Best Privacy Screens for Hot Tubs

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Having a hot tub in the backyard is a dream. It’s convenient (no heading to the pool for a soak!) and you don’t have to share the space with anyone you don’t want to. But what happens when everyone can see into your hot tub space? Here’s the best privacy screens for hot tubs so you can enjoy the tranquility. 

Best Privacy Screens for Hot Tubs

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax in your backyard only to have neighbours being able to look in. Even if you’re not doing anything untoward, it’s still nice to feel covered – especially when you’re in your swimsuit. 

Privacy screens are a great way to block out the view from neighbours or the street. They can also provide some shade depending on the time of day and help section off parts of your yard so you can create zones.

Types of Hot Tub Privacy Screens

Depending on what your yard or balcony set up is the type of screen that works best is going to differ. Here are some of the options out there that make great privacy screens for hot tubs.

Freestanding Privacy Screens

These are great if you need something that can be moved around. They’re perfect for renters, portable hot tubs that only get set up sometimes, or if you only need privacy sometimes. 

The biggest downside to these screens, though, is that they may not be as sturdy as other options. Strong winds can blow them over, for example. Depending on the design they may not be suitable to be left outdoors year round, either.

Fence Screens

These are designed to close up the gaps in existing fences. They’re especially good if you have chain link or boards that have too much space in between. Most of the time they attach right to the fence and can be left up there year round.

The drawback to these types of screens is that you need to have an existing structure to mount them on.

Balcony Screens

Like the fence screens, balcony screens are attached to your balcony to give you some extra privacy. Since balconies often have railings with gaps these can be useful to fill in the holes. They’re also great if your hot tub is on a raised deck.

Also like the fence screens, balcony screens need something to attach them to so they’re not helpful if your hot tub is situated in an open area.

Canopy Tents

These are often freestanding and provide 3 or 4 walls of privacy. If you want a complete enclosure for your hot but, a canopy tent is a great choice. They also provide shelter so you can protect yourself from rain or snow while soaking outdoors.

Since they’re usually portable, canopy tents aren’t always designed to be set up outside permanently (although they can be.) They may wear out more quickly than other types of screens. They’re also sensitive to the wind so make sure it’s tied down securely.


If you are able to build a structure (or already have one) around the top of your hot tub area then outdoor curtains can be a great option. You can open them up if you want things to be more airy, and then shut them for extra privacy.

Of course, you’ll need something like a pergola to attach them to so that’s the biggest draw back. Make sure that you also pick up curtains that are water resistant and designed to be used outside! 

The Best Privacy Screens for Hot Tubs:

ECOOPTS Artificial Laurel Leaf Expandable/Stretchable Privacy Fence Screen

Ecoopts expandable leaf privacy screen

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These screens are great if you’re looking to add some extra privacy to an existing structure. Of course, you could build something too – but these are going to need support. Instead of a fence or wooden look, though, this privacy screen for hot tubs mimics the look of leaves for a more natural feel.

As for the materials itself, the leaves are actually made from PVC. That means they’re UV blocking (great for some shade) and weather resistant. There are different leaf style options, too. Just remember these are short so you may need to stack two to cover a taller area.


  • Mimics the look of real leaves and there are multiple varieties
  • UV blocking
  • Easy to install


  • Need to be mounted on an existing structure
  • Leaves are more sparse the farther you stretch it out so you may need to buy extra for maximum privacy
  • No installation hardware or ties included (we recommend zip ties)

Yardistry Fusion Planter Cedar Privacy Screen

Cedar planter privacy screens

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This is a freestanding privacy screen that also doubles as yard decor. The planters at the bottom are not just there to be nice, though – when full, they also add extra weight and support to the base. 

Since these privacy screens are trifold you can adjust them to whatever angle works best. They can also be moved around the patio (if you don’t add too much weight). 

One thing I like about these privacy screens in particular is they’re very stylish. Which means if you’re looking for something removable that looks great it’s a good option.


  • Portable, which is great for renters or temporary solutions
  • Flower boxes add weight and look great when filled
  • Made from cedar


  • Could fall over, especially if you don’t add enough weight
  • Moving them when weighed down is difficult
  • Don’t cover a large area so you may need more than one

SHADE SPRING Forest Privacy Fence Screen

heavy duty privacy screen for hot tubs

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This screen attaches to an existing fence which is great if you have a chain link fence or an older wooden fence with gaps between the planks. With the latter, though, installation may be more tricky.

There are metal grommets on the end and this privacy screen is installed by zip tying it to the existing fence. Something I really like is that you can get multiple height and length options, meaning it can attach easily to a balcony too.


  • Large stretch of privacy screen for great coverage
  • Multiple screens can be connected together
  • Durable and inexpensive


  • Must be attached to a structure, preferably a chain link fence or balcony
  • Not 100% opaque, but still adds privacy (a good solution is to add one to each side of the fence
  • Included zip ties are low quality

Outdoor Indoor Curtains for Patio

Outdoor curtains for patio hot tub

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If you have an open sided gazebo or a pergola over your hot tub then an easy way to add some privacy is with curtains. These ones are good for outdoor use and are actually water resistant too.

Insulated curtains, especially darker colours, do a good job of adding both privacy and blocking out cold or heat. If you have a canopy over the hot tub and then add curtains you can keep more of the heat in the hot tub area during the winter.

During the summer, though, it could have the opposite effect since there’s heat radiating from the hot tub. If you mostly use the hot tub during cooler weather it shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Easy solution if you have an existing structure
  • Block out visibility, sun, and heat or cold when shut
  • Thick and good quality 
  • Waterproof and weather resistant


  • You’ll need a curtain rod and a structure to mount these on to
  • Encloses the hot tub area which might make it too warm or stuffy depending on the outside temperature
  • May not be good if you live in a windy area

GLSLAND 8 Panel Wood Room Divider

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This room divider is not specifically made for outdoor use, but it’s still a great temporary privacy screen for a hot tub. If you only want privacy sometimes then keeping a room divider like this one handy is a great option.

It can be maneuvered to wherever you need it the most and covers over 10 feet. While it shouldn’t be left outside, as a quick solution it’s great. Especially if you’re renting, staying at an airbnb, or don’t have any way to include a permanent screen in your yard.


  • Easy to move, set up, and put away
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Covers a wide area


  • Not very stable so it could blow over in windy areas
  • This privacy screen isn’t weatherproof so keep it out of rain and snow (you could also treat the wood but you’ll have to use your own judgement on that one)

What Are the Best Privacy Screens for Hot Tubs?

All of these privacy screens for hot tubs are great options, but which one is the best? Of course, it depends on what you already have in your yard, but in general our pick is the Yardistry Fusion Planter Cedar Privacy Screen

This screen is great because it’s freestanding so you can set it up anywhere. Unlike other freestanding privacy screens, though, the planters add extra weight so it won’t tip over. And they look great too!

I love that it’s weatherproof so you can leave it outdoors year round. It can be set up even if you don’t have a fence or pergola around the hot tub, and doesn’t do damage as a temporary solution or for renters.

Best Privacy Screens for Hot Tubs – Conclusion

Of course, all of these options can be the best privacy screens for hot tubs depending on what your yard looks like. If you have a chain link fence, for example, then blocking off the fence with some kind of cover is a great choice. Or add curtains to a gazebo or pergola.

Still, if you want a good all round solution, one of the freestanding privacy screens will do the trick regardless of your yard, patio, or balcony’s set up.

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