Best Patio Umbrella for Wind

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We’ve probably all witnessed a small umbrella get swept away with the wind, but it’s not a whole lot of fun when it’s your own patio umbrella! To help try and prevent that scene from going down, we’ve delved into some of the best patio umbrellas for wind. 

What’s the Best Patio Umbrella for Wind? 

Choosing the perfect patio umbrella is tough enough, but if you live somewhere that gets high winds it can become much more crucial to make the right selection. We’re going to talk a bit about what goes into a good patio umbrella that’s capable of standing up to high winds, as well as some tips for keeping them firmly in place. Afterwards, we’ll jump right into some reviews for the best patio umbrellas for wind! 

How to Secure Patio Umbrella From Wind 

Below we’ll go through some of our favorite models for standing up to harsh winds. That being said, they’re best paired with some simple preventative measures for ensuring your umbrella doesn’t sail off into the sky! Check out some of these tips for making your patio umbrella more wind resistant. 

Whether or not you’re considering a patio umbrella that can withstand wind, keep in mind that there’s a few things that set each of these models apart. 

Weighted Bases 

These are most commonly not included with most umbrellas, but they’re an essential part of any patio setup involving an umbrella. Or at least, one that you’d like to keep around. Regardless of the overall design of a patio umbrella these are essential. They’re available as water-fillable, composite weighted or even stone bases. If you’re shopping online, you’re most likely to find the water-filled bases. 

On the other hand, you might find some umbrellas that come with a fastener-mounted option. These are offered either through a base with a mount that can be screwed into a deck, or screw holes on the legs of the umbrella itself. If you’re handy, most cantilever umbrellas are easy to tie down using lag bolts. 

Cantilever Vs. Crank Umbrellas? 

Cantilever umbrella’s canopy is offset from the base and pole. Oftentimes, this allows it to swing freely in heavy wind and doesn’t give the wind very much pull. Crank umbrellas are mounted at the top of a pole, and generally have little tolerance for high wind unless they’re securely mounted on a weighted base, or via fasteners. Needless to say, we’re going to feature a lot of cantilevers in these reviews since they’ve got a higher tolerance to wind simply through their design. 

Conditions Where You Should Take Down Your Umbrella

Incilmate weather happens all the time, most certainly in some regions over others. That being said, you shouldn’t entirely count on the windproof nature of some of these umbrellas to get you through a serious storm. 

While vented umbrellas do well to keep themselves from being damaged or threatening their structural integrity in moderate winds, they should certainly be stowed away if things start to turn for the worst. Closing, and then (ideally) detaching the umbrella during these occurrences would be the most advisable thing to do. 

If your umbrella isn’t capable of being taken down, you may at least be able to close, and then secure the umbrella to the best of your abilities. This could be done with bungee cords, rope or even larger zip-ties if they’re available. 

Taking down your umbrella during a storm is the best way to prevent it from becoming subject to unnecessary damage, to itself or to your home and patio. 

Reviewing the Best Patio Umbrella for Wind 

Purple Leaf 11 Ft Double Top Offset Patio Umbrella  

Offset Patio Umbrella for wind

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This umbrella comes in a standard cantilever design that’s durable and incredibly practical for reasons other than its inherent wind resistance. Speaking off, the windproof nature of this umbrella comes from its offset canopy and weight distribution, as well as its vented top. 

It’s available in a few different colors, but we love the sleek black design pictured here. This square ‘market’ style umbrella is suitable for square or small dining sets, as well as conversation sets. These are the patio setups that it’s the most able to cover with ease. 

The heavy-duty arm structure of the canopy also comes equipped with 8 lengths of LED tube lighting to cover your seating area in a vibrant, cool light during the evenings. The trigger-style adjustment handle has its own aluminum track, and is capable of adjusting the height and tilt angle of the canopy.  


