Best Solar Lights for Walkways 

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Lighting your carefully designed and well-kept pathways around your home is necessary for removing tripping hazards at night, as well as showing off all of your hard work landscaping and designing your outdoor getaway! These are the best solar lights for walkways we’ve reviewed, and we’ll break down what you should look out for below. The fact of the matter is that this is one of the cheapest and most affordable ways to light your steps, paths and gardens around your home without the need for hardwiring, or pricey installations. 

We’ve Reviewed the Best Solar Lights for Walkways 

Solar lights aren’t anything new, that’s for sure. But what is, is the affordability, features and durability of newer models. We’ve used these for a long time to add some ambiance to areas around our pools, gardens and even walkways. These solar lights however, are brighter, and last longer than ever before. On top of that, they’ll stand up to just about anything nature can throw at them, including heavy rain, frost and even snow! 

We’ll check out some of the most popular models available down below, but not before diving into a bit of what makes these lights such a viable option for lighting your outdoor walkways! Depending on what kind of space you’re working with, there’s certainly a variety of different options to take into consideration, especially where, and how you’d like to set them up! 

Why use Solar Lights for Walkways? 

The outdoor lighting scene has been overtaken by solar lights lately, and it’s not a coincidence. These lights are versatile, and fit the bill for just about any outdoor space around your home. They’re built to stand up to harsh conditions, which means you can install them wherever you’d like outside, and simply keep them out all year long. 

Speaking of which, these often come with years of lifespan in both their solar charging panels, and lighting arrays. You can find a wide variety of different tones, hues and colors to fit exactly the look and feel you’re going for, besides the fact that they’ll keep you from tripping around your carefully planned outdoor spaces. 

These lights have a ton of useful applications, but considering their price point, there really is a lot you can use them for! 

Use Solar Lights for: 

  • Backyard parties 
  • Late night pool parties 
  • Weddings 
  • Backyard baby showers 
  • Evening cookouts 
  • Paths, and walkways 
  • Hot tub space 
  • Cabanas 
  • Lighting your patio 

The Best Solar Lights for Walkways: Reviewed! 

The Best in-Ground Solar Lights 

DUWIS 8 Pack Ground Lights 

The best solar lights for walkways in an 8 pack

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These solar lights are perfect for lighting your path, walkway or patio path with a wondrous warm-white hue. These lights make our list for a couple of different reasons that we’ll delve into here, one of them being their unique design that helps them blend in with your pathway. The outer case of this light features a faux stone path pattern. And, inserted in and around your pathway, they’ll stay conveniently out of the way of your gorgeous flowers and garden work. Not just that, but they’re perfect for those concerned about solar lights as a tripping hazard. Reviewers love how simple these bespoke resin lights are to install, especially considering the automatic on and off functionality. 

The Best Spike Spotlight Solar Lights 

Vont 16 LED Landscape Spotlights 

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This two pack of solar spotlights cast an elegant and bright cool white LED light onto any pathway, or driveway for that matter. It comes out of the box with an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means the metallic black casing on these lights will more than stand up to whatever mother nature has to offer. When it comes to lighting your path, these lights make for an excellent choice, especially for those of us who don’t need a huge multipack of lights to do so. The fact of the matter is that these are more than capable of lighting a short length of path, some patio steps or a front garden with ease. Much like other models, it also has automatic shut on and turn off, as well as a sturdy spike for instantaneous installation. We love these lights for their bright coverage, and ease of installation. 

The Best Traditional Style Solar Lights for Walkways 

Maggift 6 Lumen Solar Powered Pathway Lights 

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Coming in a convenient 6 pack, these pathway lights are more or less exactly what you’d expect from a traditional looking set of outdoor lights. This style has been around for quite some time, that being said, they’re still a go-to for some. For those of us looking for a traditional style of outdoor light, these solar powered lights are a fantastic choice! Charging in direct sunlight for anywhere between 6-8 hours, they’re capable of projecting a warm white light onto your path. With 6 lumens of power each, they’re much more powerful than some of the older models of solar lights you might be used to. Pull the tab, insert the spike, and insert into the ground near your path, and you’re done! We love the hassle-free design of these lights. 

The Best Lamp LED Solar Pathway Lights 

6 Pack Solar OxyLED Decorative Lantern Lights 

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For those of you looking for something truly unique, and quite a bit different from the rest, these are by far the most distinctive lamp-style solar lights you can find. These produce an enchanting star pattern at night wherever you place them! If you prefer lights that you don’t necessarily need to stake into the ground, these are a fantastic choice! They can sit freely on your path for easy replacement, or if you’d like to change their position. Alternatively, they do come with a spike that attaches easily for a slightly more permanent solution. There’s a subtle star and moon pattern etched into the casing which, when on at night, produces a lovely design across your path, while also lighting the way! 

The Best Modern Looking Solar Panel Walkway Lights 

OSORD Solar Pathway Lights 4 Pack 

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Ideal for driveways, walkways, pathways and porch steps, these solar lights probably strike you as quite a bit different looking than the rest. That’s because they come in a totally unique modern looking style that’s not all that easy to find in this department. These lights will help you add some real character to your outdoor walkway, depending on what you’re going for, of course. There are however, a few more reasons than design alone to pick up this four pack of lights. They’re equipped with an auto on/off switch, as well as the capability to light your path in two glorious tones: a soft and warm white light. On average, these lights also stand a bit taller. And, depending on how you look at it, may increase or decrease the tripping hazard they present. Either way, they do a fantastic job of lighting all kinds of walkways! 

The Best Bulk Solar Powered Path Lights 

Elktry Garden Lights 12 Pack LED Solar Lights 

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Looking for something in bulk? This might be just what you’re looking for! For the most light coverage without any wiring work required, this pack is sure to get the job done. Seriously though, these come in a box of a dozen each, giving them the ability to cover lots of pathways! Assembly takes seconds, with merely the spike needing to be attached before they’re securely in the ground, and charging. Reviewers have noted the need to pre-dig a bit of a hole in the case that your soil is a little overly compact, as to avoid breaking the stake. Otherwise, these ABS lights are sturdy, and well equipped for 4 seasons of weather without needing to be removed in the wintertime. Once charged, they’ll emit about 5 feet of light in every direction, which is more than enough to give you a clear path to walk on! 

Thanks for checking out our reviews for the best solar lights for walkways! These lights don’t just make for a safe, well-lit pathway, but a simple and cheap way to add some ambiance and atmosphere to any outdoor space on your property at night. Have you picked up a set of solar lights before? If so, and you’d like to share your thoughts about what people should look out for, let us know down below!