Best Yard Games for Weddings

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Kick off your wedding party with some games you know your guests will enjoy! Finding the perfect activities for a reception shouldn’t be so challenging, but of course you want to be certain you’ve got something for all of your guests. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the best yard games for weddings to celebrate your big day, and keep your guests entertained. Throwing an outdoor wedding reception, or party is a great way to commemorate your marriage! These games will help you to create memories with your guests, family and friends on one of the happiest days of your life. Check out our picks below! 

What are the Best Yard Games for Weddings? 

The one’s that will keep your guests thoroughly entertained, of course! We’re going to look at some options for wedding yard games that are simple, yet fun and engaging for everyone who wants to participate. Make it a day to remember with games where guests can stir up a little friendly competition, and even get to know each other a bit better. 

What kind of yard games are we talking about? Of course there’s the typical oversized yard games (which shouldn’t be left out of the picture!), as well as a variety of throwing and agility based games as well. For this list however, I’m going to do my best to keep things simple and most of all, wedding attire friendly

What do I mean by this? Dresses and tucked in shirts are no reason you can’t have a good time playing some wedding games, but that doesn’t mean you want to muddy them up or make your guests feel uncomfortable or unmotivated to give it their all. That’s why this selection of games will be limited to options that are slightly easier to play with players who don’t want to ruffle up their vests, trousers, dresses or hairdo’s! 

How Do You Get Wedding Guests to Participate in Games? 

Want to know the best way to motivate people into participating? Give your guests a really pleasant surprise with this awesome wedding reception idea! 

After all of your assigned seating tables have finished their cake and had a drink or two, announce to them that they’ll be participating in a friendly competition against all of the other tables! Reveal a tournament-style chalk scoreboard, allow all of the tables to give themselves a quirky name, and let the games begin! Everyone who thought they were merely dinner guests at your reception are now all of a sudden teammates who will have some memories to take with them of the guests they had the pleasure of meeting. 

Before we get started, there’s one important thing to take into consideration: Just how many tables will be competing, and how many do you want on the same game at once? Plan accordingly, and make sure you have enough games at each ‘station’, or area to facilitate the tournament. Also, ensure you have enough games for guests who may have physical disabilities so they can participate and have a chance at bringing home the win for their table! 

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of what kind of games you’re looking for, let’s take a look at some of the best yard games for weddings that we absolutely love for partying! 

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Game 

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This is a simple yet classic yard game that really doesn’t get enough glory! The good old fashioned ring toss is brought back to life with this revamped and compact game set. It features both plastic and rope rings which you and your guests will enjoy competing over to see who’s the best at landing the bulls-eye! For added fun for your wedding party setup, call this the ‘wedding ring toss’ for a quirky and light-hearted take on the classic game. This set is incredibly durable, and perfectly suitable for standing up to a little dew or dirt. Also, it stays nice and neatly in its compact carrying case for when it’s not in use. This, along with several other games featured on our list, is also kid-friendly! That way everyone can partake in the fun without feeling left out, while being able to engage without much help from adults. 

SPORT BEATS Giant Wooden Yard Dice Set of 6 Yardzee and Yardkle Game

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Treat your guests to a certified classic in this blown-up version of a childhood favorite! This larger-than-life spin-off on yahtzee and farkle is a solid-wood, gigantic version of the one you’re used to playing as a kind. Make for some awesome photo opportunities at your wedding, while giving your guests a good hit of nostalgia with this memorable and timeless game that just about anyone can enjoy playing! Reviewers love the included score pads (for farkle and yahtzee-type games), as well as the excellent finish on these solid wood dice. Durable and well-made, this game is just one example of a game you can send home with your guests as a wedding favor after the party is over. 

Fast-Paced Ring Toss Outdoor Party Game 

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If you thought we were out of ring-themed games you’re quite wrong indeed! This is easily one of the best yard games for weddings for guests who have physical disabilities or limitations. It can easily be played on a table, and gives guests the opportunity to try their hand on what’s quickly becoming a new classic in the backyard game scene! (There is one? Oh you bet there is!) You can make it competitive, and pay no mind to the fact that the score board featuring a small wooden peg is also the perfect size for a shot glass. (nudge, nudge). Break this one out at your wedding party for guests to enjoy at their table, or a part of your ultimate wedding reception games tournament! 

2-in-1 Vintage Giant Checkers & Tic Tac Toe 

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This game is one you’re sure to recognize almost instantly! This large 4×4 foot canvas game mat has both checkers and tic tac toe for your guests to enjoy. Make this a part of your yard game rotation to add a splash of boardgaming into the mix at your wedding reception tournament. Guests will love interacting with the oversized pieces like giants, enjoying some of their childhood favorites. Pro tip: if you want to spare your guests having to bend over to reach the pieces, set them up with some reacher-grabbers or yard tongs to reach them with! The canvas is completely machine washable, and reviewers are stoked about the quality of this outdoor games set. 

Giant Tumbling Timber Toy 

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I’m sure you can guess why the name isn’t ‘giant jenga’. This cleverly named outdoor toy is another classic that’s made its way to the super-size ring. With a total of 56 pieces, this set is sure to impress your guests and make for a really fun addition to your wedding reception games tournament! In this case, you could base their scoring on how many pieces they could remove before it all came tumbling down! This set includes a convenient carrying and storage bag, as well as a dry-erase scoring sheet with an included marker. The best thing about these giant yard games is that they’re perfectly suitable for use right out of the box with minimal set up required! At 2 feet tall, it’s still suitable for sitting on a chair or table if you prefer, otherwise it does perfectly well set up on the ground, too. 

Hopefully these selections gave you a good idea of which yard games would be a good fit for your wedding party! Thanks for checking out some of the best yard games for weddings! With the bride and groom as the game masters, this makes for an entertaining and fun way to surprise your wedding reception or party guests with a series of games they can possibly even take home as favors of their own to enjoy in their backyards. Share your love of games with your friends and family with some of these awesome yard games on your special day! Have you ever played any games like this at an outdoor wedding? Let us know in the comments down below!