Patio Town Review: Outdoor Living Giant

When you’re planning a transformation for your patio or any outdoor space, having one place where you can get expert advice, tools, and supplies, and labor help is the ideal scenario.

Patio Town is one such company, and they offer an extensive online store as well as three brick-and-mortar locations in the US.

What does Patio Town do?

Patio Town is a gardening and landscaping company that has an online and in-person presence at three locations.

They offer a range of services like landscaping and wall systems, as well as an extensive online store including patio furniture, water features, and gardening supplies.

If you’re hoping for a one-stop shop to help you finish your next patio project, they’re a trusted name, but do they stand up to the hype?

We’re here to review the range and local services offered by Patio Town to see what this outdoor living specialist is all about.

The Patio Town Brand

Patio Town Logo

Patio Town’s first store was opened in North St. Paul, Minnesota in 1965, when Peter and Sharon Blomquist established the business.

The company has a history in the area of being the first place to sell retaining walls, pavers, and rock supplies to every people and homeowner, allowing everyone a chance to do their own landscaping work.

After years of success, their second store opened in 1975, this time in Burnsville, Minnesota, and the third in 2001 at Maple Grove.

They became an established brand and trusted retail outlet for people who wanted to buy hard goods and landscaping supplies, as well as offering services themselves for those who didn’t want the DIY approach.

When Patio Town launched their online store, they were able to offer their range across the country, and not just Minnesota, and in some cases, they ship to other countries.

Their website has an extensive collection of products including water and fire features, metal art, and the usual landscaping supplies, so it’s even more impressive than their brick and mortar store.

Their Product Range

Patio Town Product Range

The online range at Patio Town is curated to give you everything you need to turn a concrete slab into a warm, inviting outdoor haven.

Their product range covers all aspects from tools to decorative features, and these are the categories you’ll find online.

Landscaping Supplies

All of your landscaping needs can be found in the one place here, and Patio Town carries a fraction of what they sell in their store.

In this section, you’ll find practical products weed matting, adhesive, poly-roll, square grates, and more.

For those hoping to improve the view in their backyard, there are opportunities for fun projects like wall light kits and LED landscaping kits.

Fire Features

Those living in colder climates would be wise to add some fire to their patio and you can get a huge range of products on Patio Town.

They sell and ship items like fire-wood, pizza ovens, wood burners, and metal fire rings, giving you everything you need to cook and get comfortable in front of a fire.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any heaters or fire pits listed currently, so it would be good to see some of these in the future.

Water Features

A beautiful water feature on your patio will add to the serenity and give you a constant sound of trickling water.

Patio Town offers a few different water features, all priced over $1,000, but well-made and from reputable brands.

These come as complete kits and give you everything needed for installation so it’s a DIY job that’ll make a huge difference.

Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture range on Patio Town is full of amazingly hand-crafted goods and pieces that will add an instant boost to your outdoor space.

All of their outdoor furniture comes from Lux Craft and Country Craft, is eco-friendly, and weather resistant. Among the range are Adirondack chairs, ottomans, and side tables, all in different colors and styles.

Metal Art

A few carefully placed metal art sculptures around the patio or garden can add life and vibrancy, and Patio Town has an amazing collection.

They also have a range of metal coolers for entertaining and keeping the drinks cold, as well as metal furniture like a brightly colored table and chair set for children.

Tools and Supplies

Patio Town exclusively carries the Versa-Lok range of tools and landscaping supplies, so it can be a bit limiting in that respect, and most of the range is focused on building retaining walls and using pavers. However, the brand has a good reputation and on the Patio Town site they have a lot of it, including wire cutters, soil reinforcement netting, retaining wall pins, concrete adhesive, and saw blades.

Patio Town’s Services

Patio Town's Services

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Patio Town location, you can visit them in-store to check out their range.

Even better, though, you’ll have access to the range of services they offer in landscaping, outdoor, and patio development.


Patio Town offers a complete range of landscaping services for both domestic and commercial customers, all outsourced by Villa Landscapes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a service that Patio Town does themselves, so you’ll want to do your own research into Villa to see what they offer and whether they’re the best fit for the job.

DIY Resources

The staff at Patio Town are on hand to help customers with any questions they have, and each of them is skilled at DIY, so they can give more guidance than most.

You can go into Patio Town with a vision and walk out with some tips on how to do it as well as all of the supplies needed, so they truly try to offer the one-stop-shop guarantee to their customers.

Wall systems

Patio Town focuses primarily on the Versa-Lok retaining wall system and has its entire product range in-store and online.

However, they do have other options like Handy Wall, Handy Stone, Envirolok, and Ledgestone, which each let you do the job yourself.

Better still, you’ll have someone in-store that can give you a brief tutorial on how it works so you know what you’re getting into.


Patio Town offers a range of free seminars and DIY workshops that they hold in their stores and invite people to attend.

Due to Covid-19, they have had a break from these seminars, but offer customers the chance to register their interest to be notified once it resumes.

This is an invaluable service as they give you the know-how to do landscaping jobs yourself, which saves you a lot of money in the long term and boosts your confidence.


Patio Town delivers to surrounding areas when you purchase any of their landscaping materials and they can generally do this on the same day that you buy them.

The price for this is determined based on the weight of the goods and the distance where it has to be shipped, but it saves you from having to haul your supplies home yourself.

What Does Patio Town Have to Offer?


Patio Town has earned itself a reputation over its 55+ years in the landscaping business and it’s known as a friendly and affordable way to shop for patio supplies.

Their in-store locations are always busy and full of helpful staff that can answer your questions, or you can jump on their website to see their range.

Within their range, the products are mid-priced and of good quality, so you won’t find any cheap knock-off versions.

Their patio furniture is all made of wood and beautifully styled and their range of metal garden art is impressive.

However, the water feature and fire feature section could do with some variety.

Patio Town guarantees customers safety when shopping online with a privacy policy and SSL encryption.

They also guarantee the lowest price around, so if you see the same product somewhere else for cheaper, you can let them know and they’ll match it.

This dedication to always doing the best for their customers, and still offering the friendly mom and pop spirit, is what makes them one of the best.

On the downside, the website is a little dated and it can be a challenge making your way through it if you’re looking for something specific.

The fact that there are only three in-store locations and they’re all located in Minnesota is another negative, but with online shopping becoming the norm these days, even for patio goods, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

A One-Stop Solution for Patios

Patio Town has been servicing customers for over 50 years, and it appears they’ve learned a thing or two in that time.

While not everyone can benefit from their in-person services, they have a massive selection of unique goods on their website and everything you need to transform your patio in a single weekend.

Related Questions


Online stores like patio make it easy to get everything you need for the job, but there’s a lot more that goes into creating the dream outdoor space than just a few supplies.

If you’re in the process of updating your patio and want to learn more, read on to see some FAQs and our expert answers.

How Do You Landscape a Patio?

There are lots of easy ways to landscape and improve the space around your patio including planting a wall of trees, adding a water or fire feature, creating a cozy reading corner, and adding hanging plants and vines from up high.

Plan out the entire space before you start one project to make sure all of your visions fit with each other.

What Should You Put Around a Concrete Patio?

To spruce up the ground on a concrete patio, you can try budget-friendly approaches like painting the floor or laying an area rug.

Otherwise, upgrade the flooring for a more dramatic effect with choices like stamped concrete, wood decking, slate tiles, or pavers.

What is Cheaper a Wood Deck or Concrete Patio?

A concrete patio will be cheaper to install initially, but in terms of return on investment, a wood deck will add more value to the home.

It depends on your ultimate goals for the house, whether you plan on selling, and what your style preference is, as well as the budget you have for the job.