Best Volleyball Net for Backyards

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Volleyball is something that you usually play at the beach, but that’s not always the most practical way to enjoy the sport. Especially if you don’t leave anywhere near sand! Of course, you could dump sand in your backyard and set up a permanent net, or you can grab the best volleyball net for backyards to play with instead.

All of these volleyball nets are designed to be set up in most backyards. Of course, you’ll still need plenty of space to play (18m by 9m is the regulation size) that’s unobstructed and relatively flat.

What Kind of Net is Used for Volleyball?

Most backyard volleyball nets are multipurpose. That means that they double (or even triple) as badminton and pickleball nets. Many sports kits even come with all the equipment you need to play any of these sports. 

The regulation height for a volleyball net is 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women – but this number can vary a lot depending on the ages of the players. Juniors (under 16) have a net height of 1.98m to 2.24m depending on the age of the kids playing.

If you’re planning to play to regulation height make sure that the net you buy goes to that height. For beginner players, adults who are just playing for fun, and families you can probably get away with a lower net. 

What Equipment Do I Need to Play Volleyball?

Volleyball is a great sport because it doesn’t need a whole lot of equipment. If you’re playing in the backyard, comfortable clothes and shoes are fine. As for the sport itself, all you need is a volleyball net and a regulation size ball. 

Boundary lines and a pump for the ball are nice extras, but not required for a fun game.

The Best Volleyball Net To Set Up in the Backyard

Backyard volleyball nets are a great way for kids and adults to get out and stay active over the summer. You can also practice in your yard to improve those skills for the next time you’re at the beach or on a volleyball court.

Triumph Classic Volleyball Set

Triumph Classic Volleyball Set - Includes Regulation Size Volleyball, Pump and Padded Carry Case

I really like how this kit comes with everything you need to play including the net, the regulation size and weight volleyball, a pump, and boundary markers. 

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The net itself is easy to set up on grass. There are stakes that you press into the ground to tether the net so it doesn’t move while you play. It’s portable so the set is super easy to set up. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy when set up
  • Comes with everything you need to play


  • Height and length are not adjustable
  • Can’t be left outside (will wear in the weather)
  • Tangles easy in storage

IUNNDS KLB Sport Height Adjustable Portable Volleyball Net

IUNNDS KLB Sport Height Adjustable Portable Volleyball Badminton Tennis Net Set with Stand/Frame for Adults and Kids (14ft)

This adjustable volleyball net works for badminton and tennis as well. It’s not super tall, but it is perfect for beginner volleyball. Especially if you’re looking for something that’s good for kids.

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Just keep in mind that the volleyball isn’t included so you’ll need to pick one up. The net is also narrower than usual volleyball courts, but that’s OK for beginners who are just starting out or kids having fun.


  • Adjustable net that’s a great height for kids
  • Multi-purpose and can be used for other sports
  • Easy to set up and take down


  • Too low for adult players
  • Doesn’t come with a volleyball
  • Frame can be knocked over because it’s freestanding, not anchored

Patiassy Portable Pickleball Volleyball Badminton Combo Set with Net

Patiassy 5.1ft-7.4ft Adjustable Height Volleyball Badminton Pickleball Net Set 17ft Sports Net with Poles, 4 Badminton Rackets, 3 Shuttlecocks, 4 Pickleball Paddles and Volleyball

If you want a volleyball net that can be pulled out and set up quickly when you feel like playing this is a great product. 

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It’s adjustable and multi-purpose, which is great if you don’t have a lot of space for multiple nets. Since the legs are freestanding, you don’t need to press into the ground to set this up. Which means it’s perfect for a driveway, tough backyard terrain, or if you don’t want to mess up the grass.


