The Ultimate Guide to Fire Pit Covers

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Fire pit covers are important for so many reasons. They can keep the fire, including sparks, from getting out of the pit, and they’re also great for keeping your fire pit or table safely out of the elements. Here’s our ultimate guide to fire pit covers so you can find the perfect match.

The Ultimate Guide to Fire Pit Covers

Most fire pits don’t come with a cover. And, when they do, they’re usually an afterthought – meaning poor quality or ineffective. If you want your firepit to last you definitely need a good quality, well-fitting fire pit cover. Especially if you leave your fire pit outdoors year ‘round. 

Fire pit covers also keep the inside of the fire pit clean and free of debris. That means no more cleaning out leaves and anything else that may have blown inside.

Finally, by keeping a waterproof cover on your fire pit you can make sure that whatever is inside stays dry. That means the mechanisms of your gas fire pit will be well protected from the elements and a wood burning firepit’s leftover logs won’t become soggy and impossible to light.

Types of Fire Pit Covers

Spark Screen

Metal grates are designed to cover your firepit to protect both the firepit and the people around it. They’re usually made of a mesh and have a handle at the top to make it easy to lift on and off.

Metal grates are typically firm and sturdy, which means they can also act as a shield to protect people from getting too close to the flame. This is useful on all types of fire pits, especially when you have kids and pets around.

Of course, it’s no substitute for safe behaviour and supervision, but it does add an extra layer of protection.

For a wood burning fire pit, a grate is a great way to keep sparks from flying around the yard.

Finally, metal grate fire pit covers can help keep large debris like leaves out of your fire pit.

Waterproof Cover

These come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some just cover the top of the firepit, others can protect the whole thing.

Waterproof covers are great for winterizing your firepit or keeping it out of the rain. They’re especially popular amongst folks with fire tables that need a little extra protection.

Make sure you choose a cover that fits around your firepit snugly for the best protection. For extra security, choose a waterproof fire pit cover that can be tightened around the base to keep it from blowing off.

These covers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and work on all types of fire pits.

Stainless Steel Fire Pit Pans

These are specifically designed for fire tables. If yours didn’t come with a cover already, you can get small pans that cover up just the fire area.

A fire pit pan can increase the surface area of your fire table. It also protects the fire pit portion of the table while leaving the rest of the surface open (unlike a waterproof cover that will enclose the whole thing).

Carrying Cases

These are perfect for small fire pits or fire bowls so you can take them camping, hiking, the beach, or anywhere else you might want a fire. Fully enclosed, they act as both a fire pit cover for storage and carry case.

How to Choose a Fire Pit Cover

When choosing a fire pit cover the most important thing is making sure that it fits your fire pit snugly. Not so tight that it’s hard to get on, but not loose enough to fall off either. Many fire pits are standard size so you should be able to find a cover that matches.

You’ll also want to ensure it’s suitable for your lifestyle and weather conditions. For example, if you get a lot of rain, a waterproof cover is a must. OIr for dusty areas a small cover over the gas insert might be all you need.

The type of fire pit you have also matters. Gas fire pits, for example, need more protection than hardy wood burning ones. 

Top-Only Fire Pit Cover – Modern Leisure Chalet Large Round Fire Pit Cover

the ultimate guide to fire pit covers large round cover

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This stretchy fire pit cover can be pulled over the top of the fire pit. It’s great if you want something that offers quick protection without too much fuss. Perfect for those smaller round wood burning fire pits.

The cover is UV and water resistant, and is designed to hold up to all kinds of weather. Since it has an elastic bottom it kind of seals around the base fire pit’s bowl, which gives you a decent seal and prevents it from blowing away. 


  • Easy to put on
  • Stretches to a variety of sizes (easy to find a good fit)
  • Water and UV resistant


  • Doesn’t protect the base of the fire pit
  • Since the elastic isn’t adjustable the quality of your seal may vary depending on size and shape
  • No air vents

Best for: A quick solution for a fire pit that gets frequent use.

Full Coverage Fire Pit Cover – Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover

Full coverage fire pit cover that keeps embers off of patio

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If you want a fire pit cover that completely closes around your fire pit, this is the best bet. You’ll need to find the size that matches your fit pit for the perfect fit, but once you do it’s the best protection.

I especially recommend this style of cover if you have a fire pit table you want to protect. Some great features that I love are the fact that it’s water, wind, and snow proof, available in so many different sizes and shapes, and attaches to your fire pit securely.


  • Good quality coverage so your fire pit is well protected
  • Secures to the fire pit so it won’t shift or blow away
  • Water, snow, wind, and UV resistant
  • Has airflow vents


  • More hassle than the more basic covers to take on and off
  • Darker colour option fades in the sun
  • Might not completely cover taller fire pits

Best for: Long term or off season storage and protection.

Spark Screen – Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pit Spark Screen

Full spark screen for outdoor firepits

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A spark screen fire pit cover like this is the perfect option if you’re looking for a fire pit cover that can be used while the fire pit is in use. It helps keep sparks from flying out of a wood burning fire pit, as well as protecting people from getting too close to the flame.

This isn’t a waterproof solution, but keeping a screen on your fire pit will prevent larger debris like falling leaves from getting inside.


  • Can be used while the fire pit is lit
  • Keep sparks from flying around
  • Protects the fire pit from debris


  • Only comes in set sizes so you’ll need to make sure it will fit
  • Doesn’t protect from wind, snow, rain, etc
  • Does not secure to the fire pit

Best for: Round wood burning fire pits.

Fire Pit Pan – Drop in Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cover

Steel fire pit cover mesh

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This fire pit pan can be dropped onto a small fire pit to cover it up. It’s great for protection from the elements while also leaving the rest of the surface usable. I’d also recommend one of these if you want to keep kids or pests out of your gas fire pit.

What’s nice about something like this stainless steel fire pit cover is it will also protect your stone or glass that’s inside of the fire pit. 


  • Sturdy cover that encloses gas fire pit inserts
  • Protects without covering the entire table
  • Easy to take on and off (especially with the handle)


  • Fixed size, so you’ll need to find one that fits just right
  • Could become rusty
  • Does not secure to the fire pit

Best for: Gas fire pits to protect your insert.

Carrying Case Style Cover – Outdoor Carrying Bag

Outdoor carrying bag for fire pit covers

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This carrying case can hold fire pits up to 19 inches or 24 in diameter, depending on which version you grab.  They’re perfect for those little Outbound fire bowls that so many people enjoy taking camping or hiking

 The strap makes it easy to carry your fire pit to and from the destination, plus it doubles as a fire pit cover to protect it when not in use. 


  • Strap makes it easy to carry your fire pit
  • Holds up to outdoor elements including rain, sun, and dust
  • Fully enclosed so your fire pit stays clean and safe


  • Only for smaller fire pits (limited size options)
  • Just a cover for the fire pit, you’ll need to transport the fuel separately

Best for: Small portable fire pits.

The Ultimate Guide to Fire Pit Covers – Conclusion

A cover can be a great way to keep your fire pit clean and protected from the elements. Some also have other uses, like spark shielding or making your fire pit bowl easier to carry. 

Now that you’re familiar with your options thanks to this ultimate guide to fire pit covers you should be able to choose one that works best for your fire pit and lifestyle.