Best Hot Tub Towels For a More Relaxing Experience

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Do yourself a favor and create a space that’s as inviting as it is comfortable and relaxing by outfitting it with nothing but the perfect pieces to suit your taste. Since drying off is an unavoidable step in the cycle of enjoying a hot tub, in this particular set of insightful and detailed reviews, we’ll help you figure out which are the best hot tub towels! 

Taking a dip in a hot tub, whether it’s your first time, or first time this season is one of the easiest ways to find some relaxation outside. Finding all of the perfect accessories for your hot tub is nearly as exciting as shopping for one in the first place, and believe me, there’s a lot out there to see.

How to Choose the Best Hot Tub Towels 

Choosing between style, appearance, color and material shouldn’t have to feel like a compromise for one or the other. There’s such a wide variety of textures, styles and looks you can go for. Start by comparing the towels you’re looking at to the style of your hot tub area.

This is an especially useful opportunity for pulling in some fun colors, accenting or just bringing some life to your patio. Whichever you choose, note that they can also serve a double purpose as a backup set for your indoor towels. Not to mention they’ll also make great beach towels when you’re packing up for a beach day! 

Different materials range in both price, available colors and sizes. The first thing you should consider is how many towels you need to complete your set, and just how large you’d like them to be.

Nowadays, many people opt for the incredibly popular ‘cabana’ style of towel. You know, those large bed sheet-size towels made to cover the huge shaded daybeds that surround ritzy hotel swimming pools. In other words, they’re perfect for the beach, tanning chairs, patio and lawn. Since they’re downright the most versatile and useful towel to own, we’re going to focus mainly on cabana style towels throughout the following reviews. 

Can You Just Use Regular Towels for the Hot Tub? 

While there’s nothing stopping you, your guests probably wouldn’t be too stoked to dry off and kick it on the sunny patio with one of your bathroom towels. One of the primary reasons people buy towels specifically for their pool or hot tub, is because of their size and material.

If you have any intention of inviting your guests to stay a while and soak up some sun and fun, you’re going to want to treat them to some decent quality accessories. Besides the fact that they enhance your hot tub area as a whole, they’re also incredibly comfortable!

Hot tub towels are large enough to comfortably drape over a lawn chair, or pool chair. Since they’re often soft and plushy, they give everyone a more comfortable way to relax and enjoy your company while they’re in between dips in the hot tub. Below, we’ll compare style and materials to help you find the best fit for your space. 

How Do You Wash Pool or Hot Tub Towels? 

You might be surprised to find out that whether it’s a gentle cotton and polyester blend, microfiber or terry-loop, each one of these sets of towels are incredibly easy to wash. In fact, if you want to keep them looking fresh and new, you’re going to want to wash them as much as possible.

Give the labels a quick check to make sure there’s nothing unusual about them, then throw them in the machine! The thing is, chlorine and other pool/hot tub chemicals can build up in the fabric and together with sunlight, can fade those wonderful colors away.   

Towels That Are Perfect for the Hot Tub

Now that you’ve probably got some idea of what’s going to fit your hot tub space, let’s take a look at some of the best hot tub towels available. 

Cabana Stripe Cotton Pool Towels

BolBom*S 6 Piece Beach Towel,100% Cotton Cabana Stripe Beach Towel,Size 30' x60” Quick Dry High Absorbent Towel for Beach,Bath,Travel,Swim,Pool,Yoga, Hotel,Parties,Guests & Perfect for Daily Use

These towels have the benefit of being perfectly well suited for your pool or hot tub area with a plush, large size. Coming in a variety of colors, it will be easy for guests to figure out which one is theirs, too.

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There’s more than a few benefits to picking up a set of cotton pool towels. Cotton is perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. It’s soft, and helps you dry up quickly by being incredibly absorbent, without causing too much irritation. For a natural material, you’re better off looking for towels like these with 100% cotton make, if that’s important for you and yours.

What do we love about these hot tub towels, and why do they score high on our list? Quite simply, the classic beach stripe design, and plush feel make them perfect for a day, or evening around the hot tub! This pack of 6 towels comes in a lare 30”x60” shape, representing an admirable value, too. 

JML Microfiber Swimming Towel

JML Microfiber Bath Towel Sets (6 Pack, 27' x 55') -Extra Absorbent, Fast Drying, Multipurpose for Swimming, Fitness, Sports, Yoga, Grey 6 Count

Microfiber is one material you might have just thought worked for cleaning rags and chamois, but did you know it makes for a great towel? These towels come in a modern, toned down grey which makes them perfect for blending in nicely with whatever type of color palette you’re dealing with.

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As opposed to some of the other towels in these reviews, you’ll find this set to be a bit smaller. It’s more or less comparable to bathroom towels at 27”x55” across.

The benefit to using smaller towels like these, is if you want something that will bulk up a bit less on the chairs of a patio dining set, for example. The microfiber wipes the water clean off of your skin in no time, making these perfect for transitioning from the hot tub to the patio seamlessly.

If you like drying up quickly with towels that have a great bang for your buck, these are a safe bet indeed. It’s also worth noting that these would make a good backup set for your indoor towels, as well. 

Havluland Turkish Cotton Spa Towels

HAVLULAND Set of 6 Turkish Beach Towel Oversized 40x72 inch 100% Cotton Turkish Bath Towels Sand Free Quick Dry Extra Large Lightweight Travel Towel for Adults Beach Gifts

Available in a wide variety of colors, these premium Turkish-style cotton towels have a unique style, and totally organic make. If you’re concerned about material and skin sensitivity, these towels boast a 100% organic cotton make, not to mention they’re totally prewashed.

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The difference when it comes to a completely cotton towel is softness and durability. These quick drying towels are perfect for use out by the hot tub, or pool! When not in use, they dry quite quickly when draped over a chair or railing. And, these are easily the most portable towels on our list! Despite being incredibly absorbent, these cotton towels are quite thin, and roll up to take up hardly any space. 

Kaufmen Cabana Terry Loop Towels

Ben Kaufman Cabana Stripe Beach & Pool Towel - Large Cotton Terry Beach Towel - Soft & Absorbant - Assorted Colors - 30' x 60' - 6 Pack

Looking for bright colors in your hot tub or patio area? These towels are perfect for those looking to add a warm and welcome splash of color into their private summer retreat!

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The bright colors on these cabana style pool towels are ideal for guests who make a habit of forgetting which one is theirs. At 32”x62”, these are a standard cabana-sized towel, perfect for sunbathing, or draping around yourself to keep warm while you’re drying off.

The material is entirely machine washable safe, and comes in a soft and cozy terry loop design. This means it’s a towel that’s good for soaking up all of the water and getting you drier, quicker. 

Utopia Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towels (76 x 152 cm) - 100% Ring Spun Cotton Large Pool Towels, Soft and Quick Dry Swim Towels (Pack of 4) (Blue, Green, Orange & Yellow)

We absolutely love the minimalist stripe design on these flashy yet simple hot tub towels! These simple striped cabana beach towels aren’t just made for sprawling out in the sand with. As a matter of fact, they’re a great choice for outfitting your hot tub, or even pool area.

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This 4 pack includes a variety of lively and vibrant colors for each of your guests to enjoy using. The material is completely made up of 100% ring spun cotton. What that means for you, is a thick plush towel that will help dry you off in an instant, while giving you a nice surface to sit on in between trips to the mini fridge and the hot tub. 

What are the Best Hot Tub Towels to Use?

The Havluland towel set is everything you’d want out of a cabana bath towel hot tub set AND more! They’re soft, yet light and come in an incredibly aesthetic pattern that will make your guests feel as luxurious as they feel drying off in these towels. (PLUS, they look great hanging in the cabana, or next to the hot tub).

Ultimately, the Utopia cabana style towels fit the bill perfectly for our needs. They’re incredibly plush, soft and perfect for sitting on pool chairs, as well as deck seating. The dry easily in the sunlight, and have an ideal size of about 30” X 60”. While it is a 4 pack, the value is such that it wouldn’t hurt to buy a couple of packs to keep some as backups! That being said of course, you could mix and match a few sets to give your guests, family and friends a little variety if you so choose. Thanks for checking out our reviews of the best hot tub towels. If they’ve pointed you in the right direction, take a look at some of our other patio, backyard and outdoor accessory reviews! 

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