Best Round Patio Table: The Key to Outdoor Entertaining

The simplest things have the most impact sometimes, and this couldn’t be truer than when talking about patio tables.

A round outdoor patio table is an easy way to bring friends and family together, offer light refreshments, or rest your books and plants on as you enjoy your open-air haven.

What are the best types of round patio tables?

A round table designed for the outdoors should be made of weather resistant material, first and foremost, so look for things like metal, steel, wood, and glass.

Secondly, it needs to match the style and décor of the patio, and have enough space for whatever you plan on sitting atop it.

If you’re in the market for a new round patio dining table or a smaller coffee table, we can help, with our selection of favorite finds.

These tables come in all shapes and sizes, with materials designed to last outdoors, and they’re the perfect base for an intimate open-air get-together in your backyard.

Whether you’re looking for a round glass patio table or prefer the metal variety, we’ve got you covered.

These are our favorite finds that offer something unique in price, design, and capacity, so you can choose your new round patio table from only the finest of the moment.

Winner: Amagabeli Garden and Home Metal Patio Table

Amagabeli Garden and Home Metal Patio Table
  • Material: Powder coated steel
  • Finish: White, Lime Green Light Blue, Mint Green, Yellow
  • Base type: Legs

Amagabeli Garden and Home has created a dainty but sturdy round metal patio table range, with five colors to choose from including lime green and light blue, and all with a premium powder coated steel frame.

This round coffee table is great for outdoors and indoors and measures 17.7 x 17.7 inches so it fits perfectly in a corner or next to your patio sofa.

Everything about this table is low maintenance, which customers loved.

The setup was easy and only took minutes, the whole thing is lightweight and effortless to move around, and when it comes time to clean it, you just wipe it down with water and a cloth and it’ll go back to looking brand new again.

Another bonus to this table is how modern it looks and that it offers something different from all of the wicker and rattan patio furniture options out there.

Even better, you can mix and match with the rest of the range from Amagabeli and it all follows this clean and simple design, so there’s no end to what you can fill your patio with.

On the negative side though, this isn’t the best table if you have a lot of heavy stuff to hold.

This is more like a round patio coffee table that’s designed for holding things like plants, books, and drinks. If you’re after something suitable for dining on or storing anything over 10lbs of weight, you’ll need to keep shopping.

Another downside is that some customers found the colors of the tables didn’t exactly match the picture, and if you plan on using this coffee table to complement something you already have, you’ll need to be careful.

Although Amagabeli notes this in the product description, it’s easy to miss, and deserves a second look.

This aside, you’ll be thrilled with the look of your new coffee table, and it features a heavy-duty X-shape base with L-shaped legs and durable steel construction to keep it in perfect shape on your patio.

The surface is flat, stain resistant, weather resistant, and rust-proof, so even if it gets wet or stays in the sunshine a little too long, it’ll retain its gorgeous and vibrant color.

Amagabeli has succeeded in creating a beautiful and simple round patio table, and in a neat, compact size.

They cover their furniture with a one year warranty for your peace of mind and when you purchase through Amazon, you’ll get free shipping and free returns on top.

This is the perfect addition to any outdoor space and a round patio coffee table you can be proud of.

Runner Up: Christopher Knight Home Lassen Outdoor Table

Christopher Knight Home Lassen Outdoor Table
  • Material: Iron
  • Finish: White, Teal, Gold, Red, Black
  • Base type: Hollow

Christopher Knight Home’s Lassen Outdoor Table is the perfect accessory for any patio, and its simple black color and iron construction make it fit in with just about any décor as well.

The table measures 16.25 inches in diameter and 21 inches in height so you can sit it next to your favorite chair or pop a plant on top and enjoy the view.

The Lassen Outdoor Table is incredibly durable, which might not be evident when you first look at it.

Although there’s no official word from Lassen its weight capacity, people found heavy pot plants and books didn’t make a difference to the stability of the table, however, you wouldn’t go sitting on it, just in case.

Customers also raved about its unique shape and design, and that it fits in well with just about any décor, from rustic to modern.

The hourglass table is completely hollow at the bottom but with diagonal lines of metal running up to the top, and there are lots of color options to choose from to ensure that you get the perfect shade.

However, people found that after a year or so, leaving wet things on the surface of this table caused rust circles to appear.

This means you’ll need to be more careful with it than some other materials, as iron has a bad reputation for this kind of thing. If you’re placing drinks on top, use a coaster, and never water a plant while it’s sitting on the patio table.

