Best Freestanding Volleyball Net

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Fun on the run! These are the best freestanding volleyball nets we’ve reviewed so you can take your game on the go. Or, enjoy hassle-free setup for a pop-up volleyball game in your own backyard. 

What is the Best Freestanding Volleyball Net?

We’ll dive into some reviews for the most popular models, and explain what might make them a good choice for your backyard volleyball related needs! First off though, we’ll dive into a few things you should consider before buying a freestanding volleyball net. 

What Makes a Freestanding Net Portable?

Here web’e sought to include only freestanding volleyball nets that are totally portable. In other words, ones that are perfectly well suited to being set up and taken down in a short amount of time, with minimal extra effort involved. 

These shouldn’t include an overcomplicated system of wires or cords necessary to give it some level of tension or stability. After all, there’s in-ground permanent volleyball nets for that purpose anyways! Find something that’s perfect for the campsite, backyard and family reunion with our detailed product reviews below. 

Net Size 

Do you favor portability, or authenticity? Some of the nets below come in a regulation size, meaning a taller net section and typically wider length. They’re substantial nets that are designed to accommodate a real game of volleyball, if that’s what you’re after. 

The other end of the spectrum are combination nets that give you something portable you can use for playing pickleball, volleyball, badminton and more! These are great for families, as well as friend groups who just can’t decide on what they want to play. 

How to Setup Your Free Standing Volleyball Net 

Many of these nets have alternate systems they use for setting up, which is of course to be expected. However, most of them are freestanding poles supported by a slackline for tension. You’ll find some different varieties but this is one of the most common. 

Ensure that the net you’re interested in will meet your needs, whether that includes lots of portability wherever you need it, or a certain type of support feature for your space. 

Baden Champions Volleyball Set 

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This freestanding volleyball set is a highly-rated piece of sports equipment that will serve your backyard well. This set comes with it’s own convenient carrying bag that makes it portable for the beach, campsite and backyard as well! 

Not to mention that it comes with a set of ground stakes, a pump and even its own ball. If you need an all-in-one approach to your volleyball kit, this is a great set to consider. 

The setup consists of heavy-duty steel poles which are completely adjustable to meet the needs of your play. It also includes reinforcing stakes with straps to keep everything taught and ready for whatever your game has to throw at it. 


  • Powder-coated steel poles are anti-rust for long lasting build quality 
  • Included bag is perfect for carrying all of the components when you’re on-the-go
  • The volleyball net is completely regulation sized so you can practice your game wherever you take it 


  • Setup time is longer than most models 

Net World Sports Freestanding Volleyball/Badminton Combo Net 

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This combination net isn’t unusual in its design; many volleyball nets you’ll find online can also convert into different types of wide netted setups based on what sport you want to play. That being said, its overall quality and size is what shines. 

This is a big net. And while it’s not all that portable, it is a fantastic option for a freestanding volleyball net. Weighing in at 101 lbs, the steel posts rest on a metal ‘T’ shape with heavy-duty wheels for moving them around. They’re ideal for outdoor volleyball play since they’re very stable due to their weight. 

This volleyball set does a great job of achieving stability without the need to be installed in the ground. 


  • Combi-posts allow for a variety of netted games
  • Powder coating helps with resistance to weather conditions and long-term use
  • Self-weighted posts with wheels for easier transportation 


  • This set is technically portable, although the weight and pole design may make it a bit of a task 

KIKILIVE Portable Volleyball Net 

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A folding design makes this volleyball net ideal for fast and easy setup. It also gives it a really ‘lightweight’ feel for easy transportation wherever you need it. There aren’t any tools required, nor are there any stakes needed for setting up this net 

Something as simple as a small cooler could be used to help keep the net in place during play, as any strike a ball might make against it could cause it to shift. Thankfully though, it’s easy to weigh down with the small piece in the center. 

This net definitely isn’t regulation size for volleyball, but provides a fun obstacle to base your game around regardless. 


  • Foldable design for quick and easy portability 
  • Incredibly lightweight for taking with you anywhere 
  • Quick ‘pop up and play’ setup thanks to folding design  


  • Non regulation-sized net 

Boulder Adjustable Portable Net for Volleyball 

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This net is perfectly suitable for all ages, making it a great freestanding volleyball net for families! It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to pick up and go, too. 

The net doesn’t require any stakes at all, and is completely freestanding. Also, the net can transform into three different heights to accommodate different ages, and games as well! You can play along with the kids, or set it up for the perfect evening volleyball game at the beach. 

The net is made from a waterproof nylon material that’s well-suited for outdoor play. The frame itself uses steel for support, but remains very lightweight for transport and packing. 


  • Lightweight design that can be set up and stowed away in no time 
  • 3-in1 customizable heights for different games and ages of play 
  • Packs down to a 3-foot long package for lots of potability 


  • The lowest configuration doesn’t serve very well for any sports activity

Triumph Classic Freestanding Volleyball Set 

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The name says it all, but this is still a set worth considering despite the fact that there’s not much new about the truly classic design. Triumph sports developed this ‘classic’ net to accommodate a casual volleyball game that’s portable and easy to put up and take down. 

The 3-piece steel poles have a sturdy look and feel, and also come with a built-in powder coating out of the box to help prevent rust and any other environmental factors that might otherwise shorten the lifespan of your kit. 

The whole set is collapsible, and can be stored neatly in an included carrying bag. One feature that sets this net apart are the included boundary lines which are secured using anchors to indicate the area of play. 


  • Included regulation ball and pump 
  • Guyline for creating tension on the net during play 
  • Weatherproof steel poles that keep the entire net sturdy 


  • Slightly longer than average setup time compared to foldable models 

Conclusions: Best Freestanding Volleyball Net 

Finding the best free standing volleyball net depends on figuring out what you want out of your game! Overall, there are some that are more versatile for a wide range of fun outdoor activities you can enjoy with the family, while some are totally dedicated to playing volleyball. 

Where do you want to use it? The backyard? A sandy beach? These are the questions you should ask yourself before making a final decision. That being said however, I found the Triumph volleyball net to best meet my needs. It’s incredibly portable, durable overall and performs well for a simple game of casual volleyball! 

Thanks for checking out these reviews for the best freestanding volleyball net! Stick around and follow our reviews for more of the best outdoor sports equipment for your backyard, or wherever else your adventures may take you.