Best Reclining Outdoor Chairs

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Reclining chairs are the best. You can relax, kick your feet up, and take a few minutes to unwind. What’s even better is doing it in the backyard or at the beach! Here’s the best reclining outdoor chairs so you can nap, read, or just chill in style and comfort.

Best Reclining Outdoor Chairs

When I look for an outdoor reclining chair I like having something that’s comfortable, sturdy, and holds up well to the elements. If it’s something I plan to transport, I also like my reclining chair to be foldable and lightweight.

Another thing to look for when you’re choosing any chair, including reclining outdoor chairs, is the weight limit. Will you (or your guests) be able to sit comfortably in the chair? 

Features to Look for in Reclining Outdoor Chairs:


If you plan on reading in your reclining chair then armrests are a good idea. They should be comfortable and at a good height for supporting your arms. Armrests are also handy for people with mobility issues to use to get in and out of the chair.

Then again, if you want something with open sides then you’ll be looking for reclining chairs that don’t have armrests. These are great for the beach, for plus sized people, or if you want to get onto the chair from the side.

How Far it Reclines

Some reclining chairs go back just a little bit, others lay completely flat. What are you hoping to do in the chair? If you’re tanning, a fully reclining one may be nice. For reading or relaxing a slight recline is fine.

Footrest (and Chair Length)

Not all reclining chairs have footrests, so if this is a feature you want make sure to check that your chair has somewhere to put your feet. 

If you’re tall you should also check that the chair’s footrest is long enough for you to sit comfortably in. You don’t want your feet hanging off the end of the chair!


Some outdoor reclining chairs are made to stay in your backyard or on the patio. They’re usually more sturdy in their design, but also cumbersome to move around. Unless you’re setting up at a cabin or seasonal site, you’ll probably want these chairs for at home only.

If you plan on bringing your reclining outdoor chair to different places (friends’ houses, the beach, camping, the park, etc.) or don’t have a permanent location your chair can be set up then consider getting a folding chair instead.

Folding chairs are usually lighter than their fixed counterparts, and they’re designed to be moved around easily. They also store well, which is great for apartment dwellers. 


This is a personal preference that depends on where you live and how you’ll use your chair. Do you want something with a big, comfortable cushion on it? Cushions require more maintenance, sometimes stay wet for longer in the rain, and need to be stored in the off seasons.

Mesh chairs, on the other hand, dry faster when they get wet. They’re also easier to care for. But the downside is that some people don’t find them as comfortable as padded chairs.

Finally, there’s some newer chairs (like the Zero G chair) that aren’t heavily padded but have other mechanisms to make them very comfortable to relax in.


There are quite a few reclining outdoor chair styles. We’ve reviewed our top choices for each category below. There’s pool lounger style,

Best for Outdoor Living  – AbocoFur Patio Wicker Adjustable Recliner Chair

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This comfortable reclining chair is perfect for backyards, decks, porches, and patios. The rattan design holds up well to all weather, and it has a comfortable cushion that makes relaxing for hours totally luxurious.

What I really like about this chair is that it’s basically a lazy-boy. The footrest pops out when you tilt the chair back. The chair also holds up to 500lbs, so you don’t need to worry about heavier people being uncomfortable or kids piling in and breaking it.


  • High weight limit
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Foot rest pops out when the chair is reclined


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Can’t be easily transported
  • Cushions should be removed during inclement weather to protect them

Best for the Beach – Rio Beach Portable Folding Backpack Beach Lounge Chair

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Nothing beats lounging on the beach. But when there’s no lounge chairs available laying in the sand can be a bit uncomfortable. Especially if there’s sand flies or rocks. 

This handy chair folds up small and is super lightweight. To carry it, just slip the straps on like a backpack! It’s great if you have a bit of a walk from your car to where you plan to set up for the day. 

The recline position is adjustable and the fabric is designed to dry quickly. The weight capacity is 250lbs, so keep that in mind when purchasing.


  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Doesn’t stay wet for long
  • Easy to set up
  • Multiple recline positions


  • Not the most sturdy
  • Low to the ground
  • No armrests
  • Tricky to get on and off, especially for those with limited mobility

Best for the Pool Area – BLUU Chaise Lounge Chairs for Outdoor Patio Use

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This chair is great for around the pool or just on your patio, depending on how you like to relax in the yard. They’re made of polypropylene, which is a type of plastic, so they last longer than wood and are more comfortable than metal. 

The chair has five reclining positions so you can find what makes you comfortable. If you find the hard chair too uncomfortable, a standard size lounge chair cushion should fit on these too.

As far as pool chairs go, these reclining lounge chairs are really sturdy. They feel solid to lay on and hold up to 330lbs.


  • Sturdy chairs with a 330lb weight limit
  • 5 reclining positions (including flat) so you can get comfortable
  • Made of durable materials that can withstand being outside
  • Slats make the chairs dry quickly


  • Chairs are hard so you may want to add cushions
  • No armrests
  • Can get hot when out in the sun for a long time

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Best for Indoor/Outdoor Use – Grand Patio Indoor & Outdoor Recliner with All-Weather Wicker

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The all-weather wicker of this chair means that it looks great both inside and outdoors. Designed like a classic recliner, all you have to do is pull the handle to lay back and relax.

I love that this chair has a comfortable cushion that will match most decor. For extra convenience, there’s also a small table that can be unfolded from the side – perfect for getting comfortable with a drink, snack, or setting down your book.


  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Cushions look thin but are comfortable
  • Fold out table means you can set the chair up anywhere without needing a whole patio set


  • Chair isn’t as comfortable for taller people when reclined in certain positions
  • Not portable like fold up chairs
  • Narrow

Best Overall – PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Reclining Patio Chairs, XL

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Zero gravity chairs are all the rage, and for good reason. They’re comfortable to sit in and can easily be folded up for transport. You can set them up in your backyard, at the firepit, at a park, camping, the beach… You get the idea. 

This one has a bunch of features I love that makes it one of the best reclining outdoor chairs. First of all, it reclines to so many different positions. Second, it’s super comfortable to relax in. Third, I love that you can take this chair anywhere. And finally, there’s a convenient little table attached for your drink or phone.


  • Portable and work great set up almost anywhere
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Oversized so you’re not squished in


  • Should be stored when not in use
  • Since it’s oversized it may be tough for some people to get in and out of
  • Heavy for a folding chair

What Are the Best Reclining Outdoor Chairs?

The  PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Reclining Patio Chairs are my definite pick for best reclining outdoor chairs. Although they’re a bit heavy it’s still super convenient to be able to fold them up and bring them along anywhere.

When it comes to recline you can adjust the head and footrest to almost any position so you know you’ll be comfortable. 

As for the chair itself, the oversized nature makes it comfortable even for bigger people. Although it might be tough to get in and out for some, once you’re settled the extra space is really nice. The armrests and fold out table are also handy.

Although the zero gravity chair is the overall winner, you still might prefer something that can be left outside all season. If that’s more your style the AbocoFur patio chair is my favourite, followed by the Grand Patio Indoor & Outdoor Recliner.

For the poolside, definitely go with the BLUU Chaise Lounge – although I’d recommend adding a cushion. And finally, if you’re frequently needing a lounge chair for the beach, the Rio Beach folding chair is super convenient to take along. 

Best Reclining Outdoor Chairs – Conclusion

Hopefully you’ve found a reclining chair that works for your needs. If you’re not sure, I would definitely try out the zero gravity chair. It really is one of the best all around reclining outdoor chairs you can get. 

But, depending on your needs and style, any of the chairs on this list are going to keep you relaxing comfortably all season long! 


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