Best Yard Games for Adults

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To help you keep the fun up for your adults-only summer escapes this year, we’ve reviewed a whole host of the best yard games for adults! That way, you can drop the guesswork, and focus on planning the perfect outdoor summer bash. 

Breaking out the yard games might just be one of the most satisfying ways to kick off the summer season! Firing up the BBQ, cutting the last row of the grass with the mower, and coffee on the porch or deck are the only things that might come just as close. If you’ve found yourself here, entertaining your friends, family and neighbors while kicking off a season of afternoon and evening distractions in the warm summer air is probably your idea of a great time.

What are the Best Yard Games for Adults This Summer? 

Keeping the kids entertained is one thing, but having an all-adult party in your backyard could use some games to keep up the fun as well. You’d be surprised how much fun it is to tap into your youth, and run and play around the yard with some of your other grown-up friends and family members. It is so much so, evidently since there is such a wide array of yard games, and activities targeting adults nowadays. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt for any of us to get outside and move some more anyways! 

The best yard games for adults are the ones that are simple, yet fun enough to keep everyone on their feet and enjoying themselves. They aren’t too trivial, but strike just the right balance between entertaining and challenging for everyone who wants to participate.

Outdoor games for adults involve some simple dexterity and activity to make you feel like you’re engaging with your friends and family in a fun and truly interesting way. Immerse yourself in your next favorite past time by taking a look at some of our favorite yard games for adults below. 

What Kind of Yard Games are Best Suited for Adults?

The ones that get everybody moving! Most yard games involve some form of throwing, running, jumping, leaping or some activity that gets everyone’s feet off the ground. They’re just the right amount of competitive, or challenging.

Games with light hearted point scoring, combined with fun activities and interactive elements are a great way to get things going in the right direction ‘Tailgate’ style games like these give the players just enough competition to form some light hearted conversation and even a little competitive spirit! Find something that pushes the level of excitement just a bit more than a good old game of cornhole does, and you’ve got a winner.

Check out some of the games that can keep the backyard party going, and make all of the adults in attendance feel just a little bit like a kid again.  

Juegoal Yard Pong

Juegoal Outdoor Giant Yard Pong Game Set with Durable Buckets and Balls, Cup Pong Throwing Game for Beach, Camping, Lawn and Backyard

It’s like beer pong for the soul. Or rather, for your backyard! This sensational outdoor yard game brings the finely crafted, time-honored techniques perfected in the art of beer pong and brings them to life in your very own backyard.

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With 12 buckets and 4 large balls, you’re sure to surprise your guests with this novelty of a yard game. Seriously! Imagine the look on your friend’s faces when you rack up these gigantic red solo cups in your backyard and beckon them onto a life-sized game of beer pong! May this be the best yard game for adults? Let’s dig deeper.

The 4 balls included come in 2 sets, one pair of tennis balls, and one pair of plastic hollow balls. This allows for varying degrees of difficulty. If you’re not keen on the rules of classic cup pong, it comes with some handy, and easy to understand rulesets. (They’re even flexible, for less regulated play). If you’re asking yourself why you can’t just set this up with Home Depot buckets, here’s why you should pick it up. The buckets are double-thick, heavy-duty plastic that’s ultra washable and quite resilient.

The only possible drawback is that you might want to pick up some more tennis balls for this game. 

Bottle Bash Outdoor Game Set for Adults 

Bottle Bash Outdoor Flying Disc Game Set – Disc Toss Game for Family, Adult & Kids, Backyard and Beach Game - Frisbee Target Lawn Game with Poles & Bottles (Beersbee & Polish Horseshoes)

Ready to kick off your neighborhood, or campground’s first Bottle Bash league?

If you haven’t heard of this sensational outdoor activity you’re far from alone, so let me break it down for you: This is like frisbee golf but without that stupid chain net thing, and far less snarky college juniors.

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In a wondrous display of skill and agility, this backyard game is perfect for adults who need a fun and engaging backdrop to a party or outing. So what do you do? It consists of two poles, a frisbee, and two plastic bottles.

With a convenient carrying bag, constructable poles with grass spikes, and two purpose-built (beach safe) bottles, this game is play-ready at the drop of a hat. It makes our list for incredibly simple rules, but a fun base game to keep your adult friends entertained for hours. The objective is to knock the bottle off of the pole, which is suitable for grass and sand! The activity itself is incredibly satisfying, and can be adjusted by simply extending the distance between the two poles. 

Ring Toss Head to Head Drinking Game

Ring Toss Game for Adults - Includes Shot Ladder and Easily Adjustable String - Large Party Size Hook and Ring Game Set, Fun for All Ages - Multiplayer, with Sleek Wooden Design - Play Anywhere!

Need a more creative way to enjoy drinking? This ring toss challenge raises the stakes, and makes for one fun shot delivery system. This game consists of one T-shaped tower, and one ‘scoreboard’, with a wooden marker.

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All of the components are stained dark, accentuating the wood grain and rustic construction. In other words, this game will look awesome on just about any patio, campsite or table you’ve got!

So, what’s the aim of the game? It’s quite simply to swing a small metal ring onto a metal hook. That’s it! This incredibly simple exercise of dexterity is a really fun way to go head-to-head with your friends over a game with rules you can learn in a few seconds.

The scoreboard serves two purposes. First, to mark the position of a wooden peg that gets moved closer to your opponent each time they score, and vice-versa. However, it also features a round recession which perfectly fits your average shot glass! This lighthearted drinking game/skill challenge is perfect for letting loose on the patio. 

GoSports Slammo Game Set

GoSports Slammo Game Set (Includes 3 Balls, Carrying Case and Rules) - Outdoor Lawn, Beach & Tailgating Roundnet Game for Kids, Teens & Adults

his unassuming sports bag holds one of the most fab outdoor adult games you can see at almost every campsite, beach party and backyard bash. Slammo consists of a circular net, placed on the ground and supported by 5 short plastic legs.

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The Slammo game set is ideal for tailgating, taking with you to the beach or the campsite! The magic of this game is that it takes just seconds to set up, and it can sit just about anywhere. So how does it play?

This one claims it’s spot on our reviews as one of the best yard games for adults since it’s so much fun! Basically, you and your friends stand in a circle around the net, and bounce the included balls towards each other. And believe me, it’s unbelievably satisfying to get a volley going. 

BulziBucket Outdoor Adult Yard Game

BULZiBUCKET Game by Water Sports - Beach, Tailgate, Camping, Yard, and Pool Games- Indoor/ Outdoor Kids Toys - Pool Accessories Perfect for Family Game Night (Green/Black)

The Bulz-i-Bucket is an exciting game that doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out. Two large 3-tiered buckets, and six balls. It doesn’t get much easier, and downright fun than this!

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If you had to do a double-take to check whether or not these are some weird baking pans, you’re probably not alone. Despite their strange shape, these buckets contain a entire sunny afternoon’s worth of fun, snarky bets and probably some well-earned trash talking. For an adult yard throwing game, this package succeeds in being both easy to set up, and quick to jump in and out of.

These collapsible buckets are also totally waterproof, making them perfect for bobbing around the beach, or backyard pool!  


Thanks for checking out our reviews for the best yard games for adults! These games are all designed to be easy to break out at a moment’s notice to keep up the fun and sense of competition all around. And, besides the fact that they’re incredibly easy to learn, they’re even easier to play for yourself.

The problem with sports, card games and boardgames is there’s often a rule barrier before you get to the fun. With these easy to play, and even easier to enjoy adult yard games, the fun just keeps on coming. Stop by for some more reviews of patio, backyard, and outdoor escape product reviews! 

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