Best Yard Games for Families

Yard games are a great way to get the whole family outside and playing together. But it can be tricky to find something that works for multiple age groups so everyone can have fun. Here are the best yard games for families to enjoy.

Best Yard Games for Families

Some of these yard games can be left set up in the backyard so they’re ready anytime you want some family fun. Others are perfect for bringing along to your next family event like a BBQ, picnic, family reunion, or camping trip. 

What Ages are these Yard Games for Families For?

While we tried to choose the best yard games for families of all ages, most outdoor games are difficult for the very young and those with limited mobility. Some of these games might be enjoyed by kids as young as 3, but others will be more fun with kids 8 and older. 

Often (but not always), older family members have limited mobility and can’t always join in on more active yard games. When choosing a yard game for the whole family, don’t forget to accommodate all players, not just the younger ones.

Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

Best yard games for families giant tumbling timber toy

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This is a giant version of the popular game Jenga, which is something that families of all ages can play together. The concept is simple: remove a block from the middle of the tower and place it on top without toppling everything over.

The only drawback to this yard game for families is that it climbs to over 4 feet tall, which means younger players may require some assistance when playing.


  • Easy to set up and play
  • Great family game that most people are familiar with
  • Large wooden blocks are durable and well made
  • A crate is included for storage


  • Younger players may be too short to play properly
  • Wood isn’t treated so they may not withstand being left outside
  • Needs a flat, firm surface to play on

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Game

 ring toss game for your backyard fun with the family

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Ring toss is a classic game and one of the best yard games for families. You can adjust the difficulty for younger players simply by moving them closer to the pegs, which means everyone in the family can play together.

The set also comes with both rope and plastic rings, which you can use to challenge more seasoned players or accommodate newbies. There’s also nothing to set up, which is great if you want something quick and easy to pull out.


  • Great game for a variety of ages and skill levels
  • Good value for money in terms of quality
  • Easy to set up


  • On the smaller side (if you’re looking for a big ring toss game)
  • Only comes with 5 rope rings
  • Would be better if it had larger rings

VSSAL Bocce Ball Set

Bocce ball set for playing outdoors

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Bocce ball is an easy to learn ball sport that doesn’t require too much equipment. The object of the game is to throw your ball closer to another ball, called the Pallino or Jack, than your opponent. It can be played with two players or two teams of up to four players each.

It can be played on almost any surface including concrete, asphalt, grass, dirt, and hard sand making a perfect family game to bring along to BBQs, camping trips, or the picnics.


  • Compact set that includes a storage bag
  • Balls are easy to clean if they get dirty
  • Can be played on almost any surface
  • Set is durable


  • While easy to learn, Bocce ball can feel overwhelming at first
  • Teams need to be balanced when playing with a variety of ages
  • Younger kids may get bored

Juegoal Outdoor Game Set

Juegoal outdoor game set for family and friends

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Families of all ages, but especially kids, are going to love this unique outdoor yard game. The goal is to use the frisbees to knock a water bottle off the pedestal on your opponent’s side.

While it’s only two players, family members can work on teams and take turns. Like many other games, young kids can be given an advantage by moving them closer to the target. Since the pedestals are freestanding, you can set this game up almost anywhere as long as there’s plenty of open space. 


  • Fun game for all ages
  • Easy to set up
  • Pole height is adjustable


  • Disc toss games are tough for younger kids
  • Stands can topple over if it’s windy
  • Discs aren’t great quality and it’s better if you upgrade them

Collapsible Toss Cornhole Game Set

Collapsible cornhole game set backyard game

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While there’s a lot of cornhole games out there, I like this one because it’s collapsible and portable. That means you can bring it along to family events, a day at the beach, or on a camping trip.

If you haven’t played, cornhole is one of the easiest games for everyone to understand. All you do is toss the bean bag towards the target and try and get it inside the hole. This set actually comes with two cornhole sets so you don’t have to wait quite so long to take a turn. You could also use them for a competition!


  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Includes metal stakes so they don’t move while you’re playing
  • Can be set up inside or outdoors
  • Comes with 2 sets


  • Material isn’t as durable as a wooden cornhole set
  • Pipe isn’t very thick so they could break if not handled properly
  • Bean bags slide down rather than stay put like with a wooden board

ApudArmis Ladder Toss Game Set

ApudArmis ladder toss game for camping and bonfire games

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You can’t go wrong with a ladder toss game! Relatively new to the yard game scene, ladder ball is becoming increasingly popular. Mostly because it’s so much fun to play.

The goal is to toss the balls, which are attached together by a rope, onto the wooden ladder. Different rungs score differently so there’s some strategy involved. While younger kids can get the hang of it, this set is better for families of older kids or adult groups.


  • High quality wooden set
  • Comes with everything you need to play
  • Sturdy so you don’t need to worry about knocking over the ladders while you play


  • Tricky for younger players
  • Not collapsible, so you will have disassemble to store or transport
  • Balls aren’t as good of quality as the wooden ladders

Toss and Catch Ball Set

ball game set to play with the family outside

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You might have played this game yourself as a kid. This set is really handy because it comes with six paddles and three balls, which means six people can play at once. You could either all play together (tossing back and forth to everyone), or play catch in groups of two.

I like that it takes a classic family game (catch) and makes it more approachable. There’s no big equipment, the balls are soft and light, and players of almost any age can play together.

The level of competition gets adjusted by the skill of the players, not by the game itself. So as long as you pair everyone up by skill level it should work fine in groups.


  • Fun twist on playing catch with the family
  • Enough equipment for six players
  • Scales to player skill level


  • Paddles aren’t super durable and can become less sticky as time goes on (especially if they get dirty)
  • Can be hard for young players or those with limited mobility

What are the Best Yard Games for Families?

When choosing the best yard games for families, you’ll need to think about the way your family likes to play. If there’s a lot of older kids and active family members, games like ladder toss, the Toss and Catch ball set, and the Juegoal outdoor game set are so much fun.

For families with young kids, the ring toss and cornhole games are easy for all ages to play. You can adjust the difficulty for young kids and they have no problem figuring out the rules (since they’re so simple.).

Finally, if there’s a lot of older family members playing or you want games that are a little bit more laid back, Bocce ball and the Giant Tumbling Timber Toy are great options. They don’t involve a lot of physical activity and are largely dexterity based rather than needing a lot of strength or great tossing skills.

Final Thoughts on the Best Yard Games for Families

All of these classic family yard games are going to be perfect for families to play together. Regardless of age or skill level, you should be able to make almost all of them work for all family members with some small modifications. 

There’s so many different games that you can choose from, too. You might even want to get more than one so there’s variety. Regardless of your choice, what’s most important is that you’re getting outside and doing things together as a family!