Best Choice Products Convertible Outdoor Sofa

Best Choice Products Convertible Outdoor Sofa
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Material: Wood, Polyester
  • Seating Capacity: 3

If you like to keep things fresh when you’re entertaining outdoors, you’ll love the flexibility of the Best Choice Products Patio Sofa.

This is like no other patio sectional sofa as it has the ability to transform into different shapes and layouts, and features an acacia wood frame with durable water-resistant polyester-covered cushions.

The dimensions of this sofa are 61.25 x 28.5 x 26 inches at its longest, but it tucks up even neater, depending on how you’re using it.

The coolest thing about this sofa is how it changes shape, so you can use it as a sofa chair, lounger, or even a guest bed if someone wants to stay over.

It clicks into shape and lifts out of shape so you don’t have to use any special tools to transform it, and whatever the occasion, you’ll have a chair that’s ready for anything.

Another great thing about the Best Choice Products soda is its look, combining a modern but classic style that suits every type of patio décor.

Better still, it includes a pull-out tray made of acacia wood also, so you can rest drinks and snacks on there while you’re lounging outside.

However, the acacia wood might be worrisome for some users, especially if you plan on leaving your patio furniture exposed to the rain.

This patio furniture sofa won’t hold up against lots of moisture over the years, and you might notice it start to swell or crack, so it needs extra care to make sure it’s protected.

Some people also noted an issue with some of the screw holes on the back, but this fault didn’t appear on every sofa.

If it does happen to yours, you can send it back for a refund, or drill a couple of new ones yourself.

Although it’s not an enviable task when you’ve just bought new furniture, the look and comfort level of this cheap patio sofa make it worthwhile.

The Best Choice Products Patio Sofa comes in a gorgeous navy blue cover with a large bed cushion and four pillows included.

The pillows can have their covers removed for easy washing, and the entire sofa is lightweight to move around as needed, as long as you have another helper.

With a weight capacity of 352lbs, it’s more than enough for two people to sit comfortably and in style.

If you want a versatile patio sofa set that looks stylish as well, Best Choice Products has created our favorite with their convertible sofa.

This unique piece of outdoor furniture is available through Amazon for a low price and it comes with a 60 day warranty and free return period, so it ticks all of the boxes in outdoor style, comfort, and affordability.

Runner Up: Recaceik 6 Piece Patio Set

Recaceik 6 Piece Patio Set
  • Color: Blue, Beige
  • Material: PE Rattan, Fabric
  • Seating Capacity: 6

For a complete outdoor setting that’s affordable and stylish, the Recaceik 6 Piece Patio Set is the way to go.

This ensemble features an outdoor patio sectional sofa split into two corner sofas and two armless sofas, as well as tempered glass and PE rattan table, and ottoman.

You get a choice of either beige or blue cushions to suit your patio’s style, and both are made of durable, thickened, and water-resistant material.

The Recaceik 6 Piece Patio Set is the only sofa you’ll ever need, and you get total control over how you set it up, which people loved.

You can have the ottoman separate and attach the corner pieces anywhere you want, so it depends on your patio layout and what works best.

Another cool thing about the Recaceik Patio Set is how lightweight it is and easy to set up. Just this one package will seat five people on your patio as well, so there’s plenty of room for everyone.

The PE wicker base makes it a cinch to carry as well, but it still looks stylish, and whether you choose blue or beige, it’ll complement the material perfectly.

On the downside, this isn’t the most durable material in terms of waterproofing and extreme heat, so it shouldn’t be left outside without protection from the elements.

The lack of weatherproofing is probably to be expected given the cheap price for so many pieces of furniture, so don’t buy this one if you had hoped to keep it outdoors in the sun and not on your patio where it can be safe.

Another negative to consider is the size of this entire set, and how it might not be ideal for all types of people.

As a more compact sectional sofa, you’ll probably find this better suited to petite users, with some taller customers mentioning that they found it hard to fit.

The overall length of each part of the sofa is 29.5 inches at the seat, so do some measurements first to see if it’ll work.

The Recaceik 6 Piece Patio Set comes with everything you need to install it yourself and it’s easily separated into three boxes upon delivery.

You decide how to put it together with the various types of sofa, ottoman, and table, and attach the feet on the bottom of each piece.

Recaceik advises using a cover when you keep it outdoors, but it should be fine to store on most enclosed patios without any protection needed.

