The Best Outdoor Speakers for a Projector

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Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

If you’ve purchased a projector, the best and most obvious investment you can make for it is purchasing some outdoor speakers for it. These will help enhance the overall viewing experience for you, your family and your guests. Here I’ll review some of the best outdoor speakers for a projector so you can create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space! 

Projector speakers tend to be more or less finicky, and while you can get away with a basic aux cord to jack into any old speaker, your future self will thank you for buying the best outdoor speakers for a projector. Like any guide for choosing the best product, we’ll discuss some characteristics and recommended features that the outdoor speakers for a projector should have. 

Keep these simple ideas in mind to make the most informed decision.

  1. Bluetooth is an asset, but for a reliable connection, make sure to have the dedicated audio cables as any professional speakers would have them.
  2. Speakers should have the basic protection from the elements, e.g. rainwater, dirt, insects, and moisture.
  3. Price range. While most speakers can go easily for around 50-100$, try to balance the price with functionality.

What are the Best Outdoor Speakers for a Projector?

Wait a minute, but how can one measure the effectiveness of a speaker, especially if it’s for outdoors? In truth, the only difference between outdoor and indoor speakers are the casing, but also the sensitivity levels at which they will resonate at. To condense the practical science, speakers can be summed like so: the more balanced the decibels are from the front in comparison to the pressure exerted in the back, the better the speaker quality. Indoor speakers take advantage of this principle, while outdoor speakers deteriorate the sound at higher volumes.

This is precisely the reason so many Bose products are a luxury product. Many cheaper off brand products try to mimic the sound, but when looking at the best outdoor speakers for projectors we’re going to be looking at a few things: the decibel output, bass, treble and a rich middle range. With that in mind, let’s start our journey to find the best outdoor speakers for a projector.

Now that we have the science, and a clear mental image of what we’re looking for, let’s find those speakers.

Herdio 4 inch Outdoor indoor Patio Bluetooth Wall Mount Speakers Waterproof

Herdio 4 Inch Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof Wired 200 Watt,Indoor, Patio,Deck Wall Mount Speakers (Black)

If you’re looking for something simple and straight to the point, the Herdio 4 inch outdoor speakers will make great speakers for a projector. With the right projector, you’ll be able to pair these beasts through bluetooth, and have premium sound quality in no time.

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If you prefer a more reliable connection, consider getting some audio cables to plug into the speakers. There’s two connections you’ll need to consider on these speakers, which are the left and right channels.

Some more options these speakers offer is the integrated active and passive speaker system, including a built in channel amplifier (those already go on for a couple hundred bucks). This model has a 2-way full range stereo, coated with Marine Grade Waterproof material. Most metal will face some sort of rust after a while, but with the removable rust grills you can keep the speakers looking brand new with some extra maintenance.

For the most part, you really don’t have to worry about the plastic since its ABS, a highly resistant plastic against water and UV radiation.


  • Active and Passive speaker system
  • Bluetooth
  • Water resistant


  • Manual installation required
  • Some electrical work needed

Theater Solutions B43GR Fully Wireless 120 watt Speakers

Theater Solutions B43GR Fully Wireless 120 Watt Rechargeable Battery Bluetooth Rock Speaker Pair Slate Grey Link Up to 99 Speakers Wirelessly, Slate Gray

If you have a backyard that’s aching for some hidden speakers, these speakers will rock! Even if you’re only planning to have these near your projector in the open, they’re organic design is still pleasing to look at. More impressively, up to 99 speakers can be linked, which at that point would make a rock concert, won’t it?

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The selling point is going to be their wireless functionality. The bigger model, the B63GR provides a little bit more battery life but virtually includes all the features this one does. Now, recharging outside speakers can be tedious, especially after every 6 hours so the other option would be to hotwire the speakers directly though the power source. At the very least, these outdoor speakers would be an excellent choice for your projector, or any multimedia device for that matter.


