The Best Outdoor Games for Social Distancing Hangouts

Currently, there is a limit to the number of hangouts and get-togethers available to us. With COVID restrictions in place, people have to find unique ways to get together with their friends. One of these ways is to hold a social distance hangout, where you can laugh with your friends while ensuring each other’s safety, such as an outdoor BBQ. Here’s our list of some of the best outdoor games for social distancing hangouts!

The Benefits of Outdoor Games

As spring turns into summer, we can spend more time outdoors. Being outdoors is ideal for social distancing. The COVID climate makes outdoor BBQ games for adults more valuable than ever. Not only can you get some fresh air with your friends and family, but you can do it responsibly and still have fun.

Games stimulate the mind and let you be in the moment. With so much negativity in the news, outdoor games are a perfect escape. Depending on the game, they also allow you to be physical and improve your coordination skills.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

How To Find the Perfect Outdoor Game

With our recommendations, we take into account the game’s social distancing ability. Any game that requires unprotected physical contact does not qualify for our list. To coordinate a social distancing game day, look for one where competitors can stand more than six feet away from each other. Even with this prerequisite, there are still several outdoor games from which to choose.

Most feature some form of physical activity or test your mental fortitude. Whatever game you decide on should be equally fun for all your guests.

The Importance of Social Distancing

In these uncertain times, social distancing is a go-to first line of defense against viruses. These games are designed to let you enjoy games with individuals inside your bubble in a safe and responsible manner.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do to prevent spreading germs is to be at least six feet away from others. Fortunately, several outdoor games allow for optimal space between players.

When To Break Out Outdoor Games

The beauty of outdoor games is you can play them in several settings and at many events. During the summer, we love to bring them to the beach. And if you’re single, it’s an ideal attention-grabber.

Of course, outdoor games make every party more fun. Most games are portable, so they are convenient to carry around with you wherever you go. Store them in your car as you never know when you might want to break out a game.

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, family reunion, or enjoying a day at the park, games will make your time more enjoyable.

How To Enjoy Outdoor Games

You may either plan your day around outdoor games or have them act as an accessory to your get-together. You can set up an all-day tournament with your friends while hanging out and having some drinks.

Or, you can bring out a game at your family barbecue as a way to entertain the kids. Games can act as an escape from the stress of everyday life and bring you and your friends and family together.

Without further ado, here are our five of the best outdoor games for social distancing.

Kan Jam Disc Game

Kan Jam The Best Outdoor Games for Social Distancing Hangouts

Growing in popularity each year, Kan Jam is taking the outdoor game market by storm. An extension of frisbee, Kan Jam tests your throwing accuracy and your patience. The objective is to throw a frisbee near the “kan” and have your partner deflect it into or onto the can. Your team must reach 21 points to win the game.

If your frisbee hits the can with the help of your partner, it’s one point.

If you hit the can without assistance, it’s worth two. If your partner deflects the frisbee into the can, that’s three points. Finally, if your frisbee lands inside with no assistance, you win the game.


  • Easy to transport
  • Customizable gameplay
  • Perfect for tailgating or camping
  • Lightweight
  • Great way to meet new people
  • The ability for tournament-style play


  • Difficult to play in windy conditions
  • Limited amount of players
  • Need ample space to play

L.L. Bean Archery Set

The best outdoor games for social distancing with a bow and arrow target set

Another fun backyard activity is to shoot some arrows. L.L. Bean’s archery set takes the game of darts to a whole new level. Set up your target in your backyard and do your best to hit a bullseye. The arrows are of fiberglass material, and the target is paper.

The shafts come in several different sizes. We recommend the 54-inch, 20-pound draw weight for children. Make sure you supervise your children when playing with arrows. This game is most reasonable to play in the safety of your backyard. Each archery set comes with three arrow shafts.


  • The ability to learn a new skill
  • Can practice on your own
  • Easy setup
  • The game gets addictive
  • You can get better fast


  • Arrows are sharp and can be dangerous
  • You can only play in your backyard or an open field
  • Bows can be heavy and hard to handle
  • Pricey

Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set

Franklin sports Boccee ball set for social distancing games outside

A fun game for all ages, bocce is something with minimal setup. Better yet, you can play in any yard. Bocce is easy to carry around with you and something that young kids and grandparents can enjoy equally.

Gameplay is easy. Have one of the players place the pallino in a random area of the yard. Then, take turns rolling your team’s balls as close as you can to the pallino. One team can score per round.

Whichever team’s balls are closer to the target at the end of each round earns a point. If two of your team’s balls are closer than your opponent’s nearest ball, then you receive two points. Make sure to have a tape measurer on hand while you play. You can play up to 9, 11, 15, or 21 points!


  • Minimal setup
  • Can play in several different environments
  • Fun for all ages
  • The game goes by quickly
  • Rules are easy to understand


  • Balls can be heavy
  • Need to play in a yard
  • Balls can roll away and get lost easily

Human Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball

Human bumper ball soccer hampster ball for adults and kids

In what seems like a perfect game for COVID times, bubble ball is an exciting time for the whole family. The bubble shields you from making direct contact with other players. Place the inflatable ball over your head and think of a game to play.

The most popular game to play with bubble balls is soccer. It’s a practical game to get physical while remaining safe. This game is popular at kids’ parties.

While the bubbles are mostly safe, it’s vital not to go over the top to prevent injuries. Bubble games move fast and require a lot of energy.


  • Provides a safe method for physical contact
  • Enhances an ordinary game of soccer
  • It guarantees a lot of laughs
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Could set yourself up for injury
  • Lengthy setup time
  • Tough to do in a public setting
  • Bubbles trap sweat

Hey! Play! Giant Wooden Yard Dice

giant wooden outdoor dice for social distance games outside

Take your favorite dice games outside. Yard dice are giant-size dice that you can roll on your lawn. The beauty of yard dice is the game you play is up to your imagination. A favorite of ours is Yahtzee. You can even buy “Yardzee,” Yahtzee made for yard dice.

This game is always good for a few laughs and provides quite the workout. You will require a lot of yard space to play with these dice, but they are fun for the whole family.


  • A lot of opportunities for laughs
  • Applicable for all ages
  • Can play several different games
  • Most brands are affordable
  • Ideal for cookouts and barbecues


  • Need a lot of space to play
  • Difficult to carry around
  • Need good weather and ground conditions
  • It can be challenging to roll

Have Responsible Fun With Outdoor Games

We hope you find the best outdoor game for your crew. We take our time to research and compile these lists so you can spend less time shopping and more time playing.

After playing all the outdoor games on this list, we think the best outdoor game for social distancing is the Kan Jam Disc Game.

We made this our pick for several reasons. Most importantly, you can play it anywhere. We love bringing Kan Jam to the beach as much as for a tailgate or family cookout. It’s easy to store in your car or truck. Above all, it’s a lot of fun. Get a bunch of your friends together and have a Kan Jam tournament while relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

Or, bring the kids on a camping trip and play in the mountains or woods while enjoying nature. However you decide to get your frisbee on, it is sure to be an enjoyable time!