The Christopher Knight Home Lassen Outdoor Table is not ideal for leaving completely exposed to the elements, as issues like rust will come into play.

Although it seems to do well against sunlight, moisture is another story, and you’ll have to be careful about where you position it while it’s living on your balcony.

Aside from these design flaws, there’s still a lot to love about the Lassen, including the fact it’s made of durable iron and each one has been hand-painted.

The overall weight of the table is 8.8lbs so it’s pretty lightweight for something this strong, and it comes fully assembled when it arrives.

The Lassen Outdoor Table is the perfect alternative to a round wood patio table, making use of iron and unique lines in its design.

Christopher Knight Home offers no warranty on this piece, unfortunately, but if you buy through Amazon, you can purchase an outdoor furniture protection plan and have it shipped to your door for free.

If you prefer a modern touch to the patio table, the Lassen is bold enough to deliver.

Alternative: Home Styles Bistro Table

Home Styles Bistro Table
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Tiled and black
  • Base type: Legs

For a show-stopping round patio table, why not add something bold like the Home Styles Bistro Table to your outdoor space.

This round table features a mosaic top with a combination of sandstone and terracotta tiles, and four durable powder coated steel legs in a sleek black finish.

The best thing about this table is its unique design, which earns it a higher price tag, but makes it the talking point of your backyard.

If you’re looking for a single piece of furniture that can give your patio an aesthetic boost, this bistro table will do it.

With long, black legs it complements just about anything else you’ve got going on, the but mosaic-tiled tabletop will steal the show.

Additionally, customers found it one of the strongest patio tables they’ve ever used, and with an exceptional weight capacity.

There’s no limit to what the Home Styles Bistro Table can hold and you’ll be able to place all kinds of things from snacks to heavy potted plants on top, and it’ll never break a sweat.

In terms of cost, the price tag of this table from Home Styles turned some people off, even if it is beautiful to look at.

If you’re only buying this for the durability of it or the fact that you want a powder coated steel table, and aren’t completely enamored by the design, there are lots of other cheaper options out there.

While this one ticks a lot of the boxes, it’s more about the look that it offers, but it comes with a higher price because of it.

Although designed to be an outdoor table, if you read the instructions, Home Styles advise owners to keep it out of the weather and away from things like rain and sunlight, which can be pretty hard to do when it’s on your patio.

This table would be better kept on an enclosed patio that’s well under the shade, so when you compare it to the practicality of others, it’s not as multipurpose or flexible.

This is made worse again when you consider the price tag and might be enough to turn some people away.

However, there are still lots of great features on this unique table from Home Styles, including adjustable nylon gliders that protect the floor underneath it and a special cabriole base for stability.

The powder coated steel does a good job of keeping its appearance and takes less than half an hour and some basic tools to assemble.

The Home Styles Bistro Table is a round table with a difference and it’ll be the show-stealer of any patio, but it’s quite a costly purchase.

Home Styles only offers a 30-day warranty which is a letdown because of the higher cost, but you can get an additional five year protection plan on Amazon when you buy online with them, giving yourself that peace of mind you need.

Alternative: Christopher Knight Home Lilac Table

Christopher Knight Home Lilac Table
  • Material: Iron
  • Finish: White, Black
  • Base type: Hollow

Christopher Knight Home has created another stunning and affordable patio staple with their Lilac table.

With a unique barrel shape and top width of 12.25 inches, it’s a more compact round patio table, and not ideal for dining on but more of an accent piece.

This iron table features delicate lace cutouts on the sides that add to its beauty but still holds the durability that iron is known for.

According to the happy reviews, this table was a minimal effort for maximum effect.

The package arrives in one box, there’s no need to install or assemble anything, and because it’s so lightweight, you can move it around wherever you go.

The overall weight is just over 6lbs which makes it dainty without being weak.

Another bonus of this table is the look of it, and how well it fits with just about any style or taste.

The delicate cutouts on the side and the simple color options of black or white give it an understated elegance, and you can add it to the side of any patio sofa or chair and give the entire space an instant boost.

While it’s a beautiful table, the white option might not be the smartest idea if you live somewhere with a lot of dust or bad weather.

Some reviewers mentioned how easily it shows up dirt and required cleaning more often, so the black finish is the smarter option for lower maintenance.

The good news is though, it’s easy to clean when you do, and can be wiped down with just water and mild soap to get it back to new condition.

Customers also noted that the table was prone to tipping over in wind, because of its unique shape and lightweight iron construction.

