Best Solar Lights for Fence Posts

Getting your yard set up with the type of lighting you want isn’t always the easiest thing. But one thing for sure, it can definitely be wireless. What do I mean? Hardwired lighting systems for your outdoor spaces aren’t just expensive, but they’re a big pain to plan and install. Instead, wireless and lightweight outdoor lighting fixtures allow you to enjoy lighting across your patio, deck, yard and pathways without having to shell out hundreds if not thousands on an entire system. Not just that, but they give you the option to swap lights out once they go out of style, or you want something different. To help get the ambiance you want in your outdoor spaces, I’ve reviewed the best solar lights for fence posts out there! 

There’s a lot out there to choose from when it comes to waterproof, solar lights for fence posts. And needless to say, it’s not always easy to find the right fit for your yard. That being said, it’s not always easy to find a quality made product either. 

In these reviews, I’ll break down the specifications of these lights, as well as any of the key features that might be to the interest of someone who’s trying to find a way to light up their fence posts. 

Why Should you Have Fence Post Lights 

If you’re going for a certain type of look and feel in your yard when the sun goes down, these fence posts are perfect for getting just the right amount of light, without breaking the bank. They attach securely to the top of your existing fence posts, and make a great choice for those looking for anything from solar security lights, to warm atmospheric lights for your fence posts. 

Are Solar Powered Fence Post Lights Waterproof? 

Generally speaking, most outdoor lights like these have some degree of waterproofing on their outer casing to protect the LED’s inside. That being said, it’s sometimes hard to tell what kind of protection they have beyond that. And, if you’re going to attach them to your fence posts, you’re probably going to want to know what they can stand up to. 

The Best Solar Lights for Fence Posts: Reviewed

All of the lights in our reviews of the best solar lights for fence posts are waterproof, and I’ll go into detail to describe how they can stand up to the elements, and why they make a good choice for your yard. 

Below, I’ll give you our detailed reviews of a wide selection of some of the best solar lights for fence posts, so you can make a confident choice when you decide on what kind of lighting you want for your backyard oasis! 

The Best Solar Lights for White Fence Posts

iGlow 12 Pack White Outdoor Garden Lights 

iglow 12 pack white outdoor garden lights

Available in a 12 pack, these solar fence post lights are ideal for those who have a pre-painted fence, or a white tin fence. Before we get into detail on these lights, I’ll just let you know that they’re specifically designed to fit snugly on 5”x 5” posts, and they won’t be suitable for smaller posts sizes. 

What’s great about these fence post lights though, is that the solar panels are equipped with 10,000 hours of life, and can easily rely on 2 AA batteries as back up if they run out of power. Sensors activate the lights around dusk, and they’re completely weatherproof which means you can leave them on the fence posts all year long! 


  • Blend in with and match white fences for a clean look
  • Solar powered with a backup battery
  • Weatherproof


  • Limited to 5″ x 5″ fence posts
  • Won’t match other fence colours well

Best Fence Post Cap Flickering Light 

Lantern Style Flickering Light Solar Fence Post Cap 

lantern style flickering solar fence lights

These eye-catching lantern style fence post lights are a great way to bring a lot of character into your yard without having to shell out the big bucks. Not only do these post caps have a distinctive gaslight style to them, but they also create some incredible ambiance by flickering once they’re on!

Picture your backyard in the evening, with a warm light emitting from your fence posts and an added glimmer of a flickering flame. It emulates a gas street light, but doesn’t look out of place on a wood fence post. 

There’s an included mounting that allows you to place it on flat wood surfaces like a deck banister rail, or alternatively straight on to a wood fence post. It works well all seasons, with 10 hours of power in the summertime, and 5 hours of lighting in the wintertime once colder temperatures set it. Installation is easy, using only screws and an easy to configure mounting base. 


  • Includes mounting kit for different fence types
  • Works in cold weather
  • Looks like a flame; cool aesthethic for your backyard


  • Don’t light for as long in cold weather, which is unfortunately because nights are longer during wintertime

Brightest Motion Sensor Security Lights for Fence Posts 

Hmcity Solar Lights With Motion Sensor Security 

solar lights with motion sensor

These lights have a few distinctions that make them stand out from most fence posts lights that you might be looking to install on your property. Whereas most lights are attached straight onto the top of a fence post, these ones will go on the side of the post. And, you have the option of putting them on the inside, or outside of the fence. As a security light, they work especially well since there’s no wiring, and no need to remember to turn them on in the first place. 

They use a strong array of 120 LED lights to shine some light on an area where there’s any movement at night. This unit itself is a standout from other solar powered motion sensor security lights, since it uses a unique multi-surface LED design that creates a much larger lighting angle, covering more ground. Place them on the outside of your fence to deter would be petty thefts, or on the inside of your fence to make for a bright and welcoming space for outdoor entertaining. 


  • Motion activated means you won’t waste power or have too much light coming from your yard in the late evening hours
  • Lights a wider area than most fence solar lights


  • Not a good option if you want lights on the top of the post; these are mounted to the sides

Best Modern Looking Fence Post Lights 

Maggift 15 Lumen Solar Post Light Caps 

Best Solar Lights for Fence Posts - maggift 15 lumen solar post lights

Everything about these attractive fence post lights is modern in function and design! I love thes models, they come in an 8 pack and fit 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6 fence posts easily. They emit an LED light that’s bright, yet warm and welcoming to make for a comfortable atmosphere in your backyard at night. The cordless nature of them means that they’re a breeze to set up, and the waterproof ABS housing gives off a distinctive metal look, without any worry of rust or maintenance. 

We love the simple mounting kit that comes with these lights, as well as the efficient waterproofing that comes in at an IP44 rating. This covers rain, snow, frost and sleet. For me, the price point seals the deal with these fence post lights, making them a great choice for a more modern-style look in your outdoor escape. 


  • Fit a variety of fence post sizes
  • Completely weatherproof; perfect for a variety of climates
  • Cordless


  • Can be tricky to install without a gap on your fence posts and included screws are small

Best Side Mount Metal Fence Post Solar Lights 

Green Lighting 4 Pack Marina Solar Post Cap Lights 

Green Lighting 4 Pack Marina Solar Post Cap Lights 

This distinctive marina or dock style light is a great way to bring a whole new type of style into your backyard. Whether or not you’re into boating, or just love the look of these modern style lights, they’re a great pick that’s practical, too! They fit snug on 4×4 wood posts, and feature a metal side mounting design. You can find them in a four pack, and they’re even available in white depending on what color your fence is, or if you just want to bring in an accent color.

As with all of the other solar panel lights on this list, these will automatically turn on around dusk, and turn off at dawn with the help of cutting edge photocell technology. And, all of the hardware you need for these lights is included. That also means adapters and mounting screws, so anyone with a drill can get these up in no time! We love the warm glow of these lights, which is enough to light your step, path or fence posts, but not too much that it’s blinding. 


  • Unique design is perfect for docks or beach aesthetics
  • Warm glow light that isn’t too bright
  • Different options for colour


  • Not the best option if you want bright lights

Best Solar Lights for Fence Posts: Conclusion

All of these solar lights are the best options for fence posts in their own categories, so it’s impossible to give you a “best overall”. Still, if you’re going by sheer quality and versatility, the Maggift 15 Lumen Solar Post Light Caps are excellent when it comes to both durability and value for money.

Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best solar lights for fence posts! Have you ever used a set of these before? If so, what would you want other readers to know about before taking the plunge?