The Best Inflatable Water Sprinklers To Create Amazing Memories

Inflatable sprinkler for summer fun

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Sprinklers are a time-honored alternative to swimming pools, and it’s easy to see why. They’re much easier to maintain while offering almost the same amount of fun. But eventually, kids running through sprinklers can become boring, so why not take sprinklers to the next level with the best inflatable water sprinklers in town?

What Are the Advantages of Inflatable Water Sprinklers?

If your kids are begging you for a fun summer sprinkler, your first instinct may be to point them to your garden sprinkler. And while this may do the job, it doesn’t add any extra magic to the experience.

Sprinklers have come a long way, and you can now get inflatable sprinklers in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also have different sprinkler systems, offering a gentler spray that won’t pressure-hose your kids into submission.

The main advantage of an inflatable water sprinkler is that it’s fun because it can spark your kid’s imagination—who hasn’t wanted a dinosaur or unicorn roaming their backyard? They can make playing with sprinklers a safer and gentler experience, and you get to keep your actual garden sprinkler safely away from your kids. 

What To Consider When Buying an Inflatable Sprinkler Toy

The first thing you’ll notice when shopping for the best inflatable water sprinklers is that many products are available. It can be tricky to find one that meets your particular needs. If you shop with just your budget in mind, you may end up with something that leaks and isn’t much fun for you or your kids.

Keeping the following considerations in mind will mean that you’ll buy something durable and create unforgettable memories for this summer and the next.


Most inflatable sprinklers use PVC as their primary material, but some will use rubberized plastic or contain metal parts. Metal parts are a safety concern, especially for younger children. The type of material will also influence how durable the product is. Rubberized plastic can perish when left in the sun, meaning your sprinkler won’t last the season.

Your ideal material is PVC. It’s non-toxic, weatherproof, and easy to store. The thicker the PVC, the more robust the material and the more wear and tear it can handle.


Inflatable water sprinklers come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Try to get something that your kids are already interested in, like dinosaurs, unicorns, monsters, or even elephants. Finding something that your kids love will ensure they make precious and amazing memories of having fun in the sun.

Also, consider the size of the sprinkler. Some can get very big, which means they require a dedicated pump to inflate (unless you want to develop lungs of steel) and may not fit in your backyard. You also don’t want something too small, especially if you have older children.

Ease of Setup

If your sprinkler is easy to set up, then you’re likely to use it a lot more. Ease of use includes having a hose attachment, being straightforward to inflate, and whether it has a dedicated weighted mechanism. You don’t want your sprinkler falling over at the first sign of a stiff breeze.

While some lightweight sprinklers need pegs to keep them stable, most come with special water-filled feet. These feet hold enough water to keep the sprinkler stable while your kids play, without the need for pegs that may stick out and present an injury risk.

Ability To Combine With Other Water Toys

If you already have a kiddie pool or slide, then try to find a toy that pairs up with that. Some inflatable sprinklers for kids have targeted water spouts that you can combine with an inflatable pool for a waterfall effect. Others form a tunnel, which is an exciting addition to a water slide.

Splash Pads

Sprinklers generate a lot of water, and kids running around will eventually churn up the ground, leading to mud pits and very dirty kids. A splash pad protects the ground around the sprinkler toy, leaving less mess behind.

Recommended Age

Sprinklers can have a wide range of water pressure, so always check the recommended age of the sprinkler toy. Sprinklers for younger kids tend to be gentler than those for older ones. In some cases, the recommended age also depends on the height of the toy. Tunnel sprinklers for kids vary in height, and one for toddlers may be too small for older, taller kids.

Our Picks: The Best Inflatable Water Sprinklers To Create Amazing Memories

Splashin’ Kids Outdoor Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

Splashin'kids Outdoor Rainbow Sprinkler Super Toddler Water Toys for Children Infants Boys Girls and Kids Perfect Outside Inflatable Water Park for Summer Fun Watch Video Slip and Slide Splash pad

Tunnel sprinklers are great because they offer a gentle spray from the top instead of a harsh spray that you’d get with an ordinary garden sprinkler. The Splashin’ Kids inflatable rainbow sprinkler stands tall enough that even adults can run through it with minimal effort.

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What makes the rainbow sprinkler appealing is that it’s easy to move around and integrate with other toys. You can put it at the bottom of your slide or use it as a fun addition to a water slide. You can even set the water pressure to low and get a gentle mist during your sunbathing session while the kids do something else.

