The Best Grill Light for Your Patio Grill or BBQ 

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Grilling in the evening hours isn’t all that uncommon as you might think! In fact, I’ve been known to get the grill going well into sundown, especially if you want to entertain guests with a later menu. If you’re one to spark up the grill when the sun goes down, we highly recommend checking out some of the lighting solutions they’ve got now. Seriously, we’re not talking about hardwiring in a new floodlight, or giving you any other projects to put on your plate this time of year. Grill lights are small pieces that affix themselves to your grill to make cooking in the evening, or for night owl BBQ lovers a breeze! Check out our reviews for the best grill light below, and cook safely! 

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve been here before: balancing your smartphone over the grill just past sundown trying to see whether or not your skewers are fully cooked. Grill lights are an incredibly affordable and simple way to free up your hands so you can focus more on cooking, (and not dropping the food!) without any of the hassle of cooking at night or in the evening.

Since they clip right on to your grill, they’re perfect to take camping with you since you can illuminate a charcoal grill with them easily too! 

Why Should You Buy a Grill Light? 

The bright LED’s of a grill light are more than enough to light up your cooking space during the midnight hours. To all the late night rib fans, brisket barons and burger fiends, these lights will let you serve up a delicious helping of your favorite grilled treats any hour of the night. 

Let’s face it, in the world of grill and BBQ accessories, these are second to none for helping you cook things up with the convenience of keeping your hands free to flip, slice and season your way to a delicious meal. 

If you want the flexibility to be able to cook after dusk, without being out in the dark as to how your food is doing, a grill light makes for an excellent solution. And trust me, if the difference between you overcooking a steak in the late evening hours comes between that and a light, I’m sure you’d opt for the light too. You may very well have a porch light that keeps the space lit up, but it might not be enough to get the job done.

Since battery power cuts out the need for these LED lights to be plugged in, charged or installed into your electrical system, you have the ability to move and remove it as you please! 

These are the Best Grill Lights for your Outdoor Grill or BBQ! 

Weber 7661 Grill ‘N Go Handle Light

Weber Handle Grill 'N Go Light, One Size, Grey

First things first, it’s worth noting that there’s a reason this grill light has reached fan-favorite levels of acclaim in the grilling community. It packs a really decent set of LED’s that effectively light up your cooking surface just about any hour of the night, all while staying in place! 

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This grilling accessory light by Weber lives up to a name that’s been synonymous with quality for a while now, and there’s no exception to how well it works for the job at hand. As opposed to other models, this one will sit on the lid of your grill and attach itself to the handle, whereas many others are totally magnetic.

This is an upside, meaning it’s completely universal and can be used on any grill with a standard lid handle. What’s more is it’s easy to quickly detach, to get a closer look at your steaks and veggies, or for making your way around the patio at night! 

Best for: Someone looking for a quality name brand grill light.

Cuisinart CGL-330 Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light 

Cuisinart CGL-330 Grilluminate Expanding LED Grill Light

Midnight griller? We’re not here to judge, just to help you see what you’re doing! The Grilluminate line by Cuisineart is especially designed to cast a bright light over not just the center, but the entire surface of your grill. 

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The LED’s are supplied by 3 AAA batteries, making it the easiest grill light to keep powered, since there’s no need for charging, or cords.

It’s also worth noting that the LED’s themselves on this unit can last an astonishing 10,000 hours, which means there’s very little chance you’ll have to replace this accessory any time soon. There are, however, a few more features that make this a standout grill light. The clamp it comes with is tightened with a manual knob, this allows you to affix it to virtually any grill, regardless of the surface. Since you can tie it on tight, you don’t have to worry so much about it slipping, or nudging out of place. 

Best for: Nighttime grilling with you need a wireless light with long battery life.

NextLED Flexible 24” Magnetic Grill Light 

NextLED NT-7728 Ultimate LED BBQ Magnetic Grill Light for Outdoor Grill, 24 Inch Flexible Neck with Strong Base, Warm Natural Light, Barbeque Light for Grill, Heat & Water Resistant, BBQ Grill Gift

“A waterproof grill light?” You may be thinking to yourself. While you probably don’t make a habit of grilling in the pouring rain to begin with, having grill accessories that can stand up to a bit of water and weather is essential.

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If you want gear that’s going to last, it’s worth considering this model for a number of different reasons. It’s easy enough to forget it outside, not to mention humidity and other factors that could cause this light to be exposed to anything from a light drizzle, to a drizzle of BBQ sauce. 

A 24” fully flexible gooseneck means you can shine the light exactly where you need it, and the magnetic base of the LED light allows you to place it exactly where you need it! This is the best light for a smoker too, since it’s able to attach itself to anywhere on the unit’s service, and is also heat resistant. 

Best for: Waterproof lighting for your grill or patio.

Char-Broil LED Light with Silicone Strap 

Char-Broil 7818607R04 LED Light, Black

This is another unique type of grill light that has the ability to affix to your grill in a way that’s more or less totally universal! The silicone strap provided with this LED allows you to attach it to the handle of your grill.

The upside to using one like this with a strap is that you don’t need to account for the size of your grill’s handle, and whether or not it will be the right fit. 

The strap allows you to make the light as tight as it needs to be, the silicone giving it enough stretch to fit on comfortably without budging an inch. Not just that, but the light is more than bright enough to illuminate the entire cooking surface with 10 bright LED’s. This model also runs on standard AA batteries, making it easy to keep it lit up whenever and wherever you need it. 

Best for: Setting up anywhere.

KOSIN Magnetic Super Bright LED Lights 

KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light for Outdoor Grill, Super-Bright Led BBQ Lights, Gifts for Men, Traeger Pit Boss Smoker Grill Accessories,Batteries Included

9 high density LED’s on each one of these flexible LED bbq lights makes for a combo that will totally light up your cooking spaces outdoors this summer! When dusk rolls around, you might be able to see what you’re cooking alright, but not exactly how well done it is.

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Shining one of these LED lights onto your cooking surface ensures that you won’t be squinting to see whether or not your food is done. All while keeping your hands free in the process. This combo pack does so doubly well, and since they’re magnetic, you could easily affix one to the grill, and one to the tray on the side. The flexibility allows you to shine each on where you need it, so you can see all of your cooking zones clearly, and keep an eye on your grill marks and cooking times. 

Best for: When you need multiple lights.

The Best Grill Lights: Conclusion

All these lights are great options for lighting up your outdoor grilling or BBQ station, so choose whichever works best for your specific needs.

Thanks for checking out this guide to the best grill lights for your BBQ! No matter what time of day it is, you shouldn’t have to worry about sparking up the grill.

Even as dusk rolls around, it’s not so much about seeing what you’re cooking, but also having enough light to be able to tell when it’s done without having to whip out your phone. The same goes for seasoning, and getting the most desirable grill marks possible! If you’ve ever used any of these, we’d love to hear what advice you have for readers looking for grill accessories like these! Check back for more grilling and backyard related reviews to build the perfect outdoor oasis for you, your family and friends! 

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