The Best Fire Pits for a Wood Deck

Patio season means tearing off that otherwise foreboding BBQ weather cover, sweeping away all the leaves, breaking out the pressure washer and setting out your outdoor deck furniture. With the promise of a warm, enjoyable summer ahead just about anyone would be game for a good old fashioned patio party! But just one thing’s missing, the deck is comfortable for entertaining guests, but the warming fire pit rests in the yard. Believe it or not, you actually can have the best of both worlds! In this review, we’ll break down the best fire pits for a wood deck. That way, you can enjoy the warmth of a fire pit, on the comfort of your back deck this summer. 

The Best Fire Pits for Wood Decks Reviewed 

For a lot of people, a wood deck is a luxury that allows you to enjoy the best of the outdoors, without all of the grass and some of the bugs. Patio furniture wosk much better on a deck, and it’s convenient to be closer to both the kitchen and bathroom. Having to choose between the comfort of a patio, and the warmth and relaxation of a roaring fire pit. Thankfully, there are in fact some fire pits that are perfectly well suited for wood decks and patios! With a little bit of safety in mind, and the right equipment. Below we’ll set out with some reviews of these fire pits, along with some helpful information, and important things to consider before making a purchase. 

Can You Use a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck? 

Yes, you can. Certain fire pits are designed in such a way as to take the heat, embers and any other potential fire hazard away from the surface they’re being used on. Raised fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables with legs are able to burn without subjecting the surface underneath them to potentially dangerous temperatures. As long as a fire pit isn’t able to reach any of the wooden extrusions of the deck, or anything else around the outside of the house, it should be perfectly safe to use with constant supervision, and a safety plan of action. 

So, what precautions can you take to ensure your fire pit doesn’t cause you any headaches or dangerous circumstances? Take a look at the space where you’d most like to use your fire pit. Chimineas are one such popular way to get the wood crackling, and flames dancing on your deck. While they do throw off a bit of heat, the completely self-contained nature of these makes them unsuitable for a group to sit around. Also, they don’t manage to throw quite as much heat. 

You can use a standing fire pit, or fire bowl on your deck by investing in a fireproof mat for wood decks. These are specially designed to catch any embers or coals that leap from the crackling wood, keeping your wooden deck perfectly safe. Be sure to clear any furniture, foliage or extrusions from the house a sensible distance from the fire pit, and consider having a backup extinguisher, or water source such as a garden water hose.  

Alternatives to Wood Burning Fire Pits 

The only other option for getting the same experience out of an outdoor wood burning fire pit on your deck is simply to use an alternative fuel source. Propane fire pits work by burning propane over a raised fire pit, to create the warmth and light any entertaining evening gathering on your deck should never go without! They’re often a little higher priced due to the fuel delivery system, flame adjusting knob and hoses, although they do provide a higher sense of safety. In other words, propane fire won’t throw glowing hot embers across your deck, mitigating the need for a fire mat greatly. This is also an incredibly useful option for those who simply don’t have, or don’t want to obtain wood for burning. Below, we’ll check out the best fire pits for a wood deck so you can burn safely, and enjoy your summer evenings!

Our Reviews of the Best Fire Pits for a Wood Deck 

Outland Living Propane Fueled Fire Bowl 

This well-built, perfectly sized fire bowl is a step above the average fire pit. It allows you to use your standard propane tank as a source of fuel, as opposed to wood. Thankfully, this also more or less removes the need for any type of fire mat, or screen to protect from embers. I was surprised to learn that it comes with a UV proof cover, ensuring it will stand up the elements and entertain you and your guests for years to come. It’s 58,000 BTU’s, which, (for those of you not that into BBQ’s and indoor fireplaces), means it glows more than hot enough to keep you toasty out on the deck at night. This is a go-to favorite for those looking for a wood burning flame free option. 

Portable Outdoor Wood Fire Pit 

Portable outdoor wood fire pit that's safe for wood decks and patios

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With a 26” wood burning fire pit bowl, this fire pit is the ideal size for small to medium sized entertaining, and seating areas on your deck. It sits tall on four legs, and is supported by a lower grate which gives it a much welcome sense of sturdiness. If you’re looking at raised fire pits, you’re going to want to be certain it’s the type of style that won’t blow over in a breeze, or with a slight accidental knock. That’s where this pit comes in. 

The first thing you’ll notice about this fire pit is the convenient bottom rack, which doubles both as extra integral support, as well as a super handy firewood holder! Finding a place to store dry firewood on your deck isn’t easy. (And quite frankly, not all that safe!) This handy fire pit claims a spot on our list for providing a safe and convenient way to store your wood fuel, as well as a wood deck safe raised bowl, and steel screen. It even features a removable grate that you can use for grilling food! For an all around, versatile wood fire pit with added safety and quality of life features, this is definitely one we can recommend. The only draw-back is that it matte greyish-black steel construction and simplistic design don’t add much in the way of looks to your deck. 

Sunnydaze Northland Outdoor Fire Pit 

Sunnydaze outdoor firepit you can use on wooden decks

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This model presents a slightly less conventional design to the average fire pit you might be used to seeing. We love it for the sheer simplicity, wood deck-safe design, and sie! At 36”s, this rectangular drum-style fire pit is striking with both an incredibly practical steel mesh screen, and sturdy arched steel feet. You’ll instantly be able to recognize the steel railing that extends the circumference of the pit, this keeps shins, feet and legs from accidentally brushing up against the fiery hot exterior while it’s in use! You can also take note of the added stainless steel BBQ cooking grate, handy fire poker and screen. (It even includes a waterproof cover). 

A model like this would be able to sit on top of the deck without the need for a fire mat, although it would be able to fit on top of most should you deem it necessary. The stainless steel spark screen is specially designed to keep hot embers and sparks off of your wooden deck, too. Consider this option if you’ve got a long, bench-style seating arrangement, or a large group. The value and construction certainly makes it the perfect candidate for a safe and enjoyable fire pit for a wood deck. 

Sunnydaze Large Bronze Cauldron Outdoor Fire Bowl 

Outdoor cauldron fire pit for bonfires

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Looking for something with a little less of a modern-style design? This incredibly rustic looking bronze cauldron fire pit is a great alternative to the black stainless steel that’s more common in fire bowls. Luckily though, it doesn’t sacrifice safety or practicality for style whatsoever. It’s 29” in diameter, making for fire bowl suitable enough for small to medium sized gatherings. (Roughly, 4-5 deck chairs around). 

Four incredibly sturdy steel legs meet in a ring underneath the center of the cauldron, adding extra stability and durability to this fire pit. Thanks to the height and construction, it’s almost completely tip-proof. Besides that, it has a spark screen that fits snug on top, while leaving adequate space for a well-built, roaring fire. There is just one, small set back. A small drainage hole at the bottom of the fire pit may warrant the need for a fire mat, or heat/fireproof rug beneath the cauldron to prevent any hot ashes or embers from dropping onto the surface of the deck. Luckily, this fire pit is the perfect size for just about any mat you come across. 

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