Illuminate the Night With the Best Patio Umbrella With Lights

A patio umbrella is a welcome addition when you’re trying to keep the sun away, but when it finally sets for the day, there’s another way you can use this stylish accessory.

A patio umbrella equipped with lights on its canopy can be lit up at night and bring a gorgeous ambiance to any outdoor space.

What are the best patio umbrellas with lights?

A patio umbrella made for outdoor use needs to be weather resistant and the lights attached to its canopy should be solar or battery powered so they can run without electricity.

Choosing an umbrella that matches the rest of the décor of your patio is important, as is the size, so it can effortlessly cover the people underneath.

Fining the best patio umbrella with LED lights or solar lights is all about choosing one that suits your personal style, and any other features you need to get the optimal mood on your patio.

To make your search a little easier, we’ve hand-picked some favorites in every category and budget, so you can start enjoying your new umbrella sooner.

To help you illuminate your outdoor entertaining space with a gorgeous umbrella, we’ve found some of the top-rated ones on the market today.

Any of these finds will instantly transform the mood and feel of your patio, and let you enjoy your umbrella day and night.

Winner: ZXYY Solar Parasol

ZXYY Solar Parasol Review
  • Size: 8.8 feet
  • Material:
  • Frame material: Aluminum

The ZXYY Solar Parasol is our favorite patio umbrella with solar lights, and it uses the sun to stay illuminated and a sturdy, powder-coated aluminum rod to keep it upright.

This umbrella has no base so it can be easily inserted into any patio table, and it features a tilt adjustment and crank lift for ease of use.

Measuring 8.8ft tall, it’ll tower over most tables, and keep everyone covered, day or night.

The coolest thing about this patio umbrella is how ventilated the material is, while also protecting you from the UV rays during the day, so it does both jobs at once.

No matter how hot it is outside, you’ll be cool under your umbrella, and it has lots of breathability to keep the air flowing freely.

Customers loved the stability of this umbrella and the fact that it has a main rod and then eight separate reinforcements to hold it up.

Even during wild weather or even just a night out on your patio, you don’t need to give a second thought as to the stability of the ZXYY Solar Parasol, and it’ll easily last for years to come.

At 8.8 feet tall, it’s a little shorter than most, so if you’re after a 9 ft patio umbrella with solar lights keep shopping around.

While that little bit extra might not make a difference to everyone, those who want a taller umbrella or are tall themselves will probably find the missing inches to be unacceptable.

Another hitch is that the ZXYY Solar Parasol is that the instructions that come with it leave a lot to be desired and although there’s no assembly required, it would be good to have some more information about it.

You’ll have to figure out the crank and how to put it up and down yourself, so expect a bit of a learning curve here.

This large patio umbrella with lights features a UV resistant, fade-resistant, and waterproof material that keeps you covered, and will allow it to sit on the patio for years of service without a problem.

The sturdy powder-coated aluminum base is rustproof as well, and features a light at the top of it, with separate solar lights on each of the eight reinforced poles, giving you plenty of illumination.

If you’re looking for a simple patio table umbrella with lights that offers stability and beauty, the ZXYY is an affordable way to get it.

Amazon has this umbrella available online for the best price, along with free shipping and free returns, however, there’s no warranty from ZXYY on top of this.

Overall, this is the best patio umbrella with solar lights, and a budget friendly find.

Runner Up: FQF Solar Umbrella

FQF Solar Umbrella
  • Size: 8 ft
  • Material: Polyester
  • Frame material: Iron

For a larger-than-life patio umbrella with lights, the FQF Solar Umbrella could be everything you’ve been dreamed of.

This super-size umbrella is double-headed and measures 270 inches by 106 inches for total coverage.

Made with 180g of polyester in a sophisticated dark red, it’s perfect for outdoor use, and it features a number of solar-powered lights to keep your entertaining space illuminated.

The best thing about this umbrella is its size, making it the perfect fit for oblong and rectangular tables, or those that want some extra coverage from the sun.

With most of the umbrellas in this market being single ones only, the fact you can get something of this size is a huge selling point.

Another great feature of the FQF Solar Umbrella is that it comes with a sandbag that you keep at the base so the umbrella stays in place and steady.

This means you can use it anywhere, and not just for a patio umbrella with lights. If you’re strong enough, you could even take it to the beach to enjoy the day, and then relax under it at night with the twinkling solar lights.

However, some users found that the polyester fabric was prone to fading sooner than they hoped.

You’ll need to take some extra care with this umbrella compared to others, and it’s best to keep it down during the day if you’re not using it.

While it’s a little more effort to do, it’ll pay off in the long term and you’ll avoid this fading that it’s prone to.

Another undesirable feature is its shorter size, measuring just 8 feet in total.

