Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

I don’t know about you, but the only way I’m going to get a slam dunk is by using a trampoline. With the best trampoline basketball hoop all my (and your) pro dunking dreams can come true – so I’ve rounded up my favorites for you to check out.

Having a basketball hoop on the trampoline is a great way to add something extra to your existing trampoline. You don’t have to worry about extra set up (they attach right to the enclosure) and they’re usually less expensive than free standing basketball nets.

If you have kids, a trampoline basketball hoop is a great opportunity to work on motor skills. The combination of jumping and trying to sink baskets is a great way to train muscle groups and hand eye coordination to work together. 

Do You Need a Trampoline Enclosure for a Basketball Hoop

In short – yes. All the trampoline nets on this list rely on an existing trampoline enclosure to attach the net onto. Some attach to the net itself, others to the supports.

Make sure that you choose a basketball hoop that will work with the style of trampoline and net you have at home.

If you don’t have an enclosure on your trampoline the best way to get a basketball net is to set up a freestanding one nearby. Of course, trampolines without enclosures are far less safe – especially when playing basketball, so it’s not recommended.

Most basketball nets for trampolines attach to the enclosure with minimal tools and damage to the trampoline.

What Kind of Balls do Trampoline Nets Use?

These aren’t full sized basketball hoops, so they don’t use full sized balls. A real basketball is not only too large to fit into these hoops, the weight would knock some of the nets off the side of the enclosure.

On top of that, standard basketballs are too firm for playing with on the trampoline. They can easily bounce back and hurt you. Especially if they come in contact with your face.

If you do get some extra balls make sure they’re small, soft, and lightweight. 6” balls should fit into most mini basketball nets.

Do You Need Tools to Install a Trampoline Basketball Hoop?

In some cases a few tools like screwdrivers may be required. Some of the nets on this list are also tied on – which means no tools required. Others come with everything you need to mount the basketball hoop.

What you will need, though, is a ladder tall enough to reach the top of your enclosure so you can mount the net up high. Nets are usually mounted from the outside of the trampoline.

Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Universal Trampoline Basketball Hoop with Pump

Jumpfly Trampoline Basketball Hoop, Basketball Hoop for Trampoline Fits for Straight Pole & Curved Pole, Trampoline Basketball Hoop Attachment with 2 Mini Basketballs & Pump

This hoop attaches to the posts that hold your trampoline net in place. It should fit on most trampolines, and even has the hardware to mount the net included. To install just tighten the bolts so the net clamps onto your posts.

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It comes with a back frame so you can bounce the ball into the net, plus a ball and pump. The net is wrapped in foam so you don’t need to worry about kids getting hurt if they accidentally jump into the net or pull it down.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a ball and pump to use with it
  • Safe for kids to use


  • Single bracket installation is convenient but not very sturdy, especially for dunking
  • The basket leans forward a bit
  • Instructions are hard to follow

New Skywalker Trampolines Basketball Game

Skywalker Trampolines Basketball Game

This net is designed to fit specifically on Skywalker brand trampolines although you might be able to install it on other nets too since the tie backs are adjustable.

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Unlike most basketball hoops, you attach this one to the net rather than the supports of the enclosure.


  • Good quality hoop
  • Soft so there’s little risk of injury
  • Installation is easy because it just ties on


  • Since it’s tied on it can also fall off easier than other basketball hoops
  • No bottom tie downs so it moves when you bounce
  • Not sturdy enough for forceful dunks or grabbing onto

Toddler Trampoline for Kids

BCAN 60'' Mini Trampoline for Ages 1 to 8 Kid, 5FT Toddler Trampoline - Indoor/Outdoor Use with Enclosure Net, Foam Handle, Adjustable Gymnastics Bars, Basketball Hoop, Gifts for Boys & Girls-Pink

This is actually a whole trampoline, not just the net – but I love that the basketball net is included! You can use it indoors or outside to keep little ones busy (and active!) for hours. 

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I really like how there’s also a gymnastics bar so there’s more activities that your kids can do other than just jumping and playing basketball.


