Best Outdoor Daybed

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One of the best things you can do in your outdoor space—patio, gazebo, backyard, poolside—, is nothing at all; that’s what hammocks are for, after all. But wouldn’t it be nice to relax like you would on a normal bed, without having to go inside? That’s what a daybed is for!

Best Outdoor Daybed: Your Naps, Even Better!

What even is a daybed? It is a mix of couch and bed, essentially bringing you the best of both worlds. Given its design, it can be used for purposes suited for the day, such as hanging out, reading, and so on, and it can also be relied upon when bedtime comes about.

Their configuration varies, depending on their size and shape: sometimes it will be a sofa with padding more appropriate for sleeping, and some other models will be a round multi-piece configuration that will provide seating for four people (and even a small table, depending on the model) just by moving the pieces around; bring them together, and you get a perfectly serviceable bed.

Its dual purpose is turning this piece of furniture into something pretty popular, be it for people who would like to easily expand their available bedding for their guests, or for providing those with limited space with a seating and resting solution at the same time. Some of them will even have a trundle bed, for an easy way to double your available bedding vacancies.

With all that said, it is probably fairly evident you can’t just bring any daybed outside, as conventional pieces will be made in materials that cannot endure exposure to sunlight, additional moisture, dust and so on. Furthermore, some outdoor-oriented daybeds will come with a canopy, so you can create your own comfortable shade if there is none. For the purposes of this article, we will be covering only daybeds that are intended for outdoor use, so as to make your search easier.

Waterproof? Not Exactly

Outdoor daybeds are usually resistant to a certain degree of splashing, but that doesn’t mean they are made for being rained on. If your area is known for frequent downpours, it is best to find a relatively secluded location to limit exposure.

Things To Keep in Mind

Not all situations are equal; the same can be said about tastes. Here’s what you should consider while you look for your ideal daybed.

Size and Configuration

As we mentioned before, daybeds come in various shapes and sizes; it’s a good idea to keep in mind how many people you want to accommodate while shopping around, so your choice will be as large as you need it. Seating options will usually fluctuate between 2 and 4.

Weight Capacity

Daybeds are inherently designed to support a resting individual; it still can’t hurt to factor in the average weight of the person or persons you intend to host, so as to ensure the bed will be adequate for the job.


Not all daybeds will include it; this is unlikely to be a deal breaker if you have your own shaded area, but it could be drastically more important if you’re setting it up in the open. In the latter case, your canopy options will almost universally be the retractable type, which can easily keep up with the changing position of the sun as the day goes on.

Seating and Resting: Our List

The following choices are all made for being outside, and come in a variety of configurations, to help you find the one that better suits your taste and needs.

SUNCROWN Outdoor Daybed with Retractable Canopy

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This one is a fairly standard offer, which should serve you well no matter the outdoor spot you choose for it: most of the frame is wicker, with a stainless steel section to support the retractable canopy, and the cushions come with a zipper on the side, so the stuffing can be removed for easy cleaning. The covers are not without protection, however, as they come with special treatment that makes them more resistant to fading.

The bed features 4 parts that can be moved around with relative freedom. One of them is a double seat, which is where the canopy is anchored, with two other individual seats and a centerpiece that can work as an ottoman or small table. Throw pillows included.


  • A well-rounded choice that provides a decent amount of seats and shade.
  • Stuffing can be removed so as to easily take care of the cushion covers.
  • Also available in black, for those who would prefer a different color scheme.


  • Assembly instructions can be difficult to follow.

DIMAR GARDEN Outdoor Chaise Lounge Daybed

Dimar chaise best outdoor daybed for lounging

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with providing comfort for one. If this is your case, then this one might be something worth a closer look, as it is a single seat (and a very cozy one, at that) which can be reclined all the way to a horizontal position to serve as a bed at a moment’s notice.

This one takes several measures to bolster outdoor endurance: the support is PE— i.e. synthetic—rattan,  the frame is reinforced steel, and the screws are all 304 stainless steel. It comes tested for over 2000 hours of UV and rust resistance. The stuffing is flexible sponge, with removable cushions for easy washing.


  • Optimized in just about any possible way to boost resistance to the elements without sacrificing looks.


  • Difficult to put together; assembly instructions are confusing, and there were cases reported of missing hardware.
  • Padding is insufficient for comfort; several customers have had to purchase their own to supplement.

Safavieh PAT7500B Outdoor Collection Daybed

Safavie daybed for lounging outdoors

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This one is a somewhat simple design which may be a good choice if what you’re looking for is something to rest on while you are in your patio, and have no need for additional seats. Instead of multiple parts, it is a single piece, with space for two people to lie on. Besides the mattress, it comes with pillows, so you may make proper use of it right out of the box.

The frame provides an accent that makes this model a matching fit for any area with a coastal theme, and there are 3 color schemes to choose from: gray, gray/white and black/white.


  • Color palette is more muted than offered by many other options, which could make it adequate for areas looking for a more elegant feel.


  • Single piece, cannot be rearranged for sitting more people; this makes it useful only for resting, and lowers its capacity.
  • Not good for people around 6′ in height.

Tangkula 2-Person Lounge Chair Daybed

2-Person outdoor daybed

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Lounging for two, right here!, and there is no need to worry about committing more weight than it can handle, for its total capacity is 710lbs—roughly 350 per occupant. Aside from the fully horizontal, it comes with a total of 4 reclining positions. The back swivels on a hinge for smoother adjustment, and the frame is steel, powdercoated for additional resistance to corrosion.

A particular feature that makes this one stand out is the acacia wood wheels it features on two of its feet; aside from making it much easier to move the double chair to a different position, they provide a fairly distinct accent that is hard to miss.


  • Far easier to move around than just about any other option in the market, thanks to the two wheels it features.
  • Comfortable weight capacity.
  • More than enough reclining positions to cater to pretty much any taste and need.


  • Though also available in white and red, the color options are not readily available for purchase; they must be looked up separately.

KaiMeng Patio Furniture Round Outdoor Daybed with Retractable Canopy

round outdoor daybed with a canopy

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Canopy? Check. Throw pillows? Check. Combining a PE wicker frame with polyethylene covers and canopy supported by steel, this one can be split to provide seats, or brought together when it’s bedtime or just for a nap. The sponge stuffing can be removed, so that the covers can be washed separately. The cushion might need supplementing, as the one provided is only 2″ thick, and total capacity is 330lbs.

In a striking departure from common practice, this one does not come with an ottoman piece, only the ones intended for individual seating. Manufacturer recommends covering daybed if it could be exposed to rain or snow.


  • One of the most affordable options available for fulfilling its intended purpose.


  • Ships in 3 boxes, and some of them may take weeks to arrive.
  • Fairly simple design that does not provide an ottoman.
  • Only available in one color.
  • Low weight capacity and reduced size; might be better used by only one person at a time.

Most Comfortable: SUNCROWN Outdoor Daybed with Retractable Canopy

We believe it is not enough for a bed to be comfortable, and also (in this case) resilient enough to be outside; it should also provide a decent seating arrangement, and it should be capable of giving shade, so you don’t have to worry too much about placement. This one, in our opinion, checks all the boxes, and at a price that is fairly reasonable for the value it offers. It is durable, easy on the eyes, offers a warm color scheme and a colder one, and there is even a small ottoman that will bring that living-room feeling to your space.

Now, time to throw the pillows on, and have us a good rest.