Best Yard Games for Parties

Setting up the perfect party isn’t always that much of a challenge, but keeping your guests entertained can certainly feel like one! Here we’ll review the best yard games for parties so you can keep everyone engaged and entertained. We’ll also talk about what makes a good yard game, and which kind they’re actually going to want to play this summer. 

The Best Yard Games for Parties to Play With Friends This Summer 

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your family and friends to a whole new experience they probably haven’t had the chance to play before. And, no matter where the party is, these games are totally portable and can stand up to most environments. I’ve also made sure to pick a selection of games that are easy to learn, and even easier to get into. Find the perfect outdoor game to keep the life of the party going with some of these popular and fun ideas! 

When’s the last time you were tasked with finding something entertaining for everyone at a gathering? Or, to put it another way, when’s the last time you wished a gettogether was more about more than just drinks and sitting around? More than likely, the latter has bothered you in some way or another. 

How do you Keep a Party Going? 

Maintaining the energy at a party isn’t always an incredibly easy task to undertake. That being said, there’s a few things you can do to make it a bit more enjoyable for everyone, while getting people off of their feet! Here’s some suggestions for getting people up off of their feet at your next backyard party. 

  • Make food that’s more portable, finger-foods such as skewers, burgers, hotdogs or even light appetizers that people can mingle with, set down and come back to easily. 
  • Get some music on! Who’d be in the mood for moving around, or feeling all that energetic at something that felt more like a seminar?
  • Find the right games to suit the size of your yard. 
  • Challenge your family and friends to one of the games, especially ones you can play with a drink in your hand! 

Best Bean Bag Throwing Yard Game 

B3 Bean Bag Bucketz

Best yard games for parties bean bag throwing

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This game is a fun cornhole alternative the whole family can enjoy! It takes away a little bit of the difficulty curve associated with the classic pastime, and turns it into something kids and adults can enjoy. So what is B3? Besides a catchy alliteration, this makes for a seriously entertaining game to keep the life of the party going! 

It’s incredibly portable, with a telescopic tripod pole that collapses for easy transportation wherever the party is headed. Set up only takes a couple of minutes, and you can get the game going in seconds. As far as the rules are concerned, they’re nearly self-explanatory! There’s three tiers of buckets, each harder to hit than the next, yielding a higher or lower number of points. We also love this party game for how accessible it is, since all you need to be able to do is throw a bean bag, and enjoy a few laughs!

The Best Giant Yard Dice for Parties 

Collapsible Bucket and Giant Dice Yard Game  

Giant yahtzee for playing games outdoors

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There’s something about blowing up a version of your favorite table game into something you can throw around in your yard that makes it seriously entertaining! The best part about this yard party game? It comes with rules for playing 20 different games with your family, friends and guests! 

The dice are handmade from New Zealand timber, and treated so that they’re practically weatherproof for use in your yard without having to worry about them degrading over time. Reviewers love the collapsible bucket, too! Not only is it used for storing the dice, but also for playing giant yard yahtzee. At 150X the size of a normal dice, this game is sure to get some excitement at your next yard party! 

Most Exciting Yard Game for Parties 

Spikeball Game Set 

Spikeball game set for outddoor party games

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If you haven’t heard of it already, this is the hottest new beach, tailgate and backyard game that’s taken the world by storm! This popular new game consists of a new that’s suspended by a few feet that clips onto the net’s frame. You play by ‘spiking’ a ball down onto the net, where it bounces up and gets caught by another player. It can be skillful, yet a fun and laid-back game that you can get a really satisfying ‘volley’ going in.  

Fans of volleyball and foursquare will catch on really quickly, besides the fact that the rules are so simple to learn, it’s an enjoyable game that people can get into the rhythm of very fast! It takes a minute or two to set up, and comes with a convenient carrying bag so you can take one of the best yard games for parties to the beach, campgrounds, your buddie’s backyard or even a tailgating party! 

Best Ring Toss Yard Game for Parties 

Giggle Go Knock Toss Game 

Ring toss games to play in the backyard

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This spin on the classic ring toss game is a great time for kids and adults alike! It adds an element of skill and dexterity for those looking for more challenging yard games for parties. The object of the game is to knock a bottle of water off of a pole using a frisbee, although there’s alternate rules depending on how you’d like to play! It’s suitable for teams too, so you can get a group or two going if you have multiple sets.

This includes the two collapsable poles, a frisbee and a convenient carrying case. We love this game for parties because of how durable the kit is, and how downright fun it is to play with a group! Make it a part of the yard games your guests can choose from when they come over for a backyard BBQ bash this summer! 

Best Yard Game for Parties to Play on the Beach 

Chip It Pro Outdoor Soccer Game  

Chip It takes the game of soccer, and turns it into a phenomenally addictive yard game that plays particularly well on the sand! As you might have guessed, the object of the game is to chip a soccer ball into the provided hexagonal structure. On the surface it seems a bit just like trying to practice your chip shot, but a fun scoring system, and the incredibly satisfying feeling you get when you land a direct sink in the target, make it all that much more fun. 

This game comes with two structures, a soccer ball and a cone for it to rest on. Challenge your friends, because even for players who aren’t skilled at soccer, it isn’t hard to learn how to land a good chip shot! This game is great for beach parties and yard parties alike, since sand makes for a good terrain to play with bare feet, and to angle your feet down into the sand to grab the ball and pull off some pretty impressive shots! 

Thanks for checking out our best yard games for parties! The reason these games made the list was for their ease of setting up, and just how engaging they are for party guests of all ages. The pick up and play nature of these games is a great way to get everyone involved, and up on their feet! What are some of the best outdoor yard games you’ve played at a party? Let us know in the comments down below!