Brown Jordan Patio Furniture Review

If your vision for a patio consists of intricate designs, cutting-edge flair, and only the finest in materials, Brown Jordan is a brand to watch.

The patio furniture specialists have been in business close to 80 years and they’re a favorite among those with an eye for style and luxury.

Is Brown Jordan patio furniture any good?

The Brown Jordan name is consistently rated highly for its unique designs, high-quality materials, and careful craftsmanship.

The brand is known as one of the best outdoor furniture brands, although they do carry a price tag that matches this reputation.

To get to know this luxury outdoor brand more, we’ve reviewed all aspects of their range, quality of products and materials, and what you can expect from them.

With this review of Brown Jordan, you’ll have everything you need to know about the patio furniture specialists.

The Brown Jordan Brand

Brown Jordan Logo

Robert Brown and Herbert Jordan founded the Brown Jordan brand in 1945 California, and from its original creation to now, its focus has been on expertly crafted and luxuriously styled outdoor living pieces.

The brand is renowned for their unique designs and only using the finest materials, whether they be synthetic or natural, all with the goods to last in any outdoor space.

With over 75 years of experience, they have honed what they do even further, and they employ a range of designers to help them come up with their new lines.

They make their products available through a selection of retailers and designers throughout North America, including August Haven, Allen’s Home, Coastal Living, and of course, their own Brown Jordan locations in places like Dallas, San Fransisco, and Costa Mesa.

Their Product Lineup

Brown Jordan Product Lineup

Brown Jordan’s selection of patio furniture goes above and beyond what you’d expect, and they’ve been sure to have something there to suit just about any outdoor style or activity you could hope for.

These are just a few of the popular categories you can view on their site:


  • Arm chairs: A relaxing way to enjoy the patio, the Brown Jordan range of arm chairs can be purchase as single pieces and used as you wish.
  • Barstools: Higher stools designed for outdoor bars.
  • Benches: Bench seats with storage and non-storage options for two purposes in one.
  • Dining chairs: Complete sets of dining chairs or single products to mix and match.
  • Sofas: All sizes, shapes, colors, and designs of sofas designed for the outdoors.
  • Daybeds: Take relaxation to the next level with a daybed on your patio and get the best of both worlds.


  • Bar tables: These tables are designed for entertaining and to suit the range of tall barstools from Brown Jordan.
  • Coffee tables: A smaller, shorter table at the center of your patio.
  • Chat tables: These are made to be conversation starters and a place for everyone to gather on your patio.
  • Dining tables: Dining tables of all capacities to go with their range of chairs, or to mix and match with whatever seats you choose.
  • Occasional tables: These encompass all types including end tables, round bunching tables, and console tables.
  • Table bases: You can buy a replacement base or use one of these from Brown Jordan to create a custom piece of furniture with whatever tabletop you like.


  • Bar carts: The ultimate entertaining accessory, Brown Jordan has a range of bar carts made of metal and glass.
  • Fire tables: A table with a fire pit in the center will keep you warm and close to friends.
  • Covers: Covers for all of their furniture pieces and accessories.
  • Umbrellas and bases: Patio umbrellas and weighted bases made of UV-resistant materials.
  • Planters: Add some greenery to your patio with the exquisite range of planters from Brown Jordan.

Brown Jordan Designers


What makes Brown Jordan such a premium patio furniture brand is the team of designers that create their product range.

Among the lineup are architectural engineers and interior designers, each lending their expertise to creating the unique pieces of furniture that this brand is known for.

If you love the style of a particular designer, you can shop by their products exclusively, and this is easy to do through the Brown Jordan website.

Some designers have just one range created through the brand and others are regulars, so you’re always getting a different perspective and a guarantee that your patio furniture will be at the cutting edge of design.

Quality and Craftsmanship


To get an understanding of the quality level of Brown Jordan’s range, you only have to look at the restaurants and five-star hotels that use their furniture.

They build their outdoor pieces to last in this unique setting and pay attention to every stitch and joint to ensure it’s durable.

Brown Jordan makes a huge point of displaying the materials they use to create their products because they’re all of the highest quality.

They categorize these into textiles and non-textiles, with a smart combination of both to ensure their weather resistance.

  • Textiles: Rope, Suncloth Fabric, Suncloth Lace, Suncloth Strap, Versatex Sling, Flex Sling,
  • Non-Textiles: Glass, ceramic, wood, faux wood, fire media, stone, resin weave, and aluminum.

Warranty and Returns

Warranty And Return

The easiest way to tell the quality of any brand is to look at their warranty coverage, and this is an area where Brown Jordan excels.

Their products come with different warranty periods depending on the frame and materials used, and each of them correlates to the higher price tag they have.

The fabric, leather, and suede on their cushions and sofas has a five-year warranty, whereas the woven, brass, and upholstered frames have a massive 15 year warranty.

Their wood frames are only three years which is the shortest of all, but they’re made with teak and mahogany, which highlights their natural quality.

The Standout Features of Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan

It’s not just the refined craftsmanship or high-grade materials that make Brown Jordan a top seller, but it does help.

The variety of designs and looks in their current range shows that they’re no average patio furniture brand, with the most modern and cutting-edge styles available.

They also create everything an outdoor space needs including fire pits, umbrellas, planters, tables, chairs, and sofas.

The quality of the furniture produced by Brown Jordan is second to none, which is a huge bonus when you’re dealing with patio pieces.

You can feel the difference in quality and see it, which makes the money well spent. Although pricey, it’s a smart investment and one that will last longer than your standard PE wicker product, so the initial outlay is worth it.

However, this isn’t your average patio furniture, and it comes with a steep price tag.

The fact that you can’t buy online also doesn’t help, but they’ve been sure to spread their product availability across the nation so that everyone should have somewhere to buy them close by.

Brown Jordan for a Refined Patio

One look at the range from Brown Jordan will give you an idea of what they’re all about, and they manage to deliver on these promises with world-class craftsmanship, the finest of materials, and innovative design.

If you can afford to spend more on your patio furniture, choosing anything from their collection is a smart and stylish move.

Related Questions


There’s nothing more exciting than choosing the pieces that will turn your patio into a paradise, and Brown Jordan show you just a fraction of what’s out there.

If you’re still trying to find that perfect piece but still have questions, we’ve got the answers to a few of them right here.

Can You Use Indoor Wood Furniture Outside?

Wood furniture designed for indoor use generally hasn’t been treated with the right stuff to make it resistant to water, heat, and weather.

Therefore, you’ll want to add a few coats of exterior spar varnish to any outdoor furniture and keep it covered against UV rays and rain when you’re not using it.

What Wood is the Most Weather Resistant?

Teak is a smart choice for patio furniture and decking as it has strong weather-resistant properties and the finest appearance.

However, it’s more expensive than other woods because of its strength, so be prepared to pay a higher price to get this durability.

How Long Should Patio Furniture Last?

The longevity of a piece of patio furniture depends on what materials it’s made from and the quality of its construction.

More durable materials like wrought iron and stainless steel can last around 20 years if cared for correctly, but furniture and decking made of lighter woods will need extra care and maintenance to last this long.