Although it offers a lot in width and coverage, the height might not be right for every patio setup, so you’ll want to do some measurements and check out what your space needs specifically.

Taller people especially might feel crowded with something this size, although if you’re sitting on the ground and making use of the included base, it won’t be a bother.

The overall weight of the entire package is around 45lbs, so you can easily take it outside of the house to use, and the umbrella’s height is around 8 feet.

The umbrella pole is made of one large iron pole with 12 reinforced poles to keep it up, each of them featuring three lamps powered by solar energy, giving your patio lots of illumination.

The FQF Solar Umbrella is a larger-than-life patio umbrella that provides more than enough coverage and illumination.

Unfortunately, this is another brand that doesn’t offer a warranty, but if you purchase it through Amazon, you’ll get 30 days of free returns and have it shipped for free, so you can start enjoying the shade and ambiance it delivers sooner.

Alternative: ZXYY 9ft Solar Umbrella

  • Size: 9 ft
  • Material: Polyester
  • Frame material: Powder coated steel

If you want a towering 9ft solar light umbrella for your patio, you can count on ZXYY to deliver.

This durable and beautiful outdoor umbrella features a 180G polyester canopy and durable powder-coated steel frame, with almost 10ft of diameter to keep you and your company well covered.

What people loved most about the ZXYY Umbrella is that it worked just as well day or night, and especially when the sun was beaming down.

Some patio umbrellas with lights focus more on the nighttime, but this one will keep you covered and protected from UV damage even on the hottest and sunniest days.

Another great thing about this umbrella is that it’s easy to move around and position it wherever you want.

You can tilt it so the lights are seen underneath the canopy or have it standing upright and over the center of a table, and it comes with an easy crank that moves it up or down as you need, as well as a cantilever attachment.

The number of solar lights on this umbrella lets some customers down, as it appeared to have more when they purchased it.

When you compare it to the other umbrellas we’ve reviewed, it’s got a lot fewer lights which give off more of a romantic atmosphere.

You probably can’t use this umbrella alone to illuminate a table while people eat, so keep that in mind.

Another setback is that there’s no stand included with this umbrella so you’ll need to either have the right size hole in your patio table or create a base yourself.

If you’re hoping to use this on outings or for anywhere other than a table that has an umbrella hole, there are probably smarter options out there.

The ZXYY Solar Umbrella has a pole diameter of 1.88 inches to fit standard patio tables, and the canopy is made with an eight rib design and covered with three lights on each rib.

The steel frame is resistant against carrion and rust, and the canopy offers UV protection, so you can keep it on the patio without worrying about any damage.

If you want a taller and wider patio umbrella, but without the stand, the ZXYY 9 ft Solar Umbrella is one of our favorites.

It’s well priced and available on Amazon, which offers free shipping to your door and 30 days of free returns.

Unfortunately, there’s no warranty coverage from ZXYY, but if the rave reviews are anything to go by, this is an umbrella that’s built to last.

Alternative: Wealthgirl 10ft Solar Umbrella

Wealthgirl 10ft Solar Umbrella
  • Size: 10ft
  • Material: Polyester
  • Frame material: Steel

Wealthgirl has created a 10-foot patio umbrella with solar lights that looks like a dream come true.

This offset umbrella features a cantilever and crank for adjustability, a durable polyester canopy, and a tough pole made of powder-coated steel.

There are three colors available in red, beige, and blue, so you can choose the one that best matches your patio décor.

What customers loved most about the Wealthgirl Solar Umbrella was its appearance, and the unique shape of the canopy, stand, and ribs.

It gives off a more sophisticated look than other umbrellas, even if it’s more expensive because of this, and if you’re planning an upscale garden party or want to add some sophistication to your patio, it’s a great investment.

The breathability of this umbrella was a huge selling point and it means that your guests will feel comfortable underneath it, even on those warmer nights.

This is thanks to a mesh vent that’s built into the top of the umbrella that lets the air through, and although it might seem like a minor feature, it makes a huge difference to the overall enjoyment of it.

This is another umbrella that unfortunately doesn’t come with a weighted base, but it does include a cross-legged stand.

The biggest disappointment was that the stand on its own didn’t have enough strength to hold the umbrella in, unless it’s already inserted into a hole in a patio table.

Therefore, you’ll need to make your own sandbag or weight for the base if you plan on using it any other way.

Customers also didn’t like the solar power capacity of the lights, as they only got six hours of illumination in total.

If you plan on holding a garden party or staying up later than usual, the lights of this umbrella won’t be along for the ride.

This might not affect everyone, but considering they’re being charged up all day in the sun, going longer than six hours would have been better.

The Wealthgirl 10 ft Solar Powered Umbrella features 24 solar LEDs that are pretty powerful, and they sit inside of the canopy on each of the eight ribs designed to hold the umbrella up.