This versatile rainbow is an excellent addition to any backyard and promises plenty of fun for you and your kids.


  • Specially designed stabilizers ensure the rainbow doesn’t tip over
  • Gentle enough for toddlers but invigorating enough for everyone
  • High-quality PVC ensures excellent durability


  • Requires a pump to inflate

SEAMAZ Inflatable Sprinkler Pool

SEAMAZ Inflatable Sprinkler Pool for Kids - 68' x 43' Kiddie Pool, Baby Swimming Pool, Splash Pad and Wading Pool for Learning with Ball Pit, Great Gifts Water Toys for Toddlers Girls Boys All Age

The SEAMAZ inflatable sprinkler pool takes the concept of inflatable sprinkler fun to the next level. It’s a versatile product that’s great as a pool and sprinkler in summer and doubles up as a ball pit in the colder months.

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The fun elephant sprinkler design adds a bit of charm, with water coming out of its spout and along the sides of the inflatable pool. It’s big enough to fit three to five kids, and the high-grade PVC material is strong enough to handle the pressure. The pool also has a drainage hole, making it easy to move as necessary.

If you want an inflatable toy that will get your kids playing outside and making memories, this is one of the better and more useful options.


  • Multiple sources of water
  • Doubles as a splash or wading pool, and ball pit when empty
  • Compact when deflated, making it easy to store
  • High-quality construction


  • It takes a long time to inflate, even with a pump

Poolmaster Splash and Spray Beach Ball Sprinkler

Poolmaster Splash and Spray Beach Ball Sprinkler Water Toy 24in

If you want something low-effort but still plenty of fun, this beach ball sprinkler is a great option. It’s simple to set up and inflates very quickly. All you need to do is hook it up to your garden hose and watch as your kids have hours of fun.

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The giant beach ball measures 35 inches around and has sprinklers on all sides. Kids can roll the ball around or play with the sprinklers, or both! The robust construction can stand up to rough play, and it’s suitable for children three years old and up. Since it’s an inflatable ball, it doesn’t weigh a lot, making it safe for younger tots, giving them hours of summertime fun.


  • Combines ball play and sprinkler fun
  • Strong materials ensure the ball stays inflated
  • It sets up and deflates quickly for easy storage


  • It may not hold air well

Prextex 2-in-1 Dinosaur Water Sprinkler

Playtime by Magifire Dinosaur Sprinkler: Fun Backyard Sprinkler, Dinosaur 74' Tall, Made of BPA-Free Plastic, Fun for All Ages, Connects Directly to Garden Hose For Easy Set Up

One of the challenges of getting kids outside is keeping them outside. Sprinklers can be fun for a while but can become boring quickly. If your kids struggle to develop their own games around the sprinkler, the Prextex Dinosaur sprinkler has a solution for you.

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The sprinkler combines watery fun with a fun ring-toss game. Since the water shoots from the horns, getting the ring toss in is trickier than it seems and provides hours of endless fun. The dinosaur has windproof weighted legs, allowing it to stay stable during less than ideal conditions.


  • Combines a ring toss game with sprinkler fun
  • Shoots water up to 10 feet
  • Ideal for dino lovers of all ages


  • Not as durable as some other products

JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn

63' Infaltable Unicorn Sprinkler for Kids and Adults Outdoor Water Toys, Large Inflatable Water Sprinkler, Summer Lawn-Backyard-Garden Sprinkler, Seasonal Merriment Activities

The only thing better than a pink elephant is a unicorn. This magical sprinkler stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and shoots water from its horn. The strong PVC material is weatherproof and durable, making this unicorn resistant to fading and tears.

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It holds air very well, meaning that you can inflate it once and leave it standing in your yard for the entire summer. It connects easily to a standard garden hosepipe, and the foot anchors prevent any incidents with over-pressurized water.


  • Height makes it suitable for the whole family
  • Gentle upward spray
  • It’s a unicorn


  • Water connector can be a bit finicky


Inflatable sprinklers are an excellent, low-maintenance alternative to getting a pool, and they’re significantly safer and more affordable. With so many high-quality options to consider, what you choose will depend mainly on what your kid loves. We think the best inflatable water sprinkler is the SEAMAZ Inflatable Pool for its unique combination of sprinkler and pool.

No matter what you choose, you can be sure that your kids will have plenty of fun this summer, making great memories of their time outdoors.

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