Best Wall-Mounted Heaters

When I say nothing compared to an evening out on the porch, deck or patio I don’t think I’m reaching too far out of the realm of most people’s shared experiences. These are some of the moments we cherish the most with our friends and family, and they’re made right in the comfort of our own backyards. Our own little slice of the outdoors.

Make it a little more your own by adding some creature comforts like pest repellers, comfortable patio furniture and even a cozy little heating element. That’s right! You can make these spaces even more enjoyable for you and your family for years to come.

Here we’re going to review the best wall-mounted heaters to make your outdoor spaces comfortable!

A Guide to Wall-Mounted Heaters

There’s a few key points we’re going to address before hopping into these reviews. Having a wall mounted heater means getting crisp, warm rays on a budget. It also means getting them quickly!

These models differ from some of the standard electrical heaters you might be used to. Here’s how:

Unlike ceramic heaters, wall mounted heaters heat up quite quickly and can deliver that heat to a much larger area. Another huge point of difference between these two is wall-mounted heaters can often be found in models that are completely waterproof.

Otherwise meaning that you can safely use them on your porch, patio, in your garage or just about anywhere else you’d like to keep nice and toasty. 

These work by being equipped with waterproof casing to protect the electrical unit, while the heating element itself is also impervious to even heavy rainfall. They may also come with angled hoods to help redirect rainflow, which also have the added benefit of helping the unit to project its heat to a certain area. 

Do Wall-Mounted Heaters Work Well Outside?

It’s reasonable to assume that a heater might not give you your best bang for your buck outside in an exposed area, although these are something of an exception to that notion. Wall-mounted heaters generally use infrared heating elements.

This means that typically, heat is going to be projected towards the area they’re pointing at. If you mount them high up and point them downwards, you can expect at least some of your seating area to be covered, especially if it’s close.

Although they will work especially well in covered areas since the heat can become ‘trapped’ somewhat, you’ll find that you can get some decent warmth from them pointing down onto your back deck, too. 

What to Consider Before Buying 

Ask yourself some of the important questions such as, “What space will I be heating?” or, “How warm do I want my space to be?” To give you a quick idea of how warm these things get, there’s usually 3 settings you’re going to find to indicate heating power.

For instance, 500W, 100W and 1500W are some of the most common settings. They’re gradually warmer as they increase respectively, with 1500W being a fairly strong heater. 

The Best Wall-Mounted Heaters For Your Outdoor Space

Kuton Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater 

Best Wall-Mounted Heaters: electric wall mounted patio heater

The Kuton is a great compromise between size and heating power. With three settings and a built-in timer, it is versatile enough to serve the needs of your patio, or even your garage!

As it goes with the rest of these models, we don’t recommend using these in a heavy winter, they’re most certainly not going to be powerful enough to heat up your patio from the freezing snow. That being said, they’re ideal for a chilly summer or fall evening. This wall mounted unit in particular is purpose-built for taking away the chills on your back deck.

It comes straight out of the box with IP65 waterproofing, which makes it ideal for use outdoors. This model is completely electric, and also includes an overheat protection system which helps you with your peace of mind, while also saving you a little on your electrical bills. 


  • Waterproofed for outdoor use
  • Won’t overheat
  • Can be set up in a variety of places like the deck or garage


  • Shouldn’t be used when it’s really cold
  • Warm, but not super warm

PatioBoss Electric Patio Heater 

patioboss electric patio heater as one of the best options

One of the biggest selling points of this heater has to be its super quiet operation. The hum put off by some electric heaters is not joke, and you’d hate for it to get in the way of a peaceful evening on your patio or deck, not to mention you and your guest’s conversation.

The fast heating gold tube construction ensures this 1500W unit will provide you with ample heat distribution on your deck, without all of the noise.

It even comes with a remote control, and provides for a versatile installation. In other words, you can mount this either on the ceiling, or wall depending on the outdoor structure you’re installing it in/around. IP65 waterproofing comes standard, keeping this unit safe in the weather, even up against heavy rain. 


  • Good provider of heat
  • Comes with a remote control for easy operating
  • Can be mounted to the wall or ceiling


  • No control buttons so you can’t use it if your remote is dead or lost
  • May not work with your existing wiring

Fire Sense Black Steel Wall Mounted Infrared Outdoor Heater

fire sense black steel wall mounted ifared heater

Also coming in at 1500 watts maximum, this steel-construction wall heater brings a slightly more industrial look to your outdoor space. If you don’t mind the style of it, this heater has a lot to bring to the table.

First and foremost, its powersource. As previously stated, this is a fully electric infrared heater. This means that not only does it just rely on electricity for power, which is intrinsically safe, but it also includes a far reaching 6 foot power cord.

Much like the other models mentioned in our reviews, this means that it can easily plug into your standard wall outlet plug. This outdoor heater is plenty light, allowing it to be placed on extrusions and parts of an outdoor deck or patio structure if need be. An included mounting bracket makes that installation all the more simpler.

The stainless steel case helps to throw the infrared heat further, keeping you feeling just warm enough when the evening chill sets in. 


  • Stainless steel case provides good heat range
  • Plugs into a regular outlet with far reaching cord
  • Lightweight


  • Replacement bulbs are not readily available in most stores
  • Heat output is good, but could be warmer

Key Tek Wall-Mounted Infrared Patio Heater 

key tek wall mounted patio heater

The Key Tek is a model of heater that will come up fairly often when you’re on the lookout for one of these things. For good reason, too. This brand is usually good value for money, and this unit is absolutely no exception to that rule.

Golden tube allows for fast heat distribution, and a low ‘warm up’ time. Shortly after turning on this unit, you’ll be graced with a ray of warmth that will help blanket at least some portion of the outdoor space you intend to use it for.

It’s remote controlled, removing the need for it to be in a completely accessible mounting position, too. 3 power settings in the form of 500, 100, and 1500W power deliver 3 levels of heat depending on how cold you are, and allow you to adjust slightly as things start to heat up.

This model in particular has a conical, tubular shape. This is beneficial for mounting, since it means you can get up to 90 degrees of variable positioning. In other words, you can point it far up, and fairly far down as well.

Just be sure that you’re not pointing it directly at any synthetic upholstery, or plastic house siding as it might show signs of degradation. 


  • Easy to install in most outdoor spaces
  • Multiple options for heat output
  • Good value for money


  • Remote doesn’t work great
  • Orange glow of the light is very bright (not good for setting the mood)

Infrared Electric Wall Mounted Patio Heater by JIYU

infared electric wall mounted patio heater

The infrared wall-mountable JIYU unit is a little smaller than some of the other ones in our reviews, but that doesn’t mean it won’t provide you with some nice heated comfort. It’s 23 inches wide, but still gives you the opportunity to heat your space adequately.

This carbon fiber tube heater heats up quickly, and can easily be paired with a second to provide an even greater heating area.

This unit also comes equipped with an LED display with which you can set a 24 hour timer to ensure that you don’t accidentally leave it on. 


  • LED display with timer
  • Heats up quickly
  • Space saving design


  • Smaller than other units, therefore covers a narrower area
  • Remote control is finicky


Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best wall-mounted heaters! These units are ideal for heating out an outdoor space, so what will you do with your newly installed heater? You can throw parties on your back deck while keeping all of your guests at a comfortable temperature all evening!

Depending on the area you want to cover, you might sometimes feel the need to double up on heating power. These units can be installed next to one another, as well as adjacent to cover larger spaces, too!

Whichever one of these wall-mounted electric heaters you choose it’s going to keep you warm so you can enjoy your patio all season long.