  • Strong aluminum cast handle for reliable tilting and height adjustment 
  • Vented top and offset design and key for built-in wind resistance 
  • Solar-powered LED lights come on via a switch to illuminate your outdoor area well 


  • Weighted base isn’t included for this model 

Le Conte 10 Ft Lyon Cantilever Umbrella 

10 ft cantilever umbrella that's windproof

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The unique cantilever design of this round canopy umbrella is well suited to covering wide areas of your outdoor spaces in a cooling shade. It’s easily able to rotate 360 degrees on its aluminum shaft, while even tilting and rising or lowering depending on the current position of the sun. 

The fabric of this round umbrella is perfect for long-term use outside, with included UV and even waterproof coating against the sun and rain. The manufacturer even makes mention of a 2-year fade resistant warranty. 

The strong pole stands up against rust, and even has built-in velcro straps for lights or power accessories that you might want to add in the future. The wind resistance of the model is thanks to its vented canopy and wide, flat design that doesn’t give much space for gusts of wind to get trapped in. 


  • Vented top canopy for wind clearance 
  • Reinforced joints and pole for added rigidity and resistance 
  • Solution-dyed canopy that stands up incredibly well to fading as compared to polyester models 


  • Canopy must be weighted, but isn’t provided with any additional base or mounting hardware 

EliteShade 9Ft 3-Tiered Market Umbrella 

EliteShade 9Ft 3-tiered market umbrella

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This is a more standard upright umbrella that’s designed for use on your deck or patio. It comes in a neutral heather beige, although there are other colors available as well. Much like newer models of patio umbrella that you’re going to find, it has an acrylic canopy which is perfect for long lasting UV protection. 

The canopy spans 9 feet in width, which is decent enough coverage for a dining set. It’s worth noting that this model is specially designed to fit in patio tables, with a crank mechanism that sits well above the table surface itself. 

The 3-tiered canopy is perfectly ideal for blocking rays and wind, with a 3-tiered vented design that allows wind to pass through the canopy at 3 different points. It does so without letting any sun through, either. 


  • Sturdy tilting mechanism for blocking the sun at any angle 
  • 3-tiered vented canopy which allows wind to move freely through the umbrella 
  • Easy to close quickly in the event of sudden high winds 


  • Vented design on canopy may allow some light through when in the tiled position 

Phi Villa 10 Ft 3 Tier Windproof Patio Umbrella 

Phi Villa windproof umbrella for outside

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Featuring a 10ft aluminum pole, this sturdy umbrella tolerates windy conditions thanks to its vented design on top. It’s operated via a simple crank lever, and makes for an easy to use and versatile option for round tables and small outdoor seating areas. 

A 3-tiered vented top allows for excellent windflow in the event that gusts do pick up a bit. As with each of these models though, it’s highly recommended that you close and or relocate your umbrella in the event of strong gusts and stormy conditions. 

Sometimes though, even taking the necessary precautions isn’t enough to prevent things from getting out of hand. 8 Sturdy ribs, in conjunction with the vented top may just be enough to buy you some time in closing and tieing this thing down if your area is prone to sudden wind gusts. 


  • 3-Tiered canopy allows for excellent ventilation during wind gusts. 
  • Perfect for fitting into existing patio furniture and small conversation sets. 
  • Reinforced ribs for rigidity in the wind. 


  • Doesn’t come with a base, must purchase separately or own one already.

Le Conte Metz 10 Ft. Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella 

10ft offset windproof patio umbrella

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Want to find an umbrella you can easily secure against sudden or unforseen gusts of wind? Besides being a quick and easy to close patio umbrella, this design features a cross-shaped base. 

The benefit of such a base is that it can be either weighted, or secured using fasteners to a patio or deck surface to keep it from toppling over in the event of high winds.

The impressive, wide round canopy on this umbrella is a lush blue that’s completely fade-resistant, thanks to the dyeing method. It also touts an ‘infinite tilt’, which otherwise translates to a canopy that hangs on its own joint, allowing it to sway with the wind slightly when you’re not using this function for adjusting.


  • Cantilever operation for quick closing and opening. 
  • Canopy hangs from a tilting joint for added wind resistance. 
  • Cross-shaped feet allow for extra support such as fasteners or weights. 


  • Difficult to secure closed canopy in high winds.