The Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers That Are Fun and Safe

As spring turns to summer, that means it’s time to get outside and soak up the sun. Whether it’s a weekend cookout or a family camping trip, you will need to find something your toddler can enjoy. There are thousands of outdoor water toys on the market, which can be daunting.

But don’t worry. This in-depth guide will recommend the best outdoor water toys for toddlers.

Why a Water Toy?

You want your toddler to have the ability to entertain themselves. Let’s face it—toddlers can be a handful. While you love being the one to provide entertainment, sometimes you need a break. That’s the beauty of toys.

Outdoor water toys are a welcome distraction for your toddler and stimulate their mind. Even better, adding water to these toys is perfect for dealing with the summer heat. It’s a refreshing way for your toddler to enjoy a day out in the sun while staying safe.

Water toys also come in handy when hosting a kid’s party or whenever you are taking care of several kids. For this reason, a lot of schools and daycare centers invest in toddler water toys. Toys can help your toddler entertain themself and learn responsibility.

Picking the Best Water Toy

When it comes to toys, several retailers specialize in appealing to young children. Our suggestion would be to include your toddler in the decision. Take them to the store or let them browse online for the water toy that appeals most to them.

As a parent, you want to keep safety in mind. Make sure there is nothing sharp on the toy or any removable parts that your toddler can ingest. Also, try to go for something light in weight so your toddler can easily handle it. Be sure to avoid any toy that shoots things into the air.

You should feel safe with your toddler playing with their toy and not have to worry about any potential dangers.

When To Use a Water Toy

There are several occasions where a water toy can come in handy. Water toys can entertain your young kids in the bath or outside. It’s practical to have a toy on hand when you have guests with children over the house. On that note, water toys are a valuable asset in setting up playdates with your child’s friends. These toys are also ideal for hosting children’s parties, so the kids have something to play with at all times.

Water toys also come in handy at the beach, where you’ll never run out of water and sand to enjoy. Truthfully, you can find a water toy for whatever situation your toddler plans to use them. Retailers consistently release new toys that your little one will crave.

The Science Behind Toys

Toys are critical in the development of children. They teach valuable life lessons and help them exercise their creativity and imagination. Some vital skills that toys teach children include problem-solving, cause and effect, and many others.

Toys also show toddlers how to share and play with each other. Teamwork skills are vital to being a successful human being. Why not acclimate your child to collaboration as soon as possible? Additionally, toys help develop your child’s motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination. 

Overall, water toys can help increase your child’s IQ and encourage them to become more independent and self-serving.

Our Picks

After trying out several toddler water toys, here are our official selections for the best outdoor water toys for toddlers.

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table Playset

The Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers rain showers splash pond water table

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Splash ponds are some of the best toys for toddlers of all genders. A splash pond lets your child build their water world.

The pond is the foundation for your toddler’s toy fun. Once you have this toy, you can continuously add new toys and action figures to it. This benefit gives the toy longevity. The pond features rearrangeable maze pieces allowing your little ones to create a new waterfall every day. Plus, the toy plays rain sounds to create a soothing environment for your kids to play in. Make it the cornerstone of your toddler’s toy collection.

Your toddler can spend hours playing with this splash pond water playset.


  • You’ll get longevity out of your toddler’s toys
  • Rearrangeable maze pieces allow for more creativity
  • Plays authentic rainfall sounds
  • Includes a lot of accessories


  • You can make a mess if you use it indoors
  • Potential for pieces to be left behind
  • Some small toy pieces can be dangerous for little ones

Edushape Water Whirly Bath Toy

Whirly bath toy water toy for toddlers outdoor sprinkler for kids

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Toddlers always need toys to occupy them in the bath. Edushape’s whirly bath toy will entertain your child and allow you to clean them without interruption. With spring technology, the toy detaches whenever water fills up the whirly toy. The toys come in bright, fluorescent colors that appeal to kids.

Toys stimulate your toddler’s mind and work their imagination. This toy comes with four parts, so your child can choose to play with each separately or as a collective. Better yet, if you have more than one toddler, they can learn to share!


  • Occupies toddlers in the bathtub for better cleaning
  • Detachable parts provide more versatility
  • Compliments bathwater in a unique way
  • The toys come in bright colors


  • Potential for kids to lose interest quickly
  • Limit to its functionality
  • Parts have the potential to be lost

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

Melissa & Doug sunny patch blossom sprinkler set

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Sprinklers are fun for all toddlers. The blossom sprinkler will not only create fun for your children but will help water your garden. It’s a valuable opportunity to teach your toddler about the importance of watering plants and grass.

All you have to do is attach your garden hose to the sprinkler, and water will squirt out from the toy flowers. Your toddlers will love running underneath the sprinklers. It’s a favorite nostalgic activity that even adults have fun memories from as children.


  • Keep your toddlers cool during hot summer months
  • Helps water your plants
  • It’s a great teaching opportunity for parents
  • Create fun childhood memories that last a lifetime


  • Limit to the amount of time you can play
  • You can run your water bill up
  • Only applicable during summer months

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

The Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers inflatable slide large for toddlers

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Bouncers are a staple of every kid’s party. Who doesn’t love to bounce around? With Little Tikes’ slide bouncers, you add another layer to the traditional bouncer.

The inflatable comes with hoops that test your toddler’s climbing ability. Once at the top, your toddler can slide down the bouncer. Make sure to keep adding water to the inflatable to keep it slippery. Slides are perfect for hosting parties as they can hold several children at once. Toddlers can dive down the inflatable repeatedly while still having fun.

Whenever using the bouncer, make sure you have someone supervising the toddlers.


  • Perfect for hosting children’s parties
  • Provides your toddlers with physical exercise
  • Allows multiple little ones to use it simultaneously
  • Combines three fun activities into one


  • Water slides can be dangerous
  • Need warm weather to use it
  • There is potential to pop
  • Requires constant supervision from a parent

boppi 4-Section Children’s Sand and Water Table

Sand and water table with sections for outdoor use

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Why not have a toy your toddler can use in both water and sand? Boppi’s sand and water table are ideal for kids who love to explore and collect. Each of the four sections of the table can hold different materials, with one specifically for water. The others are capable of maintaining sand, pebbles, rice, and more.

These toys easily detach so your toddler can use them separately. The multifunctionality aspect of this toy makes it ideal for bringing it to the beach.


  • The product can be used in many ways
  • Practical toy for collectors
  • Great accessory to bring to the beach
  • It comes with several accessories
  • Pieces are bright in color


  • Not much functionality outside of holding different materials
  • Potential to lose parts

Selecting Your Favorite Water Toy

We hope this guide allows you to make a more informed decision for your toddler. Water toys will keep your kids busy and teach them about responsibility.

After trying all the toys on this list, our choice for the best outdoor water toys for toddlers is the Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table Playset.

Overall, this playset exceeded all our expectations. This water table can be the center of your toddler’s toy world for years to come. Plus, it comes with over a dozen accessories that can occupy your little one for a meaningful time. The pond is customizable, so your toddler can use their imagination and creativity to build something new each day.

For these reasons, the Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table Playset is our favorite toddler water toy on the market today.

For more information on the latest accessories and toys for your youngster, look at some of our other in-depth guides for future shopping sprees.