When Do Fire Pits Go on Sale

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Thinking about buying a fire pit? If you want to save money then shopping sales prices or last year’s model is a great way to stretch your backyard budget and still find something great. But when do fire pits go on sale, exactly? Here’s the breakdown to help you save.

When do fire pits go on sale? Fire pit with fire stones and gas flame

When Do Fire Pits Go on Sale?

Fire pits can go on sale any time of the year, but they’re usually in stores during the spring and early summer months. You’ll get the best prices later in the season when retailers are trying to get rid of unsold inventory so they don’t have to store it for next season.

Recently inventory has been limited so stores are offering less discounts. If you’re really wanting a fire pit it’s not worth waiting to see if they’ll go down in price, it’s better to just buy the first time you see them on sale. 

It’s not unusual for the same sale prices to be repeated throughout the season without things ever getting cheaper, too. 

So, when do fire pits go on sale anyway? 

Early Spring (March – May) Clearance

You’d think this would be the most expensive time of the year to buy a fire pit because that’s when the new stock comes in. And in some ways that can be true – the spring months are when most retailers will get in their summer products like fire pits.

But since the new stuff is coming out it’s also a time where retailers put old inventory on sale. If there’s some leftover products from last year that got packed away in the fall this is the time of year when they get marked down.

Shopping Tips: The key here is that you’re not buying on sale items, it will probably be labelled clearance. Skip the shiny and new displays and track down the department’s clearance section for the best chance of finding a marked down fire pit. You can also check online stores by filtering clearance items. 

Memorial Day (US) or Victoria Day (Canada) Sales

These holidays mark the official BBQ seasons of the year in both countries. It’s pretty common for all kinds of outdoor cooking equipment to go on sale, mostly BBQs. But fire pits also end up in the sale flyers, along with outdoor furniture.

You won’t get the rock bottom prices here, though. Since it’s still early in the season retailers are looking for a big push in sales because people will be holding outdoor celebrations. Of course, if you need something now to use all summer then it’s still better than paying full price!

Shopping Tips: Check sales flyers for stores that sell fire pits regularly leading up to the holiday. Sometimes things go on sale earlier than the holiday weekend. Also, make sure you compare prices and price match!

4th of July and Canada Day

By the time July rolls around summer is practically over, at least from a retail perspective. You’ll see another push for summer and backyard products, including fire pits, around this time. Like Memorial Day, parties and gatherings mean people are already shopping for these items and a sale price gives customers that extra push to buy.

Sometimes you get the same sale prices as before, other times different products go on sale. Typically stores won’t get much new inventory after this point, so if you wait longer you do run the risk of not finding a fire pit later in the season.

Shopping Tips: Once again, flyer shopping is key here. Usually sales happen before the holiday so you can prepare for parties.

Labor Day Weekend

The official end of summer. Many retailers will have already packed up their summer stuff by this point but sometimes you can find great deals on leftovers. Stores may do a big push to get rid of their leftover inventory by offering better sales than you see the rest of the year.

It’s also a good time to check clearance sections again, too. 

Shopping Tips: Inventory might be limited so make sure you shop early. Online orders are a great way to secure items without having to check stores frequently. 

Black Friday

You can be certain that TVs will go on sale for Black Friday, but fire pits? Not so much. But I’ve definitely seen them on sale, and for great prices too. Online retailers are better for this since they use Black Friday sales to advertise stuff that was already on clearance. 

Depending on where you live or what stores are in your area, you might also find some in store Black Friday fire pit sales too.

Shopping Tips: Check sales flyers before heading out to avoid wasting your time, or just shop online.

Other Fire Pit Sales to Look For

When do fire pits go on sale? Here are some other opportunities for scoring a new piece of outdoor

No Tax Days – If you live somewhere with a high tax rate, these events can give you a nice discount off the price. Especially if things are already on sale.

Online Retailers – Websites like Amazon have random sales throughout the year, and often sell off season products at a big discount. If there’s one you like you can add it to your cart to monitor price changes.

End of Season Sales – Some retailers might have their own end of season sales that don’t follow a usual pattern. Keep an eye out!

Discount Stores – Places like TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Homesense, etc sometimes get fire pits in stock. They try to keep their inventory seasonal, just make sure you have an idea of prices before you shop since sometimes their deals aren’t that good.

Clearance/Liquidation Stores – These stores buy old inventory when stores can’t move it and can be a treasure trove of great deals. Check just after the season has ended for the best chances of finding a fire pit.

When Do Fire Pits Go on Sale? – Conclusion

Hopefully this answers your “when do fire pits go on sale” question. As you can see, there’s a few opportunities during the summer to shop sale prices. So don’t fret if you happen to miss a sale. 

Waiting until the end of season for clearance can save you the most amount of money, but it also runs the risk of the fire pits selling out before you can get one. If you really have your heart set on buying a new fire pit this summer, it might be best to pick it up the first time you see the one you want on sale. 

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