Best Patio Umbrellas With Solar Lights

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A night out on the patio in the summertime can be one of the best escapes you can get in your own backyard. That being said, just because the lights are going down doesn’t mean that the party needs to end! We’re going to take a look at a simple and stress-free way to light up the night by looking at some of the most cleverly designed best patio umbrellas with solar lights.

These neat little gadgets turn your patio umbrella into an ambient and glowing centerpiece that you can enjoy an evening conversation over, or use to keep the party going after the lights go down. They’re portable, easy to take on and off creating a no-fuss lighting solution for your patio seating area!

You can even go the extra mile and combine these with a wireless bluetooth speaker to create the ultimate music and lighting entertainment set up you can create in minutes. 

Why Add Solar Lights to Your Patio Umbrella

Check out this selection of lights that attach directly to your patio umbrella! Seriously, these little LED lights don’t just light up your table, but provide a light-hearted and welcoming atmosphere for your guests and friends! Pair them with an outdoor sound system to get the most out of your patio entertainment setup. 

Finally, a lighting system that doesn’t require an electrician’s certificate to set up. Nor does it need to be plugged into an outdoor power outlet, either! Below we’ll review some of the leading models of umbrella lights, to help you find out which model will best suit your outdoor patio or deck table setup! 

These lights aren’t just great for outdoor dining tables, but also entertaining areas as well! These allow you to choose a cheaper and much easier way to add some quick ambiance, and atmosphere to your entertainment space without breaking the bank. Besides that, it makes for a conversation piece, and something to set your beloved outdoor escape apart.

The lights we’ll be reviewing today come custom built into the patio umbrellas themselves, meaning you won’t have to deal with any of the installation yourself! They’re quick and easy to set up, and provide you with both lighting, and protection from the sun during the daytime, as well!  

How Do Solar Patio Umbrella Lights Work? 

These work much like any other solar lights that you might already be using around the outside of your home. Typically, these lights have a small solar panel on the top which absorbs sunlight throughout the day in order to charge a small rechargeable battery on the inside of the unit.

After that, they’ll provide you with a bright enough light to cast the whole outdoor dining table, as well as some of the surrounding area in a smooth glow perfect for conversations and parties. 

They’re incredibly easy to mount to your umbrella, with some of them simply affixing to the center pole, and others attaching themselves to the support spokes of the umbrella itself.

Both of them produce quite a lot of light, but the kind that clip on to the inner frame can throw it just a little but further, while also giving more direct light to each person sitting at the table. 

These are the Best Patio Umbrellas With Solar Lights 

Let’s dive into some reviews for some of our favorite models below! 

Abccanopy 9Ft Solar Patio Umbrella 

9ft solar patio umbrella

This umbrella comes in a wide variety of colors, however this unit in particular is advertised with the deep burgundy tone. If you’re looking to add a red accent color to your outdoor space, this umbrella would be a fantastic choice to achieve that end!

It comes with a pre-installed LED light system including 32 individual LED lights powered by a solar panel on top. Once arrived, assembly is nothing at all. Simply attach the power cord of the solar panel into the top of the umbrella, screw it back on and you’re done!

This umbrella also leans at the top, providing you with multidirectional shade if you so desire. 


  • LED system comes pre-installed
  • Easy to set up
  • Umbrella can be adjusted to provide shade throughout the day


  • Material isn’t super thick and may let some sunlight through
  • Relies on backup batteries which may be a hassle

EliteShae Sunbrella Solar LED Light Outdoor Umbrella

sumbrella solar LED light outdoor umbrella

Another umbrella that keeps the light out of your eyes during the day, and lights on at the party as soon as the sun goes down! The EliteShade umbrella has a lovely designed, angled construction at the top, and a magnificent canopy that makes it a top contender for my personal best patio umbrella with solar lights. It shines bright, too!

With 80 LED lights, this patio umbrella is close to one of the brights. The lights in this case are individual LED bulbs, as opposed to rail lighting. They provide a more stylish look in my opinion. The canopy is non-fading, and features a 3-tiered design that’s built in such a way to provide ventilation and a little extra style. There are 3 different color options to choose from, as well. 


  • Lots of LED lights for good coverage
  • Bigger light bulbs look nice
  • 3 tiered style for ventilation


  • May not be completely rain proof with windy weather or certain tilts

Choicehot Rectangular Patio Umbrella 

rectangular patio umbrella

At 6.5X10 ft, this solar umbrella by choice hot is a great choice for a freestanding umbrella if you’re looking to add some shade and light to a sitting area other than a table. This rectangular canopy solar panel umbrella even pivots on a push-button action to help you stay out of the sun no matter which direction you’re facing.

The umbrella is incredibly easy to assemble, with a very simple design consisting of two poles and the included canopy which comes pre affixed to the frame. The small LED bulbs on the solar powered umbrella are bespoke, providing more of an ambient light to work alongside with whatever existing lighting solution you’re already using. 


  • Great size to provide shade and lighting to other areas besides the patio table
  • Two poles are included for extra support
  • Easy to set up


  • Lighting is subtle, so you may need to include additional light sources depending on your needs

Love Story 10 Ft Solar LED Offset Patio Umbrella 

10 foot solar LED patio umbrella

The unique name of this umbrella is fitting, seeing as it has quite a unique design as well. As far as patio umbrellas are concerned, this offset design is rapidly increasing in popularity for those looking for an alternative to traditional patio umbrellas.

The canopy size of this umbrella comes in at 10 feet, with the rails of LED lights running on the spokes of the inner frame, providing a mellow and relaxing bath of smooth light as soon as the sun starts to set. The shade is available in several different colors, and is made of a weatherproof polyester.

For my money, these umbrellas are just as much about style as they are about practicality. I love the offset design, and versatility as either an outdoor dining table umbrella, or a shade for an outdoor conversation set on your deck or patio. It’s a standard crank design, however the base is not included.

You either need to use a heavy weight umbrella base, or a cross shaped base that you can affix to the surface of the deck itself. 


  • Large 10 foot canopy
  • Good color options
  • Great option if you want a stylish umbrella


  • Base isn’t included so you’ll need to buy one separately

Best Choice Products 7.5 Foot Outdoor Solar Market Umbrella

7.5 foot outdoor solar market umbrealla

This outdoor ‘market umbrella’ makes a real splash with its eclectic and unique hexagon shape that’s evocative of small market cafes and outdoor dining patios. It can help to transform your outdoor space into a lively and atmospheric area for you, your family and guests to enjoy during the summer months.

Much like other models in our reviews, the canopy is composed of a polyester material that helps to block UV rays, keeping you and the material itself shaded and safe. The frame is made from a steel alloy, which feels durable and reliable for everyday use.

The pole construction has one of my favorite but also niche features in an outdoor patio umbrella, that being the screw-on connection between the top and bottom of the umbrella pole. This provides a stronger bond between the two pieces, reducing the chances of it breaking, bending or otherwise becoming misshapen.

It comes out of the box with a push button tilting mechanism, 18 LED lights spread across a 6-rib frame that supports the canopy. 


  • Tilt is easy to adjust
  • Pole is located at the side instead of center of the umbrella for more versatility
  • Lots of color options


  • Lights could be brighter

What is the Best Patio Umbrella With Solar Lights?

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best patio umbrellas with solar lights!

To pick a winner isn’t always all that easy, but personally I’d have to go with the EliteShade solar umbrella for my #1 pick out of them all. I love the venting provided by the stylish design of the canopy, as well as it’s angled mechanism and overall look and feel. It gives you just enough light to light up the night, without overpowering the atmosphere you’re going for.

If you have any experience with LED solar umbrellas we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!