There’s no need to spend a fortune just to get a complete outdoor setting for your patio, and Recaceik shows you how it’s done.

To equip your patio with their six-piece furniture set, head to Amazon, and enjoy a length 12 month warranty on the purchase as well.

Alternative: Lokatse Home Sectional Sofa

Lokatse Home Sectional Sofa
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: PE Wicker, Aluminum Plastic, Steel
  • Seating Capacity: 5

Lokaste Home’s Sectional Sofa is the perfect six-piece addition to your patio.

Made with PE wicker wrapped around a powder-coated steel frame, the outdoor patio sectional sofa is sturdy and beautiful.

This set contains a right arm chair, left arm chair, corner chair, two armless chairs, and table, giving you everything you need to get your patio set up to perfection.

The best thing about this sofa was how comfortable it felt, which most people were pleasantly surprised to discover.

Although one of the cheaper options, it seems that Lokaste made sure people would want to sit on their sofa, and they’ve added padding not just on the seat but the back as well.

Customers also loved the affordability of the Lokaste Home Section Sofa, as buying each of these pieces separately would have costed a fortune.

For the comfort they provide, it’s a bargain and means you don’t have to source separate parts to deck your patio out entirely.

To cut costs, they’ve used materials like PE rattan, and on the surface, there’s no way to tell it’s not genuine.

The downside here was the quality of the table that was included with the sectional sofa set, and truth be told, it probably could have been left out.

Instead of having a tempered glass top or something just as durable, it’s been covered with an aluminum-plastic panel which doesn’t look as nice nor will it last as long as the sofa pieces.

Another negative of the Lokaste Home sofa set is the size, especially when it comes to the width of the chairs, and it should be classed as more of a small patio sofa set.

With a maximum of 29.1 inches in width on the seat, you might not even fit five adults on this set, even though it was advertised to do so.

The Lokaste Home Sofa Set still has a lot to offer though, including machine washable covers and aluminum plastic table for easy cleaning, as well as raised edges to keep everything in place.

The entire patio package weighs just 27lbs with each piece being separate, so you have free reign over how you set it up.

The warranty offered by Lokatse Home is a little lackluster with just a 30-day refund or return policy in place.

However, if you shop on Amazon, you’re guaranteed to get the best price online as well as free shipping to your door.

Lokatse Home has proven you can choose patio furniture on a budget and still get something stylish, without sacrificing practicality.

Alternative: Lokatse Home 6 Piece Patio Set

Lokatse Home 6 Piece Patio Set
  • Color: Beige
  • Material: PE rattan, steel,
  • Seating Capacity: 4

The Lokatse Home 6 Piece Sofa Set is one of our top picks for a complete package of patio furniture, and it includes two tables, two armless chairs, a left arm chair, and a right arm chair.

Constructed with PE rattan, hand-woven resin wicker, black steel on the legs, and beige cushions with fabric covers, it’s simplistic, stylish, and easy to maintain.

This set can be assembled any way you choose and it comes in just one color option of beige cushions, black legs, and dark brown coverings.

One of the best things about this patio set is how every piece is so easy to clean, which is a dream come true when you’re dealing with outdoor furniture.

The cushion covers are zipped and can be removed as needed, and the tempered glass tabletop wipes down just as easily.

The handwoven PE rattan can also be wiped down, and because it’s not authentic, you don’t have to be as gentle when cleaning it.

Customers also loved the freedom they had to set this patio sofa up as they choose, and the six included parts can be moved around or joined together in any configuration.

It’s all very lightweight so you can easily do this yourself before company comes over, and then put it back how you had it when they leave.

Better still, it comes with two tables and not just one, so more of your guests will have their own space for drinks and snacks.

Although seemingly a bigger package, this six-piece patio set from Lokatse Home only has enough room for four adults.

For those who like to entertain larger crowds or looking for an outdoor patio sectional sofa that can fit more people, you’re probably better spending your money on this instead of a complete patio set that includes a table.

Another downside worth considering is that this set isn’t waterproof, nor should it be left out in any kind of extreme weather, including sunlight.

You’ll need to keep it on your patio undercover otherwise it’ll start to fade, and eventually deteriorate.

This isn’t the best pick for people hoping to utilize their patio sofa in more than one place, and won’t work for people hoping to get durable furniture that can be left out in all kinds of weather.

Lokatse makes it easy to assemble this yourself at home and the entire set comes shipped in two separate boxes.

