Best Patio Swings With A Canopy

Sunlight, summer breeze, a cold drink, and pleasant conversation. You can do these at a table in your patio or gazebo but, there’s something to be said about swinging gently while you’re at it. With a canopy swing, there’s no need to settle for a chair or bench—just try it out and you’ll see the difference! Check out our reviews for the best patio swings with a canopy below.

It’s Just Better With A Canopy

Although there are several types of patio swings, suitable for a specific set of needs, you will likely find that a swing with canopy is the most versatile solution: a traditional swing has to be placed under a roof (like, say, in a gazebo), or else the sun will be on your head for hours; hanging and chaise swings come with a small umbrella to give you shade, but they only accommodate one person. Canopy swings, on the other hand, can be placed wherever you want them (as long as there’s enough space, of course—but more on that later!), and they will fit between two and three people. Isn’t it, after all, much better to relax when you’ve got company?

As they are intended to sit in the open, these swings are built with weather resistance in mind. The frame is usually steel, with a powder coating to provide additional strength against corrosion. The upholstery is often polyester, well known for its water-repelling capabilities and ease of cleaning.

What Counts When Choosing

You swing on them, and you get to lounge in your very own shade. Beyond their common purpose, however, canopy swings are not all alike; here’s what’s worth paying attention to when shopping around.


It’s important to consider where your swing will be located for use. Aside from the footprint (which is usually provided by the manufacturer), you should account for a margin of at least 3′ at the front at the back, so you can swing comfortably; as well as 1′ at each side.

Storage space is another potential concern, for the months when you won’t be requiring your swing. In this case, you don’t have to account for additional swinging space; here, height becomes a factor instead.


As we mentioned before, a canopy swing will seat either 2 or 3 people, depending on design. It’s not all about how many, though: the combined weight of those seated is also important to take into account. Some units will support just over 300lbs, some others will be designed to carry as much as 600, and even more.


Swinging is nice, but comfort is too, and for this reason it is worth noting that some swings come without cushions. It’s not hard to remedy, but it’s something you might want to factor in.

Cup Holders

Sure, you can place your cold drink on the floor, but it’s not the same as reaching over and picking it up from where it rests, right by your side. Not all swings come with this perk.


Their size and features may vary quite a bit, and therefore, the same can happen with the price tag. You can find swings going for a little over $100; the fancier ones may be priced as high as $800.

Built To Last, Help It Last Longer

The average canopy swing can be expected to last for about a decade; here are some ways to help ensure it makes it that long… or longer!

Not A Toy

Although one of these swings can technically endure a child or two swinging and jumping on it (which should never happen without adult supervision, obviously), it’s best if such practices are left for the playground or the trampoline; your canopy swing will thank you.

Put It Away

It can do well enough in sun and rain, but it also doesn’t hurt to place your swing in storage if you don’t intend to use it for an extended period of time.

  • Some Great Seats With Shade

Below you’ll find a selection of canopy swings worth a closer look; here you may just find the one you will end up taking home.

1. Abba Patio 3 Seat Outdoor Canopy Porch

3 Seat Outdoor Canopy patio swing

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If you find this design agrees with you, then you may be glad to know that you can get it as a 2- or 3- seater, depending on how many people you want to accommodate. With a frame built in powder-coated steel, this one is capable of holding a maximum weight of 600lbs, and the cushions are removable, which means you can apply the padding of your choosing. Each side comes with a foldable platform for your drinks and phone, and the canopy’s tilt can be adjusted so as to keep the sun away at any time of the day.


  • Cover is available straight from the manufacturer.


  • Inaccurate instructions can make assembly more difficult.

2. Alicia Patio Swing Chair

Best Patio Swings With A Canopy chair

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This one is fairly inexpensive and still serviceable, with a sturdy frame and padded seats. However, it’s not without its caveats, as it comes in only one color, and the top of the cushions is somewhat permeable which, according to consumer reports, has led to water pooling inside and taking a long while to dry, if it ever does. It seats 3, but it might be safer with only 2, as it can only carry 350lbs


  • Solid and comfortable at an accessible price.


  • Low weight endurance for its seating capacity.
  • Only suitable for areas with very light rains and little to no wind.

3. PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing

Best 3-Seat Deluxe Patio Porch Swing

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Whether you are going for 2 seats of for 3, this one has got you covered, with the added advantage of 4 lively colors to choose from. Whatever version you pick, you’ll be getting it with a pillow, cup tray on each side, and solar lights, the latter being somewhat of a rarity in this sort of product. The same can be said about its weight capacity, which, at a rather remarkable 750lbs, means it can hold 3 people of up to 250lbs each.


  • Additional ambiance thanks to included solar lights.
  • Comfortable weight capacity.


  • Certain parts are reportedly somewhat brittle.

4. Outsunny Modern Swing Chair Bench

Outsunny Modern Swing Chair Bench with a Canopy

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If all you’re looking to seat is 2 people, then your search might be over: each seat has its own canopy and its own armrests, swings independently from the other, and can seat a person of up to 240lbs. The tray at each side might be too small for your phone, but it will still comfortably hold your favorite drink. In somewhat of a departure from common practice, the canopy cannot be adjusted, only removed for when the swing sits under a shade. Available for purchase in beige and grey.


  • Independent seating.


  • No replacement parts available for purchase from manufacturer.

5. Esright Outdoor Patio Swing Chair

Outdoor patio swing chair by Esright

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It’s one of the cheapest models in the market, but it does deliver: it’s resistant to water and rust, the seats are padded, the canopy can be adjusted in angle, and both canopy and cushions are removable, making cleaning time fairly simple. Its 450lbs weight capacity, while far from the highest available, is still comfortably in the middle of the range.


Easy to put together: clear instructions and properly packaged parts.

Solidly built.

Light; easy to move around.


Reportedly too small to fit more than 2 adults, depending on size.

Bar under the seat widely reported to cause discomfort when sitting.

For Ultimate Comfort Under The Sun: Abba Patio 3 Seat Outdoor Canopy Porch

Need 3 seats? Seeking only 2? Whatever the case, this model got something to offer, and its weight capacity is certain to suffice under most circumstances. Not only are its frame and cushions weatherproof, the latter can also be removed for easier cleaning or in case you would like to bring in your own cushions. A tray on each side of the swing is of enough size to comfortably hold your drinks and phone, and the canopy’s tilt can be adjusted so the sun won’t get to you no matter the hour. If you want a cover, you can get it straight from the manufacturer, saving you the trouble of shopping around and measuring.

All that’s missing, is the drinks!