Those with lots of gusts in their area or someone wanting to place it in the backyard or patio without having to worry about stability should probably upgrade to something with separate legs that does a better job of staying put.

This aside, the Christopher Knight Home Lilac Table is a beautiful piece, and with a classic design that will age well whether you choose the black or white design.

As it’s made with iron, it’s durable, and it measures 17.7 inches high so it’s the perfect height for resting drinks and books on while you’re sitting on your sofa.

Christopher Knight Home offers no warranty on their patio tables which is a shame, but if you shop at Amazon, the online marketplace lets you purchase a five year protection plan made specifically for outdoor furniture.

This round patio table is small, simple, and timeless, making it a beautiful addition to any setting, indoors or out.

Alternative: Shine Company Adirondack Table

Shine Company Adirondack Table
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish: Natural or paint
  • Base type: Folding

Lovers of nature will be enthralled with the Adirondack Table from Shine Company, with its unique natural look and yellow cedar wood construction.

This round patio table measures 19 x 19 inches so it’s larger than you’d expect, and folds down to a compact size if you need to store it away or take it with you.

The folding base requires no assembly and you can choose between either natural or paint finishes to suit the rest of your patio.

The best thing about this table is how unassuming its design is and how easily it fits in with anyone’s personal style.

You can choose either the natural wood finish or a painted color, and there are nine available including red, lime green, and eggshell white.

Previous customers even chose the natural wood finish and painted it themselves, with the opportunities here being endless.

Reviewers also appreciated the portability of this table and its folding legs, which made it more of a traveling piece than something that had to sit on their patio full time.

The overall weight is just 7lbs so it’s easy to carry and plop down wherever you need it.

The yellow cedar wood used to create this table is renowned for its natural ability to fight off things like insect infestation and moisture, but it’s not the best pick for leaving out in the rain.

Customers found that after a short amount of time in their garden, it developed mold spots, so it’s only good for enclosed patios or indoor settings.

Another negative to note is that it’s not the strongest table and isn’t good for sitting on or placing anything too heavy on.

This isn’t akin to a round patio table with umbrella hole piece in terms of strength and you shouldn’t attempt to put anything much on it, so it’s more there for show and to hold some lighter items.

The Shine Company Adirondack Table doesn’t require you to perform any assembly or installation when it arrives, the table can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, and comes with durable and rust-resistant hardware that keeps it all together.

You can keep your new table folded away and ready for action or sitting on your patio, and the natural beauty of the wood will remain just as stunning throughout the years with the right care.

This Adirondack Table from Shine Company would suit other Adirondack pieces or work as a standalone table, and it’s available through Amazon for the cheapest price online.

There’s a one year warranty covering this table from Shine Company, which is great to see, and you can add another five years of protection with Amazon’s paid plans.

If you love nothing more than natural wood furniture, this beautiful table is the affordable and effortless way to get it.

Round Patio Table FAQs

Round Patio Table

Knowing which large round patio table to choose out of virtually thousands of options is a challenge, but it can be made a little easier when you understand the basics of outdoor furniture.

Check out these FAQs and some simple answers that will give you everything you need to know about choosing pieces for your patio.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Buy Patio Furniture?

Fall, or between August to October, is when brick and mortar stores have their biggest sales on patio furniture.

This is because it’s so far away from summer, which is the most popular time to buy patio furniture, so there’s a lot of old stock that they have to get rid of that didn’t sell.

Is Steel Or Aluminum Better For Patio Furniture?

Aluminum is a good choice for patio furniture because it’s lightweight, but another popular option of powder-coated steel is good for its heftiness.

Both materials are fairly weather resistant in their own rights, though, so it depends on the other benefits you hope to get from metal or aluminum that will point you in the right direction.

What Is The Most Durable Patio Furniture?

Some of the most popular patio furniture materials that are regarded for their durability are iron, metal, aluminum, stainless steel, and wood.

Each of these is commonly used for outdoor furniture because of its natural resistance to things like sunlight and moisture and would be a good fit for open-air use.

Do Steel Patio Sets Rust?

Anything made of steel can potentially rust without the right care, and if it’s not coated with a special protective agent.

A steel patio set will do well in an outside setting when covered, but if exposed to too much oxygen or water, you will start to see rust forming on the furniture that will eventually lead to corrosion.

Gather Round in Style

A round table is the perfect setting for an intimate get-together and when you add in the magic of the outdoors and host friends and family on your patio, it’s even better.

Any of our recommendations for round tables will do you and your patio proud, so find the one that best suits your open-air style.