Best Privacy Screens for Gazebos

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Just because you’re enjoying an evening in your gazebo, doesn’t mean you want your neighbors in on your conversations. Put a little space in between you and your closest involuntary friends with some of the best privacy screens for gazebos out there! Here we’ll review some of the most popular models to bring you ones that are built to last. 

These privacy screens can help you keep your neighbors and passerby’s prying eyes off of you and your friends and loved one’s private moments and conversations. Afterall, it’s not your fault that your outdoor space is there for them to see. 

First we’ll break down some information you should know before you buy a privacy screen for your gazebo, followed by some detailed reviews of some of our favorite models.

Will These Completely Prevent People From Seeing Inside My Gazebo?

Not entirely, but they will give you added privacy by covering the largest openings on your gazebo. Paired with an additional fence privacy screen and of course greenery, you can then make the inside of your gazebo completely obscured. 

The idea here is to increase you and your guest’s comfort by keeping the neighbor’s and passerby’s eyes off of your relaxation space. To maximize the coverage you’re going to get from your gazebo’s privacy screens, measure beforehand to get something that fits the windows and openings as closely as possible. 

Besides UV protection and even a little bit of soundproofing, these screens are mostly intended to be used similarly to how blinds are in your home. They won’t completely shut out light and sight lines, but they add quite a lot of privacy to your space.

What Kind of Privacy Screen Should I Buy?

When you’re dealing with items like these, it’s definitely a case of quality as well as category. When trying to find the ‘best’ model to fit your needs, it’s also down to which ones are capable of being used for your specific application. In this case, your gazebo.

Not to get too personal, but we need to focus on exactly what kind of gazebo we’re dealing with, here. You’ve got large exterior wooden gazebos with either railings or rouged-in window sills. Pergola-type gazebos that are mostly open, and of course the ubiquitous pop-up gazebo that you’ll typically find on top of someone’s patio or deck. 

Unfortunately, most of these privacy screens are designed particularly for pop-up gazebos, where they can easily tie down to the top and sides of the large alloy structures to provide som wind, sun and visual cover for the user. 

Mounting Options 

There’s a plethora of methods for hanging these privacy dividers, but the most popular by far is the velcro strap models you’ll find for ‘pop-up’ gazebos. (The ones you’ll find at hardware and big box stores). 

For hard-sided or wooden gazebos, you’re more likely to find ones that are made to fit comfortably inside of a window sill, working much like a blackout curtain or sunshade with a collapsible screen that can be raised or lowered. Typically these will mount from the top or front face of the unit.  

The Best Privacy Screens For a Gazebo

Regardless of which type of gazebo you’re shopping for, we’ve covered both styles of privacy screen for your consideration in our reviews below! 

Eurmax Instant SunWall for 10X10 Gazebos

Eurmax USA Instant Canopy SunWall 10x10 Canopy Wall Sidewall for Pop Up Canopy Tent,1 Pack Sidewall Only (White)

Eurmax provides a low-cost gazebo privacy screen in the form of their SunWall line. Not only is it great for creating some more privacy in and around a pop-up gazebo, but it also effectively blocks the sun from that direction as well! 

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This ‘instant canopy’ uses velcro and a zipper to secure it in place. Thanks to these redundancies it’s more or less impervious to wind when it’s installed properly. In all, there’s a total of 8 velcro straps and a zipper, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming to set up at all. 

It’s designed for use specifically with 10×10 pop-up gazebos, but you’ll want to double check the manufacturer’s specifications when it comes to the final dimensions. 


  • Available in a variety of colors 
  • Wind and sunlight resistant 
  • Provides ample privacy in one direction of your gazebo 


  • Only suitable for ‘pop-up’ gazebos 
  • Is only capable of covering one side of a gazebo at a time 

COWVIE Gazebo Curtain Replacement Universal 4-Panel Sidewalls 10′ x 10′

COWVIE Gazebo Curtain Replacement Universal 4-Panel Sidewalls 10' x 10',Patio Gazebo Privacy Curtains with Double Zipper, Replacement for Patio, Outdoor Canopy, Garden and Backyard (Curtain Only)

This gazebo curtain set by Cowvie is billed as a replacement piece, but actually does a great job of providing some decent privacy for your outdoor gazebo. While it’s only suitable for 10×10 models, those are the ones you’re going to be most likely to find on the market if you’re still looking for a gazebo. 

