The Best Slip and Slides for Adults

There’s no better way to cool off in the summer than by getting a little bit wet. Even if you’re a grown up, it’s still fun to play in the heat just like you did as a kid. And what better way to relieve those childhood memories than with the best slip and slides for adults?

The Best Slip and Slides for Adults

You’re going to have so much fun playing with these adult-friendly slip and slides. If you have kids around that you like to play with, these would be perfect for getting everyone together and having fun.

But really, what I’m picturing is these slip and slides is the most fun adult get together ever! Just think about it; a bunch of friends, a hot summer day, the music is blaring… Get a few adult beverages into you and you’ve got yourself a party.

Why Slip and Slides are Awesome

Everyone wants a pool. I get it, they’re pretty fun. But slip and slides are great if you’re looking for something a bit different. Especially if you already have a swimming pool in your yard.

Slip and slides are great if you’re partying with people who can’t swim or don’t have access to a pool. You’ll be able to cool off and have a blast doing it no matter where your party is set up.

Where to Set up an Adult Slip and Slide

You’re going to need a decent stretch of space for your adult slip and slide. Although they do vary in length, it’s definitely not a small toy. Which is good, because small would be decidedly boring for adults anyway.

You don’t need the ground to be flat where you set up your slip and slide but you do need it to be free from rocks, trees, branches, and other debris. Ideally you’ll have a decent clearance on all sides too – just in case someone goes careening off.

If you want to make it more exciting, set your slide up on an incline. You and your friends can start sliding from the top and let gravity do the rest! You’re not technically supposed to do this, but I won’t tell. Just don’t make it too steep or someone could get hurt!

Finding a Slip and Slide for Adults

Most slip and slides aren’t rated for adults. There’s usually a height limit of 5 feet tall and up to 110 pounds or so. This doesn’t have anything to do with the size or durability of the slide though (although you should make sure it’s big enough for adults!) and has more to do with safety.

If you’re using a slip and slide as an adult you’ll be doing so at your own risk.

H2OGO! Triple Water Slide w/ Speed Ramp

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At 18’ long this slip and slide is perfect for small, flat, open space. The side that you jump onto is inflated so you have a softer landing as you start your journey along the slip and slide. The water that sprays to keep it slick pools at the end so you always end up soaking wet. 

What’s fun about this one is that there’s multiple lanes. Since it’s technically for kids (why do they get all the fun?) you might be more comfortable sliding one or two at a time instead of three.


  • Inflatable launch area
  • Water pools at the end for a SPLASH
  • Wide enough for races


  • Not very durable so it might be a one time use thing for you and your friends
  • You’ll need a pump or compressor to set it up
  • Works best with a tarp under it

Best for: Small yards

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide

wow world of watersports super slide best waterslide for adults

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No falling off the sides with this slip and slide! Just like when you were a kid at the bowling alley there are bumpers to keep you going in the right direction. Because the last think you need after a drunken dive onto a slip and slide is grass burns.

It also comes with sleds to soften the ride, which is nice when you’re not a kid anymore. And you’re going to need to be comfortable because this slide is 100 feet long!


  • Made from heavy duty PVC so it’s durable
  • Inflatable bumpers make a safer ride
  • 100 feet long


  • Doesn’t work as well without the rafts
  • Difficult to clean and store
  • Big investment if you don’t plan to reuse

Best for: Those wanting a longer ride

BACKYARD BLAST – 75′ X 12′ Heavy Duty Waterslide

heavy duty waterslide for adults

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This giant slide is basically just one big tarp. Don’t let that stop you, though – it makes a great sliding surface. I like that, compared to other options, this slide is super simple. All you do is lay it out and then add the sprinkler. No inflating needed.

There’s two different sizes. I’d recommend the longer 75’ option, but the 50’ slide would be OK if your space is tight. 


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Extra wide
  • Can be set up on a hill easily


  • Stakes don’t work well (although you don’t need them)
  • Sprinkler could be better
  • Expensive considering the limited features

Best for: Simple set up and slopes

TEAM MAGNUS 31ft Water Slide 

This slip and slide for adults is great for two person races. It’s shorter than some of the other options which is great for small backyards. I like the simple design and the fact that there’s a soft landing at the end. 

The crash pad is a good height so you (probably) won’t go flying out the other side. I might be alone on this one, but I also think it would be fun to crash into your racing enemy at the end of the course too.


  • Budget friendly
  • Distributes the water well
  • Two people can slide at once


  • Some parts aren’t that durable
  • Narrow for racing so you may only be able to use one lane for bigger adults
  • Doesn’t hold down well with the included stakes

Best for: Budget-conscious shoppers

The Best Inflatable Water Slides for Adults

Before we get into the best slip and slides for adults I wanted to add in my favourite inflatable water slide for adults. Not only could you use this in a pool or at the beach but it would also be an awesome start to a slip and slide. 

Just imagine diving off this baby!

Intex Kool Splash

inflatable waterslide for adults

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This slide is really nice. It’s durable, has handles for stability as you climb, and stays in place. Since it’s actually designed for adults you and your friends won’t need to worry about being too big to have fun.

Some cool features include sprayers that get the slide wet and the slide’s width. It’s surprisingly big! 


  • Made for adults
  • Portable
  • Self wetting so you can slide easier


  • Can puncture easily
  • Moves around with rough play
  • Big investment

Best for: Pools and docks

What is the Best Slip and Slide for Adults?

All of these slides are super cool but the Wow World of Watersports Super Slide stands out the most. It’s the most expensive slip and slide for adults on this list, but it’s also the one you’re going to have the most fun with.

First of all, it’s wide enough for adults to slide down comfortably. There’s nothing worse than squeezing into something that’s almost too small, or even worse, having some people left out because they’re too big.

Wide isn’t the only size to look for though – this slip and slide is also 100’ long; the longest on this list (and longest I could find). 

Size isn’t the only thing that matters, it’s how you use it. The bumpers on either side of the slide make the ride so much more enjoyable. They’re not small which means less chances of you diving off the side just when you start having fun.

The included sleds are also a great addition and they really do make the ride more enjoyable. Us adults don’t really want to feel every single little rock we missed along the way. They also make you slip better, which means more speed (and more fun!)

Last, but hardly least, is durability. It’s constructed from heavy dirty materials making this more of a multi-use investment than a one off thing. It’s also the only slide on this list that’s actually rated for adults to use. I wouldn’t let that stop you from trying the other options but it’s definitely a plus.

Final Thoughts on the Best Slip and Slides for Adults

Once you pick your slide and set it up you’ll be off to the races! If you’re finding the slide isn’t moving your group fast enough, though, there’s some ways to make it a little more fun for adults. 

Some people say to use dish soap to make the slide faster, but I don’t like how irritating that can be on sensitive skin. Instead opt for something gentle like baby soap. I find conditioner is also a great way to get the slide slick.

Slip and slides aren’t just for kids. Adults can relive their childhoods or have a blast changing things up at summer parties and get togethers with friends. Or use them as a family and play with the kids! 

Just remember to wear water resistant sunscreen while playing on a slip and slide to avoid burns.