The Best Sprinkler for Sunbathing and Sun Tanning

There’s nothing better than spending a summer afternoon soaking up the rays. Unfortunately, rising temperatures can quickly drive you indoors before you’ve achieved your perfect bronze body. What you need is a way to keep cool while still getting the full benefits of a sunbathing session.

One of the best methods we’ve found is to use a sprinkler or misting system while sun tanning. A low water pressure sprinkler will produce a gentle mist that’s cooling and refreshing without getting completely soaked. If you’re unsure which is the best sprinkler for sunbathing, check out our helpful guide.

What To Look for in a Sprinkler for Sunbathing

You can use any sprinkler for sunbathing, including fun options like an inflatable rainbow sprinkler for kids or something more serious like a heavy-duty lawn sprinkler. No matter what type of sprinkler you choose, you need to focus on several different aspects that will give you the best sprinkler for sun tanning.


Consider if you want a fixed sprinkler or one that you can move around. If your yard gets full sun, then a fixed option may be easier and more convenient. However, if your sun patch travels around, consider a standalone sprinkler that you can take with you wherever you go.


Depending on whether you choose a fixed or portable sprinkler, consider the durability of materials. If you have a fixed sprinkler that gets full sun, you’ll need something made from weatherproof, robust materials that won’t perish quickly. You can get away with less weatherproof materials if you have a portable sprinkler that you can put away when not in use.

Sprinkler Types

Different sprinkler types deliver water differently. The most common option is the hose-end sprinkler, which comes in several different varieties, including:

  • Oscillating sprinkler: this barrel-like sprinkler has several nozzles running across the length, which move in a waterfall-like pattern across the lawn. You can adjust the coverage by increasing water pressure and can limit the oscillation from 180° to 45° or even less. Since it has a set movement pattern, you’ll get an occasional hit of water while you’re sunbathing, which is less than ideal.
  • Impact sprinkler: this sprinkler shoots a powerful stream of water in a circular pattern. The heavy stream makes this one a miss if you want something to cool you down while sun tanning. Some have rotating arms that provide different water patterns, but still with heavy streams of water.
  • Fixed sprinklers: these sprinklers have a variety of spray patterns and work very well with low-pressure systems. They’re a good option for sunbathing, as you can set up a misting option that’s refreshing and gentle.
  • Misting sprinklers: these low-pressure sprinklers are the best option for sunbathing. They provide a fine mist, and you can set them up wherever you are. Some even come with height adjustment, meaning that you can get a refreshing mist even when sitting up.

Water Rate

When it comes to the best sprinkler for sunbathing, you don’t want something that has high water pressure. You’re looking for a relaxing experience, not a drenching with a strong stream of water every couple of seconds. Instead, you want something that will deliver a gentle and consistent water flow that’s enough to provide a cooling mist but not enough to soak you through.


Sprinklers can range dramatically in price, depending on their type and function. More robust, heavy-duty sprinklers cost more, but you can expect them to last decades with minimal fuss. More affordable sprinklers may use lower quality materials, meaning they’re last the summer, but probably not much longer.

If you want a sprinkler to cool you down this summer, you can get away with spending less on an affordable product. However, if you want something that works in the garden, as well as a cooling aid, then consider spending a bit more on something higher quality.

Dual Purpose

Most sprinklers function as garden watering tools that you can repurpose for fun summer activities. However, more manufacturers have started making specialty sprinklers, like fun ones for kids and misting systems to cool you down.

If you have a garden with delicate flowers or hard soil that doesn’t absorb water well, then a misting sprinkler can have two uses instead of just one. This dual-purpose will change how you approach your shopping journey since you’ll need to consider how good the sprinkler is at watering your garden and how well it cools you down when sunbathing.

Orbit 10057W Arizona Outdoor Misting System Cobra

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The Orbit 10057W Outdoor Misting Cobra is a pre-shaped pipe that delivers up to 10 feet of mist in a set pattern. It attaches to your hosepipe and provides excellent and convenient misting power whenever you need it.