  • Trampoline comes with basketball hoop that attaches to an enclosure pole
  • Small size is perfect for little kids
  • Gymnastics equipment adds extra fun


  • Not sold separately (if you already have a trampoline this isn’t any good to you)
  • Small trampoline won’t last as long as a bigger one for growing kids

Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Trampoline Pro Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop Attachment - Includes Ball, Safety Hardware, and Universal Brackets for Easy Installation to Enclosure Net Pole - TPRO Lifetime Parts Warranty

I really like how easy the Jump Slammer trampoline basketball hoop is to install. You attach the long pole to the enclosure poles instead of trying to hook it onto the net or wrap a a single bracket around the pole.

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Another thing that makes this hoop stand out is the lifetime warranty. It’s sturdy anyway, but if something goes wrong you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement – for life!


  • Very sturdy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One of the only hoops that stands up well to dunking


  • Plastic rim can break on these, and although the company will replace them, it’s still as hassle
  • Only fits on 1.5” trampoline poles
  • Can be a challenge to install

JumpTastic Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Trampoline Basketball Hoop, Fits Straight and Curved Pole Basketball Hoop for Trampoline, Universal Trampoline Basketball Hoop Attachment with Mini Ball and Pump, Easy to Install

If you’re looking for easy installation this is the basketball hoop for you. Instead of messing around with screws or other mounts the hoop clamps onto one of your trampoline enclosure’s poles. 

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Once up, this net is adjustable so you can move the angle for different player skill levels. The net itself is wrapped in foam so just in case your eager players jump into the net when trying to dunk.


  • Good quality net design
  • Very easy to install, especially compared to other similar nets
  • Fits on most styles of trampoline enclosures


  • Can be tricky to get a good fit and if it doesn’t fit perfectly the net will slump or fall off
  • Rim can be broken, especially with a lot of use

Stumptown Sportz Trampoline Basketball Hoop with 3 Basketballs

Stumptown Sportz Trampoline Basketball Hoop with 3 Basketballs | Soft Material, Safe for Kids | Durable for Outdoor Play

Right out of the gate I have to say how much I love that this hoop comes with three basketballs instead of one. Other features include a detachable breakaway rim so kids can’t get stuck on the hoop.

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Every part of this basketball hoop has safety in mind, which as a parent I really like.


  • Very easy to mount onto the netting of almost any trampoline (ties on)
  • Detachable hoop is a great safety feature for young kids
  • Comes with 3 balls


  • Since hoop detaches you can’t do hard dunks on this net
  • Not very sturdy for older kids 
  • Can detach from the net during use

What is the Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop?

As a parent if I’m picking something up for my kids I want it to be good quality. When choosing the best trampoline basketball hoop, I looked for just that – something that is good for kids of all ages, that’s easy enough to install, and that will hold up to hours of outdoor fun.

The Jump Slammer is easily the best trampoline basketball hoop on this list.

Although it can be tricky to install, once up it stays in position. The pole that attaches to your trampoline enclosure is long enough to provide great stability – which is needed if you want to have a great game of basketball.

Kids can work on their slam dunks with this net, but if they happen to get stuck the safety rim folds down so kids can land safely back on the trampoline. With repeated use the rim can break, but the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty so it’s a matter of inconvenience, not cost.

The only thing I’d change about this basketball net is the ball – it only comes with one, so you’ll probably want to pick up a few more. Especially if your kids tend to toss the balls outside the trampoline while trying to score.

Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop – Final Thoughts

When you’re picking out the best trampoline basketball hoop for you make sure you consider how your kids are going to play with it. Young kids will do better with a larger surface to hit and a lower net, where older kids need something tall and sturdy.

For adults, choose something that sits as high as possible and doesn’t sag so you can have the most fun.

It’s also important that you make sure the hoop will fit on your trampoline before buying! Certain types of basketball nets aren’t compatible with all trampoline enclosures.

Finally, installation is important. Some of these nets can easily be installed without tools, others might be more involved. 

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