The Lowe’s Patio Umbrella Range

A patio is there to be enjoyed year-round, and with a few smart additions to your outdoor space, you should have no problem doing this. This is our review for the Lowe’s patio umbrella range.

A patio umbrella is essential for keeping out the sun and if you’ve been looking for a good one, there are lots of great options online and in-store at Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s sell patio umbrellas?

Lowe’s has a selection of over 1,400 patio umbrellas including brands from California Umbrella, Savafieh, and CASAINC.

Within their range are misting, offset, garden, cantilever, and market umbrellas, plus more, so you have no shortage of shade to consider.

Shopping for any type of patio furniture is overwhelming, so heading to a larger retailer like Lowe’s can make it a little easier to break everything down into categories, prices, and brands.

We’re going to review the Lowe’s shopping experience where patio umbrellas are concerned to see if it’s right for you.

The Lowe’s Brand and Patio Selection

Lowes Logo

Lowe’s is the ultimate outdoors store, whether it’s patio furniture or the tools needed to do a DIY job in your backyard.

The company started as just one hardware store in 1921 and today, they have an extensive online shopping portal and close to 2,200 brick and mortar stores across North America.

The patio department of Lowe’s is exceptionally popular because they have all of the well-known brands for the best prices.

Their patio umbrella section is proof of this with around 1,400 products available in this category and from a number of famous brands including Style Selections, Garden Treasures, California Umbrella, and CASAINC.

The Umbrella Range at Lowe’s

The Umbrella Range at Lowe’s

One of the best things about shopping at Lowe’s is that they put everything into a neat category for you, even their patio umbrellas.

Their current range is separated by umbrella style so you can find the exact model to match your outdoor space, including:

  • Offset: An offset umbrella provides shade over the top of a certain area but has its base offset and to the side. This is a good choice for putting shade over a sofa, bistro set, floor picnic, or anywhere else that doesn’t have room for a large umbrella pole to be planted right in the middle.
  • Cantilever: These also feature the pole and base in an offset position but with the bonus of having a lever that allows you to lower or raise it. The lever is designed to do this with minimal effort which could be a huge benefit for outdoor entertaining.
  • Misting: A misting umbrella features a built-in misting system underneath the canopy that can be hooked up to a water supply. The mister spray will routinely provide a fine mist for the people sitting underneath it that can significantly reduce the temperature underneath the canopy.
  • Garden: A garden patio umbrella is another term for a table umbrella and it features the pole in the middle of the canopy. These can be inserted into a table with a precut hole for umbrellas, or if a base is included, stand on their own to provide shade for the occupants underneath.
  • Market: A standard straight umbrella that may or may not have a base, with the pole that comes directly out of its center. The difference between these is that their shape is usually octagonal and symmetrical.
  • Half-round: These unique umbrellas are exactly as the name suggests, and made of just half an umbrella canopy in a semi-circle shape. The benefit of using this type of umbrella is that it can be placed up against a wall while still giving shade to those directly underneath it.

Pros and Cons of Shopping at Lowe’s

Pros Cons of the lowe's patio umbrella range

Lowe’s has thousands of customers each month who use their online store to find just about anything to do with outdoor living, but it might not be the right avenue for everyone.

Check out the pros and cons of our shopping experience with the patio specialists to see what we found.


  • Lowe’s has a collection of the top-selling umbrellas all in one place which saves you from looking anywhere else. They have well-known brands and lesser-known names as well.
  • You can search for a specific umbrella using a range of filters like price, size, materials, color, brand, canopy shape, and opening mechanism. This lets you get specific about what you’re looking for, and there’s almost always something that matches it.
  • The prices on Lowe’s are some of the best around and they actively try to beat or match other stores. You can almost always get an umbrella cheaper on here than you could by shopping with the brand directly, and it’s even better if you catch one of their flash sales.


  • Although the range is massive, this also serves as a downside, and it was hard to gather the energy to search through the 1,200+ umbrella options they had on there.
  • There were quite a few out-of-stock items that would still show up when you searched for a patio umbrella and you then have to weed your way through them. You’ll have to tick a specific box to keep these out of your search results if you don’t want to see them, which seems like a given already.
  • If your patio umbrella weighs more than their free shipping weight covers, you’ll have to pay a fair bit to have it sent. When you compare it to one of the other sites that offer free shipping, it may work out cheaper to shop somewhere else, so make sure you do your research.

Lowe’s Patio Umbrella Shipping, Warranties, and Returns

Warranty And Return

If you’re unable to make it to a Lowe’s store, their website has most of the product range available online.

Although it can be hard to maneuver at times and the sheer number of options on there is overwhelming, the rest of the shopping process is user-friendly.

Lowe’s ships their items direct to your door with three choices of standard, two-day, and next-day delivery.

Provided your order is in by noon, you’ll get it by your chosen day, you might also qualify for free shipping if the item weighs less than 150lbs and costs more than $45, which most umbrellas would.

The warranty side is handled by the manufacturer of the umbrella but Lowe’s offers exchanges and returns through their website as well.

You can ship the item back to them, they’ll process the return or exchange, and then follow up with you. Smaller items may qualify for free return shipping, but patio umbrellas, unfortunately, don’t fall into this category.

What Makes Lowe’s a Standout


There are plenty of reasons why people shop at Lowe’s exclusively for anything to do with hardware, DIY, and outdoor living.

As such a reputable name, they manage to get the best prices on other reputable brands and have lots of features in place that make online shopping easy for anyone.

There are some obvious downsides like the huge range and confusing layout of the website, but when it comes to the choices for patio umbrellas and other goods, they’re miles ahead of the rest.

Even when compared to other big department stores, Lowe’s easily has the biggest selection.

Patio Pieces Made Easy

Lowe’s has so much more than just umbrellas for your patio, so you could equip your entire outdoor space with dining tables, day beds, and fire pits from the one store if you wanted to.

Their range is massive, the prices are fair, and even though it’s a little overwhelming at times, they remain a customer favorite.

Related Questions


A carefully placed patio umbrella can make all of the difference when you’re entertaining on a hot day, and with the innovative materials they use for the canopies, they’ve never been more effective or stylish.

To learn more about what you should be looking for in a patio umbrella, we’ve answered a few FAQs that might help.

Is Olefin As Good as Sunbrella?

Olefin and Sunbrella are both favored materials for patio umbrellas because they resist UV rays, won’t fade, and are resistant to water.

According to the experts, Olefin is rated better at keeping its color whereas Subrella has better water resistance, so it depends on the individual and their goals for a patio.

How Big Should My Patio Umbrella Be?

A general rule of thumb is to use an umbrella that’s at least five feet wider than the table or space you want to create shade over.

A standard six-foot patio umbrella is sufficient to cover a bistro set that features a small table and two chairs, and a nine foot one is good for a larger dining table.