  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth
  • Come in 2-Sizes


  • Between 6 and 10 pounds
  • May require additional cabling to connect to a power source

TikiTunes Bluetooth Speaker 2-pack Bundle

Limitless Innovations TikiTunes Bluetooth Speaker 2-Pack Bundle with Pole & Ground Stake 2-Pack

If you’re planning to renovate your entire backyard into your next staycation, these TikiTunes might just be the missing puzzle piece for your outdoor projector. Their traditional style is mixed with a modern design. Personally, I like the ambient LED light, and if you feel the light might take away or distract an outdoor movie night, the lights can always be turned off.

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The height is another important speaking point – which is adjustable between 8’’ and 40’’. However the only drawback from these gorgeous tikitunes is the price tag. Alternatively, these can be paired with traditional tiki torches.

With just over 6-hours of playtime, you’ll be able to connect your projector through bluetooth and playback everything you’re watching, including other devices such as your smartphone. Quality assurance is one of my favourite aspects of any product, because not only does it provide a replacement policy, it assures you as the customer that the product you’re receiving is top notch. Limitless Innovations is currently offering a 1-year quality assurance.


  • Bluetooth
  • Aesthetically sound
  • Great Quality assurance


  • Smaller than most outdoor speakers

PosPower (15 Feet) 2 RCA Male/Male Stereo Audio Cable [24K Gold Plated]

FosPower 2 RCA M/M Stereo Audio Cable [24K Gold Plated | Copper Core] 2RCA Male to 2RCA Male [Left/Right] Premium Sound Quality Plug - 15ft

Let’s talk about audio cables, because to take full advantage of your outdoor speakers for your projector you’ll need some dual-channel action. What I mean by that is you’ll most likely need to connect your speakers together to give it some sound surround capabilities, otherwise it’ll be in mono and you won’t know what direction anything is from.

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Make sure whatever speaker you’re purchasing has some extra long stereo cables, and if you’re not sure it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Luckily, most cables are quite cheap, but to translate the sound from the source to the speakers make sure to get something with a little bit of weight. This only applies if you plan on connecting the speakers directly to the projector, but once again it’s an option.

(Hot Pick) Pohopa Bluetooth Waterproof speakers 2-Pack

pohopa Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof, 2 Packs True Wireless Stereo Sound 20W Dual Pairing Lantern Indoor Outdoor with 20 Piece Responsive LED Color Lights, Richer Bass, Black

These Pohopa speakers have some party vibe to them, and surprisingly for some party looking speakers, they have quite a bit of flexibility in terms of options. Right away the thing that catches my attention is their support for bluetooth and auxiliary audio (Those cables I pointed out above would be a great pair). 

Buy on Amazon

The Pohopa lights respond to sound and change in frequency based on the rhythm of the music played, including some bass capability, which as I mentioned before bass plays a critical role in music performance. While you can have each speaker plugged in, each speaker has a rechargeable 4400MAH battery for up to half a day of music.

What you receive:

  • 2x Pohopa Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers
  • 2x Micro-USB cables
  • 3.5mm Audio cable
  • 1 year warranty 

This absolutely sounds like an awesome choice for an outdoor projector, because the Popoha speakers


  • Bluetooth and Auxiliary support
  • Colorful and responsive LED lighting
  • Long battery life


  • Connecting a second or new bluetooth device can be a pain

Finding the Best Outdoor Projector: Which one is the Works for you?

Almost everytime it comes down to taste, opinion and preference. Listed above are many wireless and wired outdoor speakers that will sound great with a projector. Whether you like the aesthetic of rock-shaped speakers, or party dome speakers will depend on what your preferred end result is. If you prefer the original speaker look and feel, I recommend getting something you’re comfortable with like a box shaped one. 

The most important thing you should do before making any decision is making sure your chosen speaker will work with your projector.

Firstly, verify whether the features of the projector and speaker are compatible such as bluetooth and auxiliary. Secondly, look at distance limitations of the cables you’re working with. For big projects, it’s normal to buy various lengths in cable even if they may not be used. Worst case scenario you’ll have them for the future. Take your time and investigate the many options of speakers. I hope this guide helped you get a better idea of what you need to get started!

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