Best Waterproof Games for Hot Tubs

A lot of people think games are only for the pool, but you can have a lot of fun playing in the hot tub too. Sure, it might not be big enough to play volleyball or set up a floating basketball net, but that didn’t stop us from finding the best waterproof games for hot tubs to make your dip more fun.

Where I live it’s only pool weather a few months out of the year, and the rest of the time you’re not really able to go swimming unless you have something indoors. Hot tubs, on the other hand, are perfect in all seasons – meaning we can enjoy a dip even in cold weather.

What Kind of Games for Hot Tubs Should You Buy?

If you’re trying to find some great games to play in your hot tub there’s a few things that you should be looking for. 

First of all, waterproof is a must. Anyone who’s ever read a book in the bath or a hot tub knows how frustrating it is to try and keep something dry while you’re sitting in water. Everything that goes into the hot tub should be able to get wet.

Second, hot tub games should be small enough to fit or be played inside the hot tub. While they might be waterproof, most regular pool games are probably not going to be suitable. There just isn’t enough space to set, for example, a volleyball net – and the tub is too small to play a game that requires a lot of movement inside.

Finally, you can’t dive in a hot tub so diving games are out unless your guests can reach down and grab stuff without submerging their heads.

Putting your head underwater in a hot tub is bad for two reasons: The first is the heat, and the second is potential bacteria – the 100 degrees or so that hot tubs sit at turns your spa into a breeding ground that can cause ear infections and other problems.

Hot Tub Play Safety for Kids

Anytime you introduce toys to water (like in a pool or hot tub), you need to be extra vigilant when there’s kids around. Small children, who are already at risk of drowning, may be drawn to the water to play with or retrieve toys.

If you have kids, take all necessary safety precautions around your hot tub including supervision and keeping toys out of the reach of children when they’re not being used.

How to Play Card Games in a Hot Tub

hot tub water proof card game sleeves

Before we get into the best waterproof games for hot tubs, I just have to share this amazing product. It’s a floating table for a hot tub! You can use it to hold cards, roll dice, or play other games on it – plus it even has cup holders!

I would recommend you still use waterproof cards and games on it, though, so splashing or wet hands don’t ruin your games.

Best Waterproof Games for Hot Tubs

While most people enjoy relaxing in their hot tub, you can get more use out of it if you make it a place to have fun too. Whether you’re playing with kids or entertaining friends, waterproof games for hot tubs are a fun extra to have around.

UNO Splash Card Game

Best Waterproof Games for Hot Tubs: uno splash

This waterproof version of UNO, called UNO Splash is perfect for playing in a hot tub. The clear, waterproof cards aren’t even the coolest part, though – it’s the included ring. Each card has holes in it so they can be attached to the ring. 

You’ll still need something to play the game on, though, even if it’s waterproof. But at least there’s no worrying about picking up the cards with wet hands or dropping them in the hot tub.

Another thing I love about this set is that it’s just great for kids in general – the cards are way more durable and easier to store than a typical Uno game! 


  • Cards are made from clear plastic so they’re waterproof and easy to clean
  • Plastic ring (included) holds the cards when they’re not in use
  • Sturdy cards mean they should last a while


  • Paint is on the outside of the plastic so you can scratch these cards if you’re playing on a rough surface
  • Cards can sink if you’re not careful with how they’re laid down on the water
  • When stacked, wet cards sometimes slide off the pile

GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set

GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set

You don’t need a tonne of space to play this game in the hot tub, especially if you put the floating table in the middle of the hot tub and switch it out as the teams take turns. The rafts hold up to 6 cups each and have good sized walls on the side so you don’t need to worry about movement splashing over and messing up the game.

One tip, though, is to use water instead of beer inside your solo cups. That way you don’t risk accidentally tipping over an actual drink into the hot tub. 


  • These floating rafts hold the cups inside them perfectly
  • High sidewalls prevent splashed and tipping
  • Rafts can be used for other things, like as a drink holder, when not in use


  • Won’t work in smaller hot tubs (not enough room)
  • Doesn’t include cups and the cup sizes are a bit on the smaller size
  • They sometimes float away, so you may want to hold them while playing (or not, if you want to up the ante)

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Just like a regular deck of cards, this waterproof playing card set will open up virtually limitless game options to play inside your hot tub. Poker night with your friends would never be the same and parents with kids can use these cards to play math games while outside. 

As for the cards themselves, they’re made from clear plastic with the face of the card printed on. To keep them safe, the set also includes a plastic case for storage. 


  • Durable waterproof cards that can get wet, but also be cleaned and sanitized
  • Easy to shuffle (although harder than a non-plastic set)
  • A storage case is included


  • The cards stick together when they’re wet which makes shuffling more difficult
  • Not very flexible, especially when you first open the pack
  • Paint can be scratched off the cards

Spot it! Beach Edition

spot it beach edition

This is one of the best waterproof games for hot tubs that kids can play. The goal of Spot it! is to spot the match between the two cards; one picture will be on both no matter which two cards you pull out.

To play in the hot tub you could easily float the cards in the middle of the tub. Alternatively, the waterproof cards can be set up to the side somewhere everyone can see or on a floating table.


  • Great game for all ages, but especially kids
  • Large cards don’t need a lot of fiddling with in the water so they’re easy to use
  • Perfect size for hot tubs
  • Comes with a mesh bag to store the cards in


  • Instructions are not waterproof
  • Works better if you have a surface to put them on so everyone can see the cards
  • Depending on your group it could result in some splashing as people point to the match!

Floating Cornhole Set

Best Waterproof Games for Hot Tubs - floating cornhole set

This game is great if you have a bigger hot tub (and the hot tub isn’t full of people). Instead of using both cornhole boards, just set one up at one end of the hot tub and then toss from the other.

You could also set it up outside the hot tub and see who can make the shot while seated!


  • Easy to set up and can be put away when not in use
  • Floats on the water using foam (doesn’t require inflation)
  • Weights stop the cornhole game from floating around the hot tub


  • You need a bit of room to play this game so it won’t work in very small hot tubs
  • Might be too easy for adults when played in a hot tub (because you’re sitting so close)
  • If you miss and throw the stones outside the hot tub getting them is annoying

What Are The Best Waterproof Games for Hot Tubs?

When you’re picking waterproof games for hot tubs you need to choose ones that can handle getting wet, won’t sink to the bottom of the hot tub easily, and can fit inside small spaces. For that reason I prefer card games over floating skill based ones.

Specifically, the UNO Splash game is my pick as one of the best waterproof games for hot tubs. UNO is a game that almost anyone can play and enjoy, from kids through adults. It’s also a great game that families can play together.

This waterproof version comes with plastic cards that can be hooked onto a ring for storage. They’re super durable and don’t slip out of your hands while you’re playing. 

The only real downside is that they can be tough to shuffle once wet, so if you like to play multiple rounds it might take longer to mix the cards up each time. I’d also suggest you get a floating play table to set the deck on since UNO does require some kind of surface.

The Best Waterproof Games for Hot Tubs – Final Thoughts

Hopefully one of these waterproof hot tub games is just what you’re looking for. If you have a surface or a floating table, you can also get creative with what kinds of games you play in the water. Plastic games like Connect 4 are also waterproof and fun for couples.

Playing waterproof games for hot tubs are a fun way to break the ice with new(er) friends or to keep the family busy! 


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