The entire weight of the package is 51.9lbs so you can move it easily yourself, and each chair has a 250lbs weight limit, which is pretty impressive for affordable patio furniture.

To deck your patio out with a complete six-piece furniture set and get more than just your average sofa, you can get this package from Lokatse Home for the best price on Amazon.

There’s no word from Lokatse Home about a warranty or even a satisfaction guarantee period, but they do have a dedicated customer service team to help with issues, so you’re never alone.

Alternative: Lokatse Home Armless Chair

Lokatse Home Armless Chair
  • Color: Beige, brown
  • Material: PE rattan, steel
  • Seating Capacity: 1

The Lokatse Home Armless Chair is a simple but stunning piece of patio furniture, made with durable powder-coated steel legs and dark brown rattan wicker weaving for a more natural look.

The dimensions of the chair are 24 inches width of the seat and 23.6 inches deep, with a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs.

The design of this chair makes it a standout, and it’s thanks mainly to the unique X-shaped leg.

Not only does the X-shape give it an aesthetic advantage but it can also be adjusted to suit the stability and height that you want.

If you want to add more in, choosing others with the same leg design will help ensure they complement each other.

Lokatse Home has designed this sofa to work with the rest of their patio range, so you can mix and match it with other pieces if you want, including tables and ottomans.

Customers loved how easy it was to assemble the pieces together if you decide to add more, otherwise, it works just as well as a standalone sofa for homes that don’t need a lot of seating capacity on their patio.

However, there were some complaints about the appearance of the PE rattan used to create the wicker weaving, as it’s quite obvious upon a closer inspection that it isn’t genuine.

If you want natural rattan furniture on your patio, be prepared to pay a lot more for it, as this more, isn’t the most expensive-looking sofa you can get for your patio but it is one of the most affordable.

Another con was the smaller size of the sofa, which may turn off taller and heavier users.

Although the overall weight capacity is 250lbs, the width and depth of the seat make it look as though it’s better suited for petite users or the average size adult, and nothing more.

You’ll want to consider who might be using your patio sofa before jumping into this purchase.

These issues aside, there are still lots of great features to be found on the armless sofa from Lokatse.

The cushion covers zip off easily for washing, the tabletops are made with durable tempered glass, and the powder coating on the steel legs gives them durability.

However, this isn’t a patio set you’ll want to leave out in the rain or direct sunlight for that matter.

On this curved patio sofa, Lokatse Home offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t love it you can send it back without a fuss.

It’s available online at Amazon for a great price and comes with free shipping to your door, so you can start enjoying it in no time at all.

The Lokatse Home Armless Chair is ideal for smaller patio setups but with the style and comfort that every home deserves.

FAQs of Patio Sofas

FAQ Patio Sofas

Choosing a patio furniture sofa is hard work, but made a little easier when you learn more about these unique pieces.

To make your search for the best patio sofa easier, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions about them to lead you in the right direction.

What Type Of Outdoor Furniture Is The Most Durable?

Stronger materials like metal and wrought iron are considered the most durable in outdoor settings and make good choices for patio furniture.

For fabric, options like canvas, marine vinyl, PVC, and acrylic are all affordable but durable in outdoor weather conditions.

Which Is Better For Outdoor Furniture Steel Or Aluminum?

Steel and aluminum both have good features to bring to an outdoor setting so it depends on your preferences and the type of climate you live in.

Steel is considered heavier and more durable in extreme weather conditions, but aluminum outdoor furniture is lightweight and more affordable.

Is It OK To Leave Patio Furniture Out In The Rain?

You should never leave patio furniture out in the rain permanently, even if it claims to be weather resistant.

Although it’s okay to expose this type of outdoor furniture to some weather, over time they will become damaged, so keep everything undercover and away from rain as much as possible.

How Much Should I Spend On Patio Furniture?

The average price for a patio furniture setting differs depending on the type of furniture you want to fill the space and the materials used to make.

On the cheaper end of the scale, you can get a single sofa for a couple of hundred dollars, or complete outdoor settings with a dining table and patio corner sofa costing upwards of a few thousand dollars.

Add Style and Comfort to the Outdoors

No patio would be complete without a comfortable sofa to relax on, and it’s even better when that sofa adds a sense of style to your exterior entertaining space.

With our picks and some knowledge on how to choose the right type of patio sofa, you’ll be one step closer to creating your very own outdoor haven at home.

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