Thermacell Patio Shield Review

Nothing ruins a relaxing evening outside like having to constantly smack and swat away mosquitoes.

The warmer it gets, the more there are, and suddenly, options like Thermacell Patio Shield start looking more and more enticing.

Does Thermacell Patio Shield work?

The mosquito-repelling system is effective at keeping away these flying annoyances, but you need to make sure you have the right setup to suit your patio.

Thermacell works by producing heat that disperses insect repellent over a 15-foot radius and it means you can do away with smoke or harmful chemicals on your body.

If you’ve been desperate to get rid of the mosquitoes on your patio so you can start enjoying the outdoors, Thermacell might be the answer to your prayers.

We’re here to review how this revolutionary product works, what’s good and bad about it, and what you can expect when you get the mosquito repellent for yourself.

The Thermacell Brand

Thermacell Logo

The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller was first released in 1999, after years of research and development.

The unique product was developed with the help of Jim Bonnema and Bill Schwabel, a former senior executive for Gillette, who had goals of creating a heat-activated mosquito repellent device that was safe for everyday use.

Since its initial release, Thermacell has become more affordable and more effective with each passing year and upgrade.

The brand is now a household name and has a great reputation for being a safe and actual way of getting rid of mosquitoes, so you can start enjoying your outdoor space once again.

What is Thermacell and How Does It Work?

How Does Thermacell Patio Shield Work

To get a better idea of what makes Thermacell so effective, we need to first understand the science behind the product.

The premise behind Thermacell was to have a heat-activated mosquito repellent that spread the product through the air, without needing to rely on chemicals being rubbed into the skin, burning oils, other harmful aerosols sprayed around your family.

First, the heat-based energy source that is the Thermacell Fuel Cartridge, is how the device gets its energy, which makes use of butane to power up this and other cordless products.

This heat, and the innovative ignition and combustion system, helps to project the insect repellent to a 15-foot radius.

Like other mosquito repellents, this one masks the scent of people which attracts the flying insects, but it does it without any obvious scent.

The revolutionary effectiveness of Thermacell and its affordable price has made it a household name and if you’re looking for a way to rid your home of mosquitoes once and for all, it’s worth a shot.

The Pros and Cons to Consider

Pros Cons

Being rid of mosquitoes once and for all is a dream that many patio dwellers have, and if you’re looking for an answer, Thermacell might be it.

Before you can jump in though, check out our list of the good and bad that comes with this brand to see what it really offers.


  • It works

The biggest benefit of Thermacell is that it actually works, and a quick look online at the thousands of happy customers’ reviews will show you that.

  • No smell

Unlike citronella candles or mosquito coils, you won’t smell a thing while your Thermacell is on, but the insects will. Better still, aside from the quaint little device, you won’t see anything either, which includes sprays or smoke.

  • Safe for everyone

You can feel good using this around your entire family, even kids and babies, and it’s far safer than spraying aerosols or rubbing harsh chemicals into everyone’s skin.

  • Good radius

With a 15 foot radius for each device, you can easily cover a dining table of guests or your daybed as you sit out on the patio and enjoy nature.


  • Refilling is a chore

The fact that you have to refill cartridges is a little annoying, and if you forget to do it, the mosquitoes will be flocking back in no time at all.

  • Ongoing costs

This isn’t a one-time purchase that will get rid of mosquitoes forever, so be prepared to pay for new cartridges and accessories over the years, as well as a replacement Patio Shield when it finally gives up.

  • Needs charging

The Thermacell repeller can last around six hours on a single charge, and from there, you’ll need to power it up.

What Does Thermacell Include?

What Does Thermacell Include

To use the Thermacell system, you’ll need a mosquito repeller and a fuel cartridge.

These are the two basic parts that make up this product, but there are lots of ways to achieve this and customize it to what you’re after.

A quick look on the Thermacell Patio Shield website will show you their extensive product range, and there are so many different ways to buy and use it that might appeal to your unique setup.

Among some of their current product offerings are the following:

  • Repellers: There are battery-powered and fuel-powered repellers by Thermacell, with a few options in each category. The battery devices are called Radius and E55, each with unique features and ranges. The fuel-powered repellers are for portable use and include the popular Patio Shield system designed for use in your outdoor living space.
  • Refills: The two options here are either battery-powered or fuel-powered refills. The battery device needs to be charged after six hours of continual use and contains up to 120 hours of repellent. The fuel-powered refills are best for portable repellers and come in three styles of Original, Earth Scent, and Max Life for up to 48 hours of use. These refills are inserted into the repeller device and need to be replaced whenever they run out.
  • Accessories: This includes everything you need to make your Thermacell work effectively for your patio but they’re all option add-ons that can be purchased alongside the repeller. You can use one of their tree hangers for enjoying the great outdoors, a holster to keep the repellent close by, and a multipurpose clamp that lets you attach it to just about anything.

How it Stacks Up Against Other Mosquito Repellents


There are loads of products on the market today all claiming to be the absolute solution to getting rid of mosquitoes.

When you compare Thermacell to some of the other top contenders, they manage to hold their own, but it also depends on the user’s preference and their patio setup as to what would work best.

Thermacell is a good choice if you want something discreet with no smell or fumes, and minimal effort to get it to work.

Options like mosquito traps that lure the bugs in with a UV light or carbon dioxide fumes are effective as well, but they don’t mask your human odor completely and you have to clean out the dead ones at the end of each month.

Having to replace the cartridges is what put customers off the most, and unfortunately, there’s yet to be an effective mosquito repellent that doesn’t require some sort of refilling or replacing.

However, options like citronella candles and coils might be easier to light, but they also come with downsides, namely the smoke and fumes that are created.

The Final Say


Thermacell has managed to create a safe and effective way to rid your patio of mosquitoes, provided you choose the right repeller and refill for your individual scenario.

The need to replace its cartridges can be a bit of a bother but something you’ll get used to, and if you’ve ever dealt with this pesky insect before, it’s a small price to pay to get your serenity back.

Related Questions


Mosquitoes are an unfortunate fact of life and a quick way to ruin the serenity on any patio.

If you’ve been wondering about products like Thermacell and other repellents but aren’t sure which direction to take, we’ve answered some FAQs that might be able to help.

Why Do Mosquitoes Hate Citronella?

Citronella and other apparent repellents are more about masking the scent that humans give off, like lactic acid and carbon dioxide, rather than repelling the insects.

The oil obtained from the citronella plant is powerful enough to do this sometimes and might be an effective way to get rid of them.

Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Nets?

A mosquito net is designed with small holes in a piece of fabric so that the insect can’t get through to the person or thing underneath it.

However, if your skin was up against the fabric and the mosquito’s sharp proboscis was as well, it could penetrate through the small hole to bite you.