Aluminum Patio Furniture – The Essential Guide

Aluminum Patio Furniture – The Essential Guide

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When choosing patio furniture, people tend to look more at the style of the pieces and how they’ll compliment their style and décor.

More importantly though, is the material used to make the furniture, with aluminum being a best seller, for more reasons than one.

Is aluminum patio furniture a good choice?

Aluminum has many benefits when used for patio furniture including weather resistance, strength, and affordability.

However, it can be lightweight and might blow away with one strong gale, and if exposed to the sun, will become hot to the touch.

If you’re on a journey to find new patio furniture and have been weighing up aluminum as your material of choice, we can help.

We’ve covered the good and the bad so you can see if aluminum patio furniture is the perfect addition for your outdoor entertaining space.

The Best Things About Aluminum Patio Furniture

The Best

When it comes to aluminum patio furniture, the good definitely outweighs the bad.

There are plenty of reasons why this substance has been chosen time and time again for outdoor spaces, including:


Aluminum patio furniture is one of the cheapest options out there, which is made even more impressive given its quality.

Manufacturing the material costs less than others which means the savings get passed on to you.

Suits all climates

Aluminum doesn’t only do well in your average neighborhood but it’s also great for seaside homes.

While the salt in the air might corrode other materials like iron, your aluminum patio furniture won’t be attacked in the same way.


The durability of aluminum is a huge selling point and it means you’ll have the same piece of furniture for 15+ years if it’s taken care of.

For the price and longevity, it’s one of the best value materials on the market.


When covered with a powder coating, the weather-resistant properties of aluminum are even better.

If you’re looking for this specific material when choosing patio furniture, it’s a smart feature to choose.

Low maintenance

Over the years, there’s very little you have to do to aluminum patio furniture to keep it looking the same.

Unlike other materials like wood or steel, your aluminum goods will retain their shine and appearance with minimal input, so if you’re after low-effort patio furniture, it’s the way to go.


The material is easily molded which means you can have just about any design you like.

You’re not limited to a certain look or style with aluminum patio furniture and it comes in all shapes, colors, and finishes to make each piece unique.

The Worst Things About It

The Worst

With all of its good points, aluminum patio furniture also has some drawbacks, and it’ll be up to the individual to see if these are dealbreakers or not.

Consider these possible downsides to aluminum patio furniture to get a better idea of what it offers:

Blows away

As a lightweight option, aluminum patio furniture has been prone to blowing away, even without crazy gusts of wind.

If you live somewhere notoriously windy, you’ll either want to keep it stored away, or choose a heavier metal for your outdoor space.

Heats up

When left in the sun, aluminum heats up and retains that heat for some time.

Sitting on a chair in direct sunlight could burn you, so you’ll need to keep them covered or use a chair pad to avoid this heat.

Feels flimsy

Aluminum has a tendency to feel flimsy which can turn some people off from choosing it for their patio furniture.

Although the material is built tough, the feel and weight of the hollow tubes make it seem cheap when you compare it to denser materials out there.

Choosing the Best Aluminum Products


Shopping for aluminum patio furniture should be easy but with so many styles and features to choose from, it can get challenging.

There are a few things you’ll want to factor in when choosing your new patio furniture in this material, so make sure you’ve covered them all.


Your budget will be the guiding force you use to choose new furniture, and luckily, aluminum comes at all prices to suit everyone.

Overall, this material is considered one of the most affordable options, and there are ways to increase the cost as well, so think about what you want to spend and your goals for patio furniture before you start the search.


The two main options you’ll have for aluminum patio furniture is to powder coat or not.

There are obvious benefits to powder coating including weather resistance, durability, and aesthetics, but some may prefer the shiny finish of non-coated aluminum instead.


Think about your overall goals for the patio and what design aesthetic you hope to achieve.

Aluminum works well with most trends including contemporary and classic looks, so you’re guaranteed to find something that fits.

Mixing and matching different materials is smart, so don’t feel like you’re restricted to just aluminum when choosing furniture.


The capacity of your patio furniture should be enough to hold not just the weight of the people sitting on it, but the number of people as well.

Think about how you’ll be using your patio, whether you’ll have guests over, and what members of the household will be using it, too.

Aluminum is a strong material that offers more weight capacity than other materials but it’s not invincible, so do some measurements first.

Type of furniture

Aluminum is used to make just about any piece of patio furniture you can think of, including side tables, dining sets, storage benches, and daybeds.

Start with a basic plan of your patio and think about how you’ll be using it, whether for relaxation or entertaining and let that guide you toward the pieces that will help you achieve it.

Taking Care of Your New Furniture

Care And Maintenance

One of the biggest misconceptions about aluminum furniture is that it can be left out in the sun and rain for months on end without showing any signs of damage.

While it does rate highly when compared to other materials for weather resistance, it should still be bought in undercover each day and stored away inside if there’s any wild weather approaching.

For the best results, follow the guidelines that come with the patio furniture you choose, as every brand and piece is made differently.

Some may be okay exposed to occasional rain or direct sunlight but others won’t fare as well when left to their own devices.

To clean aluminum is easy as well, and you can wash it once a month or so with a soft sponge and simple detergent and water solution, which will get it looking fresh and brand new again.

If you want to go a little further, you can use a spray-on car wax just as you would on your vehicle, and it will help to restore the original shine.

A Safe Choice With Aluminum

Aluminum patio furniture is affordable, stylish, and easy to maintain, so it ticks many of the boxes that people have when looking for outdoor pieces.

To ensure you get the perfect fit for your patio, think about how aluminum will fit in with your grand plans and whether it’s got the goods to deliver.

Related Questions


Selecting patio furniture isn’t as leisurely as it sounds, especially when you see the sheer range of styles and materials out there.

If aluminum has been on your list for a while, we’ve answered some FAQs about this type of furniture, to give you some insight into the finer details.

Is Steel or Aluminum Better for Patio Furniture?

Steel and aluminum are both popular choices for patio furniture because of their weather resistance and durability.

Aluminum is usually preferred by those looking for lower cost and lightweight furniture, whereas steel is the better choice for a heavier and more durable type of furniture.

How Long Does Aluminum Furniture Last?

A quality piece of aluminum furniture can last between 10 and 20 years, and sometimes even longer if it’s taken care of properly.

One of the biggest benefits of using this material outdoors is its weather resistance, even when continually exposed to elements like sunlight and rain, so they’re built to last.

How Do You Protect Powder Coated Aluminum?

An automotive or outdoor furniture wax product can be applied to powder-coated aluminum to protect it from UV rays and other harsh elements, as well as keep its original appearance.

However, you must choose a non-abrasive wax that’s designed for outdoor use and ideally, one made for powder-coated aluminum specifically.


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