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It’s a khaki colored curtain that isn’t too rough on the eyes, and honestly does provide a visual cover that keeps prying neighbours out of your conversations and outdoor meals. 

These curtains are made up of 4 panels spanning the entire perimeter of your gazebo. Each of these panels are UV-proof against fading, as well as water resistant. We’re impressed with the stitching quality of the polyester fabric, as well as the easy to use two-sided zipper for opening and closing these curtains. 


  • Double-sided zippers for easy opening and closing of the curtains 
  • High-quality UV proof, as well as weatherproof curtains 
  • 4 panels for covering your entire gazebo


  • Only suitable for 10X10 gazebos 

APEX Garden 4 Pole Corner Curtain Set 

APEX GARDEN 4 Poles Brown Corner Curtain Set for Lowe's 10' x 12' Gazebo Model #GF-12S004BTO / GF-12S004B-1 (Corner Curtains Only) (Dark Brown)

This is a ‘corner curtain’ set which is ideal for use on your Lowe’s 10×10 pop-up patio gazebo. To be specific, it fits model #12S004BTO. Now, that being said you’d probably get away with using these on just about any 10X10 four-sided gazebo if you’d prefer.

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It uses a fairly universal metal hook system, as well as some neat bungee-type cords that secure the curtains and help against mild winds. 

What makes this curtain a great candidate for other gazebos as well is the fact that it comes with a set of universal clip rings. Thanks to this thoughtful feature by the manufacturer, you can enjoy these quality value-priced curtains for privacy and sun blocking as well on just about any 10X10 gazebo. 


  • These help protect your curtains, gazebo poles and rods from potentially damaging sunlight and rain 
  • Rust protection for gazebo poles 
  • Capable of keeping mosquitos out of your curtains 


  • More suited for providing privacy from the gazebo corners to compliment another set of curtains 

MOEOOEM Outdoor Roller Shade Privacy Screen for Gazebos 

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This roller privacy shade is more well suited to permanent gazebos, or ‘hard-sided’ gazebos. These are typically built in a similar fashion to a shed, and may have screen windows which you might want to cover to get a little privacy. 

No products found.

They’re totally light filtering, though, so they’ll still be able to give you some light while blocking 95% of UV rays to keep you safely out of the sun if you’re spending a considerable amount of time in your gazebo. 

It’s designed to be top-mounted to fit on the inside of the outdoor ‘window’ sill itself. If you’ve got a wooden gazebo this makes for incredibly easy installation. It also features some rings at the bottom of the roll down curtain that can be secured to a screw to prevent it from blowing with the wind while it’s in the ‘down’ position. 


  • UV light blocking 
  • Simple rolling action for a quick privacy solution


  • Only ideal for installation directly inside the frame of a gazebo window itself (as opposed to inner wall)

Dream Art Outdoor Patio Curtains 

DREAM ART Outdoor Waterproof Patio Curtains Drapes Canopy Gazebo Privacy Exterior Shades/Blinds,Stripe, for Patio Porch Door Pergola, CabanaDock (54'x 96', Gray)

These gorgeous and tall cabana-style curtains provide style and privacy all in one package! This set comes in a modern light gray, with large rings that help to create distinctive pleats once this curtain is installed. 

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As long as you’re using a suitable outdoor curtain rod, you’ll find these things are a breeze to put up. Since they’re ‘free hanging’ outdoor curtains, you might want to consider your particular gazebo before pouncing on these. 

They’re perfect for outdoor privacy, and they’re even completely weatherproof! If your gazebo is more open to the elements, or more closely resembles a pergola, these curtains make a great solution for non-transparent privacy on a budget! 


  • Easy to install anywhere you can use an outdoor curtain rod 
  • Weatherproof curtains that repel water 


  • Not ideal for pop-up or smaller gazebos 

Conclusions: Best Privacy Screens for Gazebos

While each of these privacy screens does well to help keep prying eyes from your deck or patio, which one is ultimately the most well suited for a gazebo? 

I’d settle for the Moeooem outdoor roller shade system over all else. While providing convenient and easy to use privacy screening, it also doubles as an effective UV shade! When rolled all the way down, these privacy curtains shirk the wind thanks to two security rings that will hold it in place, preventing them from flapping around. 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best privacy screens for gazebos! Whether it’s sunshade UV blocking, or a little extra privacy, each of these screens can serve you well depending on the circumstances! 

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