What makes this sprinkler so useful for sunbathing is that it stands 31 inches tall, making it easy to position at the right height for sunbathing. The heavy-duty PVC and high-quality nozzles can weather the summer sun without perishing, making this a great product to leave outside until you need it.

The entire assembly weighs just 15 ounces, so it’s easy to move around as you follow the sun.


  • Lightweight and doesn’t need stakes to stay in place
  • Up to 10 feet of misting power
  • High-quality materials ensure the product’s durability


  • The mist stand isn’t flexible and only has one configuration

NASUM Fan Misting Kit

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If all you’re looking for is summer cooling, consider the NASUM Fan Misting Kit. It attaches to the outside edge of your fan and provides a cooling mist combined with the gentle airflow of the fan. The entire kit comes preassembled, and all you have to do is connect it to your faucet and tie the nozzles to the fan.

All the nozzles are made from solid brass, making the NASUM kit significantly more robust than many of its counterparts. The brass won’t perish or warp and will ensure a watertight seal for many years.

Most fans tend to move hot air around, but the addition of the mister can cool the air down by around 20°F, giving you fantastic relief from the worst of summer. This product is ideal for people who sunbathe on a deck, where they have access to their fan as well as a water source.


  • Environmentally friendly and water-efficient
  • Brass nozzles won’t rust or perish
  • The connector fits most American water connectors, including faucets, garden filters, and your existing sprinkler system
  • Versatile, as it can attach to many other objects, not just fans


  • Relatively low misting range of 10 feet

Elover Misting Cooling System

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The Elover Misting Cooling System is a comprehensive cooling system for your entire patio, garden, or greenhouse. It’s fully customizable and comes with 14 nozzles and just under 50 feet of tubing. The kit comes with a hose cutter, giving you the flexibility to adapt the kit to your particular area.

The Elover cooling system is an excellent option for people who want a permanent misting solution. The instructions are clear and straightforward to understand, and installation will take a couple of minutes.

The kit also comes with a mesh filter that blocks any impurities, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the system. The UV-resistant tubing and brass fixtures ensure that you’ll have reliable misting on your patio or garden for years to come.


  • The comprehensive kit allows for customizable cooling
  • UV-resistant materials ensure the longevity of the system
  • Up to 50 feet of misting, covering a large area with ease
  • The kit comes with all the tools you need for installation


  • Requires at least 30psi water pressure to atomize the water fully

Tesmotor Stand Mister

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The Tesmotor Stand Mister combines excellent misting power with ease of use. The assembly connects to a standard hosepipe, and the flexible hose and misting nozzles allow you to customize spray heights to meet your needs. Once you’ve assembled the base support, you can move the system around, giving you cooling when you need it the most.


  • Flexible and versatile system
  • Works perfectly under normal water pressure
  • The large spray range makes it perfect for gardening


  • The base consists of perishable plastic, and the O-ring is subject to wear and tear

Eden 11530 Multi-Pattern Turbo Gear Sprinkler Plus Misting System

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If you want something more serious than a simple misting system, the Eden Turbo Gear Sprinkler is an excellent option. This tripod sprinkler offers multiple spray heights and different spray patterns, including a misting system and full circle coverage.

The sprinkler can cover up to 4860 square feet and has excellent coverage control. Plus, it’s still lightweight enough to move around. It’s the ultimate in dual-purpose sprinklers and a great buy for sunbathing and watering alike.


  • Five spray patterns
  • The robust metal tripod extends up to 41 inches
  • Works very well with low water pressure


  • It can be heavy to move around


The best sprinkler for sunbathing depends on your preference. If you want a comprehensive misting system, then the Elover is a great pick. However, if you want a dedicated garden sprinkler with a misting option, you can’t go wrong with the Eden 11530 multi-pattern system. Both will provide excellent cooling, letting you extend your sunbathing sessions well into the afternoon.