Best Picnic Tablecloths With Elastic

Having your picnic on the ground is special, but having it on a table doesn’t detract a lot from the experience—and it can add comfort to it, too. A tablecloth will bring a splash of color to your day, and provide a degree of protection that really doesn’t hurt. And if it comes with elastic? Even better, as you will soon see with these best picnic tablecloths with elastic.

Putting a cloth underneath you when your picnic is at ground level is something that instantly makes sense; involving a cloth when your outdoor meal is spread on a table might be harder to justify. Is there a point? There is, and its name is hygiene.

This is especially relevant if you happen to be eating on a public park table; there’s just no way to know what else has been on there. And if you are using your own table, it’s just easier to clean up afterwards: just roll it up when the meal is over, and very few (if any) crumbs will be left behind.

Why Fitted Table Cloths?

Anyone who knows beds knows fitted sheets; they are difficult to fold (although not so much these days, with the techniques now shared all over the internet), but they are also great at staying in position no matter how vigorously you or your partner roll and kick around.

This feature might seem less critical in a tablecloth, but it is definitely a huge plus: your cover will stay in place regardless of how often dishes and cups shuffle around on the surface—which may be frowned upon by that family member who just loves to practice the Tablecloth Pull Trick, but everyone must make concessions once in a while.

Stain Prevention

If this includes you (and we feel almost certain it does), then you might like to know that a great many tablecloths are made in fabrics that preserve them from absorbing water—and therefore, stains! This makes dealing with any spill as simple as passing a rag over it. This is especially convenient due to the fact that many of these tablecloths cannot be put through the washer.

Matching Seat Covers

Some brands do, as it turns out! In many cases, all you will be purchasing is a tablecloth of the shape and dimensions your table needs. However, you will also find packages that include covers for your bench seats, which might be more than welcome for those who would just feel more comfortable at a public seat when said seat is nicely covered.

The Best Picnic Tablecloths With Elastic (That Actually Stay On)

We’ve compiled a short list of tablecloths with elastic, which are also waterproof so you won’t have to worry about a sudden rain. Given the variety in offers, patterns, dimensions and even shapes, we believe one of these might just be the one you need.

TopTableCloth Table Cover

TopTableCloth Table Cover

This one is somewhat on the larger size, being designed to fit a banquet type table (30 x 72″) with a maximum thickness of 6cm. It is water resistant, but the manufacturer does stress that one should wipe—not rub—when cleaning up the cover, as excessive pressure or friction might fade the color.

This applies especially for the blue and red options, which is a nice segue into remarking that this one offers a total of 5 colors (some checkered, some patterned), as well as 8 sizes to select from, although none of them will be a match for a round table.


  • Wide variety of sizes and packages of 1 or 2 pieces.
  • The two pattern options available offer alternatives for both casual and formal occasions, which expands its viability for those who entertain often.


  • Overall considered to be more of a short term solution, due to it being somewhat flimsy.

Home One Round Fitted Tablecloth with Elastic

best round fitted table cloth home one brand

If you subscribe to King Arthur’s philosophy that nobody should be able to claim prominence when seated, then this option might be worth a closer look, as it caters specifically to tables of round shape. Featuring polyester flannel backing, the top is entirely made in vinyl, which offers a single pattern option—intended to resemble an Arabic mosaic design—across its 4 possible colors (yellow, emerald, blue and Navy blue).

This one is available in two sizes: medium, for tables measuring between 35 and 42″ in diameter; and large, better suited for tables with a diameter ranging from 43 to 56″.


  • Generally praised for being reasonably sturdy, capable of enduring cuts in the middle without suffering tears.


  • Prone to presenting wrinkles; the manufacturer does provide a method to be rid of them, though it is also important to remember that no ironing should be done directly on the tablecloth.

SUZM Coffee Seed Square Fitted Tablecloth

one of the Best Picnic Tablecloths With Elastic - suzm coffee seed square fitted table cloth

This one might be the one you’re looking for if you’re a big fan of coffee—and also if your table just so happens to measure 36″ across every side (and is, therefore, of square shape), for that is the only side on offer. Made in polyester, it’s perfectly good to be outside, as it is waterproof, resistant to fading, and also won’t wrinkle easily.

Although the main recommendation when it comes to cleaning it is to wash by hand (and it should never be exposed to bleach), this one can be machine washed—and repeatedly, per manufacturer—without deteriorating or shrinking.


  • One of the very few covers of its type that can be machine washed (gentle cycle only).
  • Particularly ideal for a table located in an outdoor living room.


  • Only one size and surface design available; this may narrow its viability, as it might make it an ill fit for more casual occasions such as picnics.

Wagude Picnic Table Cover

Best Picnic Tablecloths With Elastic - wagude picnic table cover

If you’ve been holding out for something that will take equally good care of your table and your bench, then the wait is over, as this option offers a standard 30 x 72″ rectangular option complete with two covers for those occasions when you’re using seats available to the public.

Made in vinyl with a flannel backing, it is waterproof, won’t fade and won’t shrink.

Aside from the single rectangular size, this tablecloth also offers two round options; these two do not offer seat covers, but they make up for it with a variety of patterns well beyond that of the rectangular alternative.


  • The round shape options offer colors and patterns rarely seen on tablecloths, such as marble and granite.


  • Only one rectangular option available, and there’s no way to get it without the seat covers; this might make it a poor fit for households where the seating is more traditional (i.e. chairs).

Smiry Elastic Fitted Vinyl Tablecloth

smiry elastic fitted vinyl tablecloth

The Arabian mosaic pattern this option offers is not exactly rare—except for the fact that, unlike in most cases, it is featured on the rectangular shape, which could be good news for anyone that is fan of this design but has no round tables to put it on.

It is, to be fair, the only pattern available for rectangular shapes, but that is partially offset by the 5 different colors it is available on.

To be clear, you are absolutely not left out if your table is round: aside from the two sizes for rectangular tables, round ones are catered to with three diameter alternatives, and some surface designs that depart from the conventional.


  • Among its color and pattern range, round shape offers a transparent option for those who would like to flaunt their table’s actual surface while still protecting it.


  • Cover is known to present wrinkles right out of the box; said wrinkles may require substantial time and effort to be rid of, per several reports.

The Best Fit: Wagude Picnic Table Cover

It’s true that tables come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, and the fact that this one only offers one non-round size is a potential demerit. However, the single alternative is a fairly standard banquet size that is almost certain to be a match for tables at both private and public locations—and the included seat covers should be a nice bonus in the latter case.

Those who own round tables are not neglected either: there’s even a rather festive pattern that should be the delight of any gathering come holiday season. It is, in summary, a pretty solid choice, for almost any sort of taste and situation.