  • Freestanding net that’s very easy to set up
  • Adjustable for multiple sports
  • Comes with all the equipment you need to play


  • Volleyball height isn’t adjustable and is 5 feet at the max height – not high enough for an adult volleyball game
  • Freestanding nets can be blown and knocked over easier
  • Too narrow for doubles

Patiassy Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Set System

Patiassy Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Set System - Quick & Easy Setup Adjustable Height Steel Poles, PU Volleyball with Pump and Carrying Bag for Beach Backyard (Yellow)

This net system is great because it’s not just easy to set up, it’s one of the few dedicated volleyball nets out there. That means that it’s adjustable to regulation height for men’s, women’s, and mixed games.

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The net is held up by tethers and stakes, which can be a bit of a hassle to set up (it does go quick when you get the hang of it) so you do need to set this up on soft ground. Once set up it’s sturdy for both single and double games.


  • Adjustable height volleyball net
  • Two or four people can play at once
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Set up requires you to stake the net into the ground – and the stakes are a bit weak
  • No height for kids
  • Boundary tape can be hard to see in the grass

CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball Net & Game Set

CROSSNET Quick Assemble 4 Square Volleyball Game Set for Adults and Kids with Volleyball Net, Backpack and Ball for Outdoor Games

This isn’t a standard volleyball net, but still worth mentioning because four square is a super fun variation on the classic sport. This net is super easy to set up which means you can be playing in just a few minutes.

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What I really like about it, though, is that the net is adjustable to three different heights: Men’s regulation, Women’s regulation, and a good height for kids. That means anyone can play! 


  • Adjustable net for men, women, and kids
  • Fun variation on classic volleyball
  • Comes with a ball, pump, boundary lines, and carrying case


  • Can’t be used for a regular volleyball game
  • No centre pole can lead to sagging (although the pole is not included in the design for safety reasons)

Freestanding Badminton/Volleyball Combi Posts

Procourt Badminton/Volleyball Posts & Nets Package - Portable Indoor & Outdoor Uprights (Posts & Nets)

If you’re looking for something more heavy duty than your typical portable volleyball sets this net is it. Although they’re still portable and freestanding, these poles are made of steel.

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And of course, portable is subjective – what it means is the poles are on wheels. Why? They weigh 110lbs. That means they’re self weighted, so no worrying about the net tipping over while you play. 

Although it’s not the best for lugging to the beach this set is great if you want something you can set up all summer long in the backyard and then wheel into storage for fall/winter.


  • Heavy duty, sturdy poles
  • Self weight and freestanding
  • Adjustable net heights for badminton and volleyball


  • Net is separate so make sure you include that with your order
  • Very heavy – the poles weigh 110lbs total
  • Bigger initial investment

What is the Best Volleyball Net for Backyards?

While there are some great multi-purpose nets out there, the Patiassy Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Set System is my pick for the best volleyball net for backyards because it’s dedicated to the single sport.

It’s very frustrating to see “adjustable” nets out there that don’t adjust to standard volleyball net heights. While those lower nets are great for kids (this one less so because it doesn’t go down to a child’s height), they’re not a true volleyball experience.

On top of that, this net is easy to set up once you get it staked in firmly. Improper set up can give you a saggy net, so it’s important you have ground that’s not too hard or soft to stake it to. 

As for the quality, it’s not the kind of net you’d leave out all summer and expect it to get no wear. But as something you set up for a backyard party, a BBQ, or take on a camping trip it’s absolutely perfect. This is reflected in the price; this net is definitely budget friendly. 

Finally, it’s handy that it comes with a ball, carrying case, and boundary lines too. 

If you want something multi-purpose or freestanding, this volleyball net isn’t for you. But as a simple, regulation height volleyball net it definitely fits the bill.

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Best Volleyball Net for Backyards – Final Thoughts

The ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Patiassy Outdoor Portable Volleyball Net Set System might be the best volleyball net for backyards, but all the nets on this list are great depending on what kind of features you’re looking for. Especially if you’re shopping for kids or want something that’s free standing. 

Once you choose your net it’s a good idea to grab an extra volleyball or two, too. While most of these sets come with one, some aren’t regulation size – and extras mean no disappointments in case one breaks while you’re playing. 

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