We Review the Range of Sunbrella Patio Furniture

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The true worth of a piece of patio furniture is the materials it’s made from, and whatever is used needs to be durable and comfortable to make it suitable for outside.

Sunbrella is a brand that has been delivering on both fronts for over 50 years and if you’ve ever sat on patio furniture before, there’s a good chance you’ve already felt it.

Is Sunbrella worth it?

Sunbrella is regarded as one of the best performance fabrics made for outdoor applications and any furniture that uses it will serve you well on your patio.

The slightly higher price covers its quality and comfort, so it’s worth spending a little more to get the full experience.

The Sunbrella brand has been used in all kinds of patio furniture and furnishings, including sofas, chairs, and umbrellas.

We’re here to review what the product is capable of and how you can find outdoor pieces that partner with this impressive performance fabric.

The Sunbrella Brand and History

Sunbrella Logo

Sunbrella has a long history in the world of outdoor furniture, with humble beginnings during the 1960s and a simple vision.

The performance fabric was first designed to be an awning canvas that would have a longer life and better durability than cotton, and after seeing the great results they achieved, they moved onto bigger things.

Since then, Sunbrella has expanded its reach, and you’ll now find this unique fabric on a range of applications including marina canvas, shade structures, and most commonly, used on patio and outdoor furniture, as well as indoor styles.

Although Sunbrella doesn’t make any furniture pieces themselves, their fabric is employed by the leading manufacturers in patio goods, because of its suitability for outdoors.

A quick look at the description and materials of any potential patio furniture will tell you whether they’ve used Sunbrella or not, and if so, you can guarantee that it’ll last longer than most.

Manufacturing Process of Sunbrella

Manufacturing Process of Sunbrella

There are a number of manufacturing facilities across the world that develop Sunbrella, even though the brand started in the US.

Their primary facility is located in South Carolina and is where the majority of their manufacturing is done, but they also have two large operations in France and China.

Sunbrella has its own R&D department committed to continually improving the performance material.

There is a team of designers that work with the brand to make it not just durable but functional and aesthetically pleasing, and it’s with all of these elements combined that it’s earned the reputation it has today.

The Standout Features of Sunbrella


If you’ve just started your search for patio furniture, there’s a good chance you’ve already come across the Sunbrella name.

This world-famous textile is used in conjunction with so many other brands and purposes, thanks to its many benefits, including:

Low maintenance

Patio furniture is even more enjoyable when you don’t have to do much to keep it looking good, and that’s one of the strong points of Sunbrella.

The textile does a good job of resisting stains but if you ever do want to clean it, it’s as simple as a detergent and water mixture with a soft scrubbing brush.

No fading

The sun and rain are common enemies of patio furniture and choosing a fabric that won’t fade when it’s exposed to either of them is essential.

Sunbrella is made with a solution-dyed acrylic fabric that is UV resistant and each string has been colored, so it’s not going to fade for many years, even with this constant exposure.

Resists mold and water

Sunbrella fabric has been treated so that it’s resistant to mold, mildew, and water.

The acrylic nature of it means it won’t hold onto any of these things and the chances of mold building up are virtually nil.

Long lasting

Furniture and other products made with Sunbrella have a long life thanks to the premium materials used to create them.

You can expect to get at least 10 years of use out of your Sunbrella furniture, and often longer, even with constant outdoor use.

The warranty covers it for five years of outdoor exposure but judging by their happy customers over the years, it goes above and beyond this.

Where to Find Their Range of Patio Furniture

Where to Find

There are many patio furniture brands out there that put their trust in Sunbrella to provide the textile for their products.

You can find just about any type of outdoor piece that uses the performance material, including sun loungers, dining chairs, daybeds, and sofas.

Some of the more popular brands that use Sunbrella for their goods include:

  • Agio
  • Ovios
  • Modway
  • Ohana
  • Onway

Sunbrella has close to 1,000 different fabrics available to use on both indoor and outdoor furniture.

They create a canvas-like material for the shade portion and something more comfortable for furniture, and both have the weather-resistant qualities the brand is known for.

The retailers and designers that rely on Sunbrella for their products have the final say of the fabric their furniture is made with, but for commercial customers ordering large quantities, there’s no shortage of material to choose from.

Sunbrella is relatively cheap to use as a material for manufactures as well, so there’s a wide range of prices and pieces to choose from.

Shopping for Sunbrella Cushions and Pillows

Sunbrella Cushions And Pillows

Sunbrella has a huge selection of upholstery fabrics that can be used to cover cushions and pillows.

This material is designed to withstand the harsh conditions outside but they work just as well indoors, so there’s no shortage of ways you can use them.

Cushions and pillows made with Sunbrella can be manufactured from the same hundreds of options for the fabric they have on their website.

There’s a huge array of colors, designs, and quality, so you can opt for something cheaper if you need to, but still get the benefits that the performance textile is known for.

Most patio furniture brands that use Sunbrella will include the textile for their softer furnishings as well, but it’s possible to buy single and replacement cushions and pillows from select retailers.

Even local marketplaces like Etsy have sellers who design goods using weather resistant fabric, if you don’t want to buy something that’s already made.

The Sunbrella Patio Umbrellas

Sunbrella Umbrella

Sunbrella is a popular choice for patio umbrellas because of its unparalleled performance against the sun and rain.

If you want a new patio umbrella that can stand the test of time and want to see what’s out there, these are loads of brands to consider that use the popular textile, including:

  • Island Umbrella
  • California Umbrella
  • Smith & Hawken
  • Sunnydaze Décor
  • Oxford Garden

At last count, there were over 90 fabric options through Sunbrella that would be suitable for a patio umbrella canopy.

For commercial customers, you’re able to custom order whatever fabric you want to create umbrellas for applications like hotel poolside and outdoor dining areas, however, residential customers will need to use the range developed by retail manufacturers for their selection.

Sunbrella umbrellas are available through all of the usual retailers including Home Depot and Target, and a quick search online will you show you just how comprehensive the choices are.

The umbrellas vary in price, size, and other features as well, so you can find one to suit your patio.

The Sun Smart Solution

Patio furniture needs to be built tough to handle what the outdoors throws at it each day, and using something like Sunbrella will guarantee it does just that.

The performance fabric only gets better as new methods for manufacturing are developed, so you can be sure the Sunbrella name will be around for years to come.

Related Questions


A weather-resistant fabric is a must-have when dealing with patio furniture, but Sunbrella isn’t the only one you can trust.

If you want to learn more about the best materials for your outdoor pieces, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions that can give you the basics.

What is the Most Durable Outdoor Fabric?

Marine-grade vinyl, Sunbrella, and Olefin are a few of the best choices for a durable outdoor fabric.

These materials are considered high performance and can resist heat, UV rays, and moisture, making them ideal for patio furniture, cushions, and umbrellas.

Does Wood Outdoor Furniture Last?

A solid hardwood with the right treatment for outdoor use can last a long time, and in some cases will still be there in 100 years.

Wood patio furniture is higher maintenance than most though, and it needs to be treated, sanded, and covered to ensure it will still be serving your outdoor space for this long.


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