How to Prevent a Flag from Wrapping Around a Pole

How to Prevent a Flag from Wrapping Around a Pole

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Every time I could hear the wind howling and I just knew that when I go back outside my flag that’s mounted to the side of the house is going to be twisted around the flagpole. It’s too tall to reach, so you can imagine it’s quite the hassle. But did you know that it’s possible to prevent a flag from wrapping around a pole? 

Yep, that’s right. No more going out there with the broom trying to untwist it (maybe that’s just me?) or having to take the fag off the pole in order to straigthen it out.

If you fly a flag outside your home or building, you’re doing it for a reason. A twisted flag can look messy, and borderline disrespectful to the symbol you’re flying. Since most flags are high above the ground it can also be difficult to fix them once they wrap around the pole. 

Buy a Tangle-Free Flag Pole

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A tangle-free flag pole is basically one that has collars on that the flag is attached to.The idea is that when the wind blows the flag around it will just twist along with the wind, rather than wrap up around the pole.

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You can get both wall mounted and upright flagpoles with these spinning collars, so there should be one out there to fit your needs. When these work, they’re great.

Unfortunately, it’s still possible for the flag to get wrapped around the pole if the spinning mechanism doesn’t move well or the flag is too light. 

Adding Rotating Rings to Your Existing Flag Pole

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If you already have a flag pole, you can buy the 360 rotating rings and attach them to it. They’re easy to install and relatively inexpensive, so it’s a great quick-fix option.

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Just make sure you measure your pole before ordering so your new spinners fit the pole properly.

There is also something called an Anti-Furling Kit which basically works the same way.

Spinning Flag Pole

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Another solution is a spinning flagpole, which works in a similar fashion as the collars except the entire flag pole spins around instead of a collar spinning around the pole.

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Spinning flag poles are usually more expensive than ones that just use collars, but they typically work better too.

Ensure the Flag and Spinners are Mounted Correctly

Flag mounted to the side of a house

One of the reasons why my flag was twisting around my flag pole even though it had rotating spinners was that it wasn’t mounted correctly in the first place. 

Make sure your spinners are placed at the correct distance apart and are positioned at the same angle to hold the flag. If it’s a little bit off you can end up with the flag getting twisted on itself and not spinning properly.

Choose a Different Flag Material

Tangled flag

Heavier flags are less likely to wrap around the flagpole. Not only will the wind blow them around less, they’re also better at moving your pole’s rotating rings so the flag remains tangle-free. 

There’s a few flag materials to choose from:

Cotton Flag

Cotton flags aren’t used as often nowadays, at least for flying. Cotton can be sensitive to outdoor conditions and wears out over time. It also doesn’t dry as easily as synthetic materials.

That being said, you can get almost canvas-like heavy cotton flags that are great if you want that look and feel. Heavy cotton is also resistant to wrapping around a pole due to its weight, so that’s good too.

Nylon Flag

Most cheap flags are made out of nylon. If you’re struggling to prevent a nylon flag from wrapping around a pole, even after putting in other interventions, seriously consider switching to polyester.

People choose nylon flags because they’re so light they fly very well in even a small breeze. Unfortunately that also means they can be easily blown around the flagpole, especially if you live in a windy area.

The light weight of nylon also means it may not be strong enough to move the rotating rings on your flag pole around, which will make it seem like your “tangle-free” flagpole doesn’t work.


Polyester is the material of choice for flags, but especially if you want one that won’t wrap around the pole. It has the weight and feel of cotton, but the durability of nylon. It’s great for flying year-round in all weather.

The extra weight of polyester, in comparison to nylon, helps anchor it better making it much harder for the wind to wrap it around a flagpole; especially if your flag pole spins.

Quality Matters

Cheap flags are going to give you more issues than high-end materials, so keep your expectations managed when you choose budget options.

Add a Barrier

Fence to add a wind barrier to prevent a tag from

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still struggling with trying to prevent a flag from wrapping around a pole, consider blocking out the wind. This is a tricky thing because you need some breeze to fly your flag, but too much can cause problems. 

Try and install the flagpole in a place that gets partial wind exposure. Trees are great for this, and so are some yard structures like fences or lattice

Keeping the air more stable around the flag will stop strong wind gusts from reaching the flag, while still allowing the flag to fly properly.

You might also want to consider just moving the flag to a different location on your property.

How to Prevent a Flag from Wrapping Around a Pole – Conclusion

By combining a high quality, heavy flag and well-made rotating or tangle-free flag pole you should almost always be able to prevent a flag from wrapping around a pole.

If you still have problems even after upgrading your materials, it may be time to add some windbreak barriers or consider moving the flag to a different location.

Finally, you can always take the flag down during windy times of the year. This can save the hassle of constantly untangling the flag as well as extend the life of both the flag and the flagpole. 

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, though, and these solutions to stop a flag from wrapping around its flagpole work for you!

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