Best Solar Lights for Decks

Light up your favorite outdoor space with a clear and bright light to make it as safe and as enjoyable as possible for you this season. In this review, we’re going to take a look at some of the best solar lights for decks so you can keep things lit up without having to worry about costly installation, electrical work or batteries! Oftentimes, these lights are also the least difficult to set up. They’re a great no-fuss way to keep your deck lit up at night without a large drain on your utility bill, and you won’t have that hard of a time putting them up in the first place! First, we’ll dive into the different types of solar lights you might want to consider for your deck, especially if you’re picking up a set for the first time. 

What are the Best Solar Lights for Decks?

When you’re looking for deck lights, solar powered might not have been the first option that came to mind. That being said, they’re an incredibly efficient way to light your path. First let’s get a few things out of the way. 

Are Solar Powered Lights Bright? 

Yes! And a lot brighter than they used to be. If you’re around the age of anyone who would own a home and be looking into these, then you probably remember the faded, dim yellow-ish solar lights of yesteryear. Nowadays, solar lights often incorporate LED, as well as a larger power bank with which to shine a much brighter light. These are a lot more than just accent lights, or lights for your walkway. These solar lights are bright enough to light up your whole deck, and in some cases your entire backyard. 

Are Solar Powered Lights Waterproof? 

Ones intended for outdoor use are almost always waterproof. Solar powered lights have some of the best waterproofing ratings out there, this is because an external cord doesn’t need to connect to the main unit. In other words, the casing on a solar powered light can be completely self-contained, and therefore easier to waterproof. 

Can Solar Powered Lights Stay up in the Winter?

While you should always check the manufacturer’s specifications, most outdoor solar lights are also frost resistant. This means that the waterproof rating that protects them from heavy rain will also do well at protecting them from frost, as well as snow melt. Freezing temperatures however, might be a different story. Make sure you’re aware of the coldest temperatures your solar lights can withstand if you live somewhere that gets a chilly winter. 

There’s solar lights for mounting in different places around your deck, and it isn’t hard to find a certain type to fit various applications around the outside of your house or the structure of the deck itself. Let’s check out several models of solar lights below! 

Best Decorative Wall Mounted Solar Lights 

Cukwily Solar Fence Post Lights

Solar fence post lights that are wall mounted

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Deceptively easy to install, these lights are ideal for fence posts, the siding of your home as well as deck rails! They rely on a truly simple set up consisting of just two screws in the back of the housing, before you reapply the LED bulb. When I say easy, I mean easy! The screws sit under the bulb, so it really is a one and done job with these lights. Beyond that, they’re completely solar powered with no wiring or connections required. A day-night sensor turns them on around dusk, and off at dawn. These are best for entertaining, since the battery life is only around 3-5 hours after sundown, that being said it should be more than enough to light the way for you and your guests. Keep in mind though, these decorative lights are more for adding ambiance than they are practicality. 

Best Fence Post Solar Light for Decks 

Davinci Lighting Flexfit Solar Outdoor Post Cap Light 

Davinci flexfit outdoor solar post cap lights

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Emitting a nice warm-white glow, these LED solar fence post cap lights come in a two-pack to get your lighting setup started off right! We love the neutral black lantern-style of these solar lights, especially if you want to use them as caps for a 4×4, 5×5 or even 6×6 wooden post topper. This way, they add both a touch of style as well as a practical light for lighting up your guest’s steps around your deck area. After charging for the day, they’re capable of emitting light for 7-8 hours, and they come out of the box with IP44 waterproofing and UV fade protection. 

Best Solar Powered Flood Lights for Decks 

Slenpet Outdoor Solar Powered Light 2-pack

2 pack of solar powered lights for lighting your deck

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Totally waterproof, these outdoor solar powered flood lights also come with a weather resistance, meaning you can keep them installed all year long! If you’re looking for a solar powered security light to protect your deck, these are a top contender! We love that they’re completely solar-powered, so you don’t need to worry about power outages to keep your security light going. This also means you’ll save a tad on your utilities if you would have otherwise chosen a hardwired light. This two-pack gives you ample range for lighting up your whole property, with 270 degree wide-angle light to cover all of your corners. Besides that, it’s completely motion-sensor operated, only turning on when it senses something. Not only that, but the motion sensor functionality only comes on at night, so it won’t waste any battery power during the daytime. 

Best Solar Powered String Light Bulbs

LED String Lights Solar Powered 44ft Strand 

Strand LED solar powered string lights for outdoors

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Cover your deck in a relaxing, warm white glow with these heavy-duty solar string lights! These are perfect for overhead installation, although you could potentially make them apart of a lattice privacy fence on the side of a deck, or even some plants or trees depending on your preferences and needs. Not only do they provide warm lighting, but create a rustic boho-style ambiance that’s hard to truly hone in on. Despite the fact that they’re string lights, these bulbs are comprised entirely of LED’s. This means they have an incredibly long lifespan. Not only that, but they’re completely solar powered. In other words, installing them is just as easy as staking the solar panel into the ground, and hanging them exactly where you’d like without having to worry about access to an outlet. These lights turn on automatically at sunset, are entirely waterproof, and run for 8 hours before they need to charge in the daylight. 

Universal Solar Wall Lights for Deck and Patio

Greluna Solar LED Wall Lights 

Solar LED wall lights for the patio

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These lights come in a pack of 8, which makes them a great choice for an all-in-one approach to adding some practical accent lighting to your deck or patio space! They’re bright enough to illuminate your steps, especially in areas of your deck that might have a slight step-up, as well as deck stairs. That being said, they’re ingeniously cased in a well-designed shell so that they give off just enough light, without shining you and your guests eye’s while you’re enjoying an evening conversation or party over some drinks at the table. The light shines down, illuminating the deck just enough to add some atmosphere and help your guests find their way. The cases themselves are incredibly easy to install with only two screw holes located behind the light. Besides that they’re completely waterproof, and provide excellent value for money when used as solar accent lights on your deck. 

Best Pulsing Solar LED Wireless Accent Lighting 

Whousewe Solar Fence Deck Lights

Deck lights installed outdoors on a porch

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These adorable accent lights provide you with an option that’s not typically available with most types of solar lights! You’d be surprised to find that these have a pulsing, or ‘breathing’ functionality, in which the light will gradually dim and brighten in cycles, creating an enchanting and entertaining atmosphere to enjoy with your friends and family! They’re totally waterproof thanks to their outdoor design, as well as being wonderfully easy to install. In breathing mode, the light will power itself for a full 24 hours! In regular running circumstances, it will run for 12. This is easily one of the longest lasting LED solar powered lights, although it isn’t quite as bright as other models in terms of casting its glow. That being said, if you used enough of them along the walls/railings of your deck, you’d be surprised to find how much light they emit.  These durable high-impact ABS lighting cases have a sensor so the light can kick in when it gets dark, and turn off automatically in the morning. 

Thanks for checking out the best solar lights for decks! Hopefully this guide was helpful in aiding you with your quest to find the most suitable lighting for your deck or patio. Whether it’s utility, security or just atmospheric lighting, solar powered LED lights can do a lot for your space. Have you had any experience with solar lights for decks, patios and pools like these? Let us know more about your experience down in the comments below!