There’s a single air vent on the top which gives breathability, the canopy is fade resistant and water repellent and the powder-coated frame is rust-free, so it’s perfect for patio use and outdoors.

If you want the impressive Wealthgirl 10 ft Solar Powered Umbrella for your patio, be prepared to pay a premium price.

This umbrella might be costly, but it’s packed full of features and looks amazing, and you can find it for the lowest price at Amazon.

There’s no warranty offered by Wealthgirl but Amazon gives you the chance to return it for free, as well as sipping the umbrella to your door for no extra cost, so it’s not all bad.

Alternative: Moboo 10ft Solar Umbrella

Moboo 10ft Solar Umbrella Review
  • Size: 10ft
  • Material: Fabric
  • Frame material: Aluminum

A sophisticated patio needs an umbrella to match, and the Moboo 10 ft Solar Umbrella is just that product.

This premium patio umbrella with lights features a unique three-tiered design that makes it more durable, and it features solar LED lights, a massive 10 feet height, and 220g yarn-dyed fabric on its canopy.

The base and ribs of the umbrella are made with rust-free aluminum and metal, so not only is it beautiful but durable as well.

The coolest thing about this umbrella is its tiered design, with three unique layers on the canopy.

This not only makes it look more sophisticated, but it gives the space underneath the umbrella better ventilation and makes sure the air is always flowing.

When you’re hosting on your patio or outdoors, this is a very handy feature for the comfort of your guests.

Another bonus of the Moboo Umbrella is the size of it, with almost 300 square feet of coverage for the people sitting underneath it.

When you consider the height of it at 10 feet as well as this width and coverage, it’s one of the largest umbrellas out there, and nobody is going to feel cramped while sitting under it.

There were some drawbacks though, which were made even more disappointing because of the price.

The yarn-dyed fabric used for the canopy has good color fastness but doesn’t do as well in direct sunlight, which defeats the purpose of these umbrellas.

You’ll want to keep it in the down position when it’s not being used and consider using a cover for extra protection.

Another negative is the lack of lighting from the solar LEDs, even though there are 32 of them.

The bulbs are quite small and don’t give enough illumination to completely light up the table underneath.

You’ll also find there’s no stand included with this umbrella either, which means making your own is a must, otherwise you can only use it on a patio table that has the hole there.

These issues aside, this is easily one of the prettiest patio umbrellas we’ve found, and it features unique layers made with a neutral beige color and a black aluminum pole at its base.

The pole itself measures 1.5 inches in diameter so it’s stable, and there’s a crank handle to put the umbrella up and down, as well as a push-button to tilt its angle.

The Moboo Umbrella is designed for most tables, including those up to 48 inches long or round, so it’s a good multipurpose pick.

If you praise looks over all else, the romantic Moboo Solar Umbrella is the way to go.

Although it’s available online at Amazon for a discounted price, this doesn’t include free returns, and there’s no warranty coverage by the manufacturer, so it’s a bit of a letdown.

However, judging by the happy customers who already own it, there’s a lot to love about this light-up umbrella and it’s an obvious standout in the style department.

FAQS of Patio Umbrellas With Lights

FAQS of Patio Umbrellas With Lights

A patio umbrella with lights takes a classic design and makes it even more interesting, and it can make a beautiful addition to any outdoor entertainment area.

If you want to learn about patio umbrellas and how to choose the right fit, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that can tell you more.

What Type Of Patio Umbrella Is Best For Sun Protection?

Choosing a patio umbrella with a sun-resistant material is key, and options like polyester, olefin, O’bravia, and Sunbrella are all popular choices.

These materials do a good job of blocking UV rays while keeping it light and airy underneath the umbrella which makes them perfect for patios and outdoor use.

What Is The Difference Between A Patio Umbrella And A Market Umbrella?

A market umbrella is a type of durable umbrella used by market stallholders to protect them from the harsh elements during the day but may not be as visually appealing, whereas a patio umbrella is designed equally for style and protection.

How Do I Keep My Patio Umbrella From Fading?

The key to preventing fading in your patio umbrella is firstly to choose a weather-resistant and UV-proof material, so it stands up against the sunlight.

Secondly, you want to store the umbrella down so it’s not exposed to the sun and even consider bringing it to an undercover patio area if you’re not using it.

What Is The Best Color For A Sun Umbrella?

Black is considered a good choice for a sun umbrella as it reflects more of the UV rays that come its way.

However, lighter colors are thought to be better at reflecting heat which can make it cooler to sit underneath an umbrella in the sun, so it depends on what the user hopes to get out of their patio umbrella.

Light up the Night

A beautiful patio umbrella can change the mood of any space, and with the ambient addition of some well-placed lights, it’s even more impressive.

With our recommendations and a little more about these decorative and practical patio accessories, you’ll have a simple way to improve the mood of your outdoor area.