Hampton Bay Patio Heater Review

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A good patio heater is worth its weight in gold, especially when winter rolls around, but with an endless array of brands and products out there, knowing which one to choose is a challenge.

Hampton Bay is one of the more recognizable names in patio heaters and a smart choice, but do they have everything you’re after?

Are the Hampton Bay heaters any good?

Hampton Bay is considered a mid-range manufacturer of heaters in both price and quality, making them a smart choice for most patios and outdoor setups.

The range is available exclusively through Home Depot online and in store, and they focus mainly on standing heaters.

If you’re on the hunt for your next patio heater and want to know whether Hampton Bay can deliver the goods, we can help.

This detailed review will look at the good, bad, and ugly of this brand and its entire heater range, so you can see if Hampton Bay is the right choice for you.

The Hampton Bay Brand

Hampton Bay Logo

Hampton Bay is a house brand that was developed in 1986 and is known for its affordable household products and mid-range quality and construction.

The brand is owned solely by Home Depot with their entire current range available exclusively through local Home Depot stores and through their website.

As well as having an extensive range of patio heaters, Hampton Bay also makes other products like ceiling fans, lighting, patio furniture, dining sets, kitchen cabinets, and rugs.

As a home dedicated brand, they create just about anything the modern house could ask for, with a large focus on outdoor living.

The Range of Hampton Bay Heaters

Hampton Bay Heater

Hampton Bay has been manufacturing heaters for many years now, and their current range, available through Home Depot, is mainly focused on standing and tabletop patio heaters.

These are some of the current heaters the brand has available, and a little more about what they offer:

Gold Gas Patio Heater

With 42,000 BTUs, this gas-powered heater can cover up to 115 square feet with its radiant warmth.

The tall heater measures 89.5 inches in height and comes with a rust-resistant gold finish and stainless-steel body.

Heat Focusing Patio Heater

This heater has an adjustable head you can turn to create warmth in its path and it has 38,200 BTUs of power running with a propane tank.

It can warm up to 120 square feet of space, is 86.6 inches tall, and has a stainless steel body with a bronze finish.

Tabletop Heater

The Hampton Bay Tabletop Heater is a compact version that measures just 39 inches tall and can warm around 30 square feet, so it’s perfect for your patio table.

This heater is gas-powered, features a stainless steel body, and bronze coating, making it stylish and compact.

Pros and Cons of the Range

Pros Cons

There’s good and bad to everything, and if you want to know specifics about Hampton Bay and their heaters, we’ve got you covered.

Consider the pros and cons of the brand to see whether its range lines up with your requirements.


  • The entire range of heaters is affordable and easily accessible to the average person. They offer basic, affordable heaters and some with more bells and whistles that cost a little extra, so there’s a good variety of products.
  • Although they’re cheap, the Hampton Bay range is well made, and they have a good reputation for lasting much longer than their warranty period.
  • The heaters have a powerful range that means you usually only need one to equip your entire patio without having any dead spaces.
  • Their range is modern and stylish, making use of popular materials like stainless steel for the base with gold and bronze plated finishes. At first glance, they look a lot more expensive than they are.


  • Hampton Bay isn’t considered a premium patio heater, so although they look good, they’re not built to last as long as other more expensive options. Homes that rely on their heaters almost year-round will want to upgrade to a unit that can handle it.
  • You can only purchase the Hampton Bay range through Home Depot so there’s no chance for competitive pricing. This also means you’re limited to whatever stock they carry and will only have the current range they’ve got listed, whether it’s in your local brick and mortar store or through their online one.
  • With just nine heaters in their current line-up, there isn’t the widest selection to choose from. Most of them are standing heaters with just a couple of tabletop options, and that’s all they have.
  • Some of the standing heaters in this range have no wheels so if you want to move them around, you’ll need to lift them. This does add some issues for portability and it means you’ll want to keep it in the place where it’s first set up.

The Heater’s Performance


There are varying degrees of performance within the Hampton Bay range, and it all depends on the specs and features of each model.

The good news is, most people will find one that suits their outdoor setup specifically, whether you only need to keep a few friends warm around the dining table or plan on hosting an outdoor party in the winter.

For their cost, they do a great job of spreading the warmth, and their most powerful heaters can easily contend with the competition in terms of square footage covered.

With just one of their standing heaters, you can reach over 200 square feet of space, which is ample for most patios.

In terms of reassurance in their products, all of the heaters from Hampton Bay come with a 90 day returns policy, which is made even easier when the returns policy all takes place through Home Depot.

Their heaters come with a 12 month limited warranty as well, which is fairly standard for heaters in this price range, and gives you some peace of mind that it’ll last.

Common Design Features


Hampton Bay has designed their heaters with a classic look that makes them a timeless addition, but still with the modern touch that many patios call for.

Their heaters are all quite similar in looks, even when you compare the tabletop and standing styles, so it’s easy to pick them out because of the brand’s trademark style.

There are both propane and gas-powered heaters available in the Hampton Bay range, depending on your preference.

Because there’s no need for electricity, it does help with portability somewhat and means you can even set them up in the garden for an event and then bring them back onto the patio.

Construction wise, all of the heaters in the Hampton Bay range feature a stainless steel body, which is a great feature to have with outdoor products.

Each heater is then coated with another type of finish like bronze or gold to enhance its appearance, giving you the chance to choose one that best suits your patio’s décor.

With the propane or gas bottle removed, the heater is quite light and easy to maneuver, and this goes for all sizes and shapes.

Hampton Bay’s Commitment to Safety

Safety First

Any type of heating device comes with risks, so choosing a brand like Hampton Range that mitigates those risks is a smart move.

With their standing and tabletop heaters, some safety features will make you feel better about using them:

  • Automatic shut off on standing and tabletop models that will turn off the heater if it tips over or tilts;
  • A weighted base to secure the heaters in high winds;
  • Piezoelectric ignition to start it with a push of a button;
  • Anchor spots to allow you to screw the heater to the deck or ground and keep it in place;
  • Mesh screen that prevents too much heat from escaping;

The Best People and Patios for Their Heaters

The Best

Hampton Bay creates a whole range of home goods for those without a large budget but who still want a reputable name behind their products.

Their heater range might be minimal but it’s got enough variation in sizes to suit all types of patios, whether it’s a standing or tabletop design you prefer.

These heaters aren’t designed for commercial use as they’re simply not that powerful, but if you have a space of under 200 square feet and would like to keep your heating costs under $300, there’s a good chance Hampton Bay can help.

Their products are covered by warranty, you can save a heap of money if you buy from Home Depot during their sales, and they’re a good fit for people who don’t plan on running their new heater year-round.

Affordable and Stylish Patio Heaters

Home Depot’s Hampton Bay range of heaters might be small, but it’s still mighty, and if you’re looking for a classic patio heater to warm your outdoor space, they’re one of the best to choose.

The entire range is affordable, with the option to upgrade if you choose, and comes from a reputable brand in home goods that you can rely on.

Related Questions


Choosing a patio heater is just as important as the other pieces you’ll have in your outdoor space, and it deserves some time to get it right.

If you still have questions about how to find a suitable patio heater that’ll get the job done, read on to see some FAQs and our expert answers for more.

How Big of an Area Does a Patio Heater Heat?

All patio heaters are created differently and with unique capabilities, but generally, a larger standing patio heater can warm around 100 square feet or more with a tabletop heater only warming around a quarter of that.

The type of fuel, its shape, and other features will also impact this space, so it depends on the individual model.

How Many Watts Should a Patio Heater Be?

The energy requirements of a patio heater will depend on how big of a space and how many people you are trying t keep warm.

High wattage heaters between 2000W and 2970W are ideal for large spaces but if you only need to keep a small patio warm, then something around 1500W should be sufficient.


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