Viper Portable Volleyball Net System Review

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Can a portable volleyball net work for regulation play? And, just how sturdy is a pop-up volleyball net? We’ll answer those questions and more with this Viper portable volleyball net system review. 

Produced by online sports retailer Cobra net systems, this popular line of convenient and easy to set up volleyball nets has garnered quite a bit of attention. They’ve been in operation for about 30 years, and they’re known for shipping some really decent outdoor equipment ranging from beach tennis, to badminton and volleyball sets. 

Today though, we’re going to be looking specifically into their portable volleyball net system. 

Are Portable Volleyball Sets Any Good?

While it depends a lot on what you’re expecting out of a game of beach volleyball, these nets can really go above and beyond in terms of stability and convenience while still providing an excellent game for you and your teammates. 

Upsides of Portable Volleyball Sets: 

  • Can be set up with just one person 
  • Lightweight enough to store in a small vehicle 
  • Ability to change your setting based on beach foot traffic or preference 
  • Clean and easy setup that doesn’t overly disturb the ground  

Downsides of Some Portable Volleyball Sets: 

  • Tension wires or ropes to hold up poles 
  • Non-regulation sizing makes for a ‘smaller’ feeling net and gamespace 
  • Not always suitable for beach volleyball 
  • Sometimes flimsy and otherwise unreliable build quality 

There’s a lot to consider to figure out whether or not a portable volleyball system is going to be a good fit for you and your friend’s gameplay style, but the Viper portable volleyball net does a lot to eliminate some of the potential pitfalls you can run into by choosing a portable model. 

Viper Portable Volleyball Net System Review editorial image of a volleyball net and game

Review: Is the Viper Portable Volleyball Net Worth It?

This volleyball net comes with an innovative design that makes it a lot more ‘portable’ than other models claim to be. It’s lightweight, sets up quickly and has a net that’s more than enough to stand up to whatever you and your friends can dole out to it. We’ll run through some of the things we love about this net before talking about some of the downsides, as well. 

Net Quality 

Finally! A portable volleyball net that doesn’t rely on the use of guy lines to prevent slacking. It might sound like a strange point to emphasize, but those of you who’ve used or shopped for portable volleyball nets in the past will know about this all too well. 

Many portable volleyball nets rely on a slack reducing line that’s tightened to prevent the net from dipping downwards or otherwise getting tangled up. That being said, they’re typically a pain and sometimes even get in the way of play if you tend to keep your game fairly close to the net. 

The Viper portable volleyball net system uses no such line, and is clear of any ropes or cables at all, besides the two built into the net. The net tightens securely on the bottom half going into the pole to prevent cupping of the ball in the net. This creates tension across the nets face so when the ball impacts it doesn’t get caught up like it would in more cheaply made nets. 

This net meets regulation volleyball net height and width at 32’ x 3’, making it perfect for simulating regulation style play wherever you’d like to take it. 


The Viper portable volleyball net system is capable of being used on a wide variety of surfaces, and it’s just as easy to get it there. The entire system only weighs 29lbs in total. Not only that, but it comes complete with a heavy-duty carrying bag to help you get it to your preferred backdrop as well. 

This net promises a quick and easy setup, and ultimately lives up to that promise exceedingly well. Everything made to hold the poles of this net in place are completely self-contained. In essence, they’re directly underneath the post and hold it in place without the use of any wires, exterior stakes or plates. These can be potentially hazardous during play, and have no doubt caused injuries in the past. 

Thankfully this system eliminates any worry of tripping, stepping or falling over wires and stakes with a totally wire-free volleyball net design.  

Playing volleyball with a portable net

Is the Viper Portable Volleyball Net Durable?

As we’ve touched on briefly throughout our review thus far, the Viper net system is a highly durable piece of equipment. 

The product touts an innovative ground anchor stake and flex pole that provides a lot of ‘give’ for the sturdy pole, without having to rely on any guy lines or wires. This not only makes the whole net system more durable and sturdy in its own right, but as previously stated, makes for a much safer setup for the players. There aren’t any wires to trip on, or stakes to injure yourself on. 

Note on the Viper’s Included Boundary Line  

The Viper portable volleyball net system includes a boundary line, it can even be customized-to-order by contacting the company directly based on your play preferences! It comes with included grass and sand stakes, so it’s just as versatile as the net is itself. 

Final Verdict: Viper Portable Volleyball Net System Review 

Hopefully this Viper portable volleyball net system review has helped answer your questions about choosing the best outdoor net for your specific needs.

Overall, we recommend the Viper portable volleyball net system.

The Viper Portable Volleyball Net system is a sports utility that has all of the portability and convenience of an entry-level kit but with a lot more quality packed into what you’re getting. It’s an overall safer piece of equipment to play with and helps to mitigate the chances of injury by greatly reducing the number of stakes and cords sticking out of the ground.