Best Swing Sets for Older Kids 

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If you’re having a bit of trouble finding some outdoor play equipment for older kids, you’re totally not alone. It seems like just about everything in the big box stores is tailored to younger kids, or just doesn’t appeal to the movement and activity level of older kids. Thankfully, we’ve got a great selection of equipment to get you started! These are our reviews for the best swing sets for older kids. 

These swing sets are perfect for letting older kids burn off some energy outdoors! Each one we’ve included in these reviews has an appropriate weight limit for older kids, most of them able to hold adults, too! 

You’d be surprised at how much versatility and play you can get out of these things, so if you’ve got an older kid or young adult with ‘nothing to do’ outside, we’ve got you covered! 

Are There Swings for Older Kids?

You might be wondering how you can get the same support out of a full-sized park or playset swing in your backyard without too much cost or a whole lot of labor. You’re in luck! Backyard play equipment has come lightyears ahead in quality and serves a wider age range for any kid who wants to get outside and play. 

Depending on what kind of setup you’ve got in your backyard, you can create an activity area to help your older kids get some exercise and fresh air in the comfort of your own outdoor space! 

As someone with a couple of older kids, I seriously wish I knew about these swings sooner. 

Finding the Right Swing For Your Backyard 

Most of the swings we’re reviewing can hang independent of an additional structure like a playset, swing set or frame. Although, several of these swings are capable of being mounted on one. 

Depending on what your backyard has to offer, there’s a few different options you might want to consider for getting the most out of your space. Not to mention of course your kid’s preferred activities! 

Please note that while some of these are capable of being used off of a slackline, it isn’t necessarily recommended for older kids. Slacklines are perfect for hanging swings, outdoor play equipment like climbing nets and ropes for younger kids. But, they won’t necessarily stand up well to the weight and play style of older kids. 

Reviewing the Best Swing Sets for Older Kids 

Check out our reviews for the best swing sets for older kids, here! 

Surf Stand Up Swing by Boardstar 

Surf Swing (Swirl) by Boardstar - Outdoor Stand Up Swing with Adjustable Handles with Surf Inspired Design

The surf swing is a novel enough sounding piece of play equipment, but does it really work? Absolutely! Using a fairly ingenious rope system, it allows older kids to easily balance their feet on the surfboard-like swing seat and use two adjustable wood handles to tilt and guide the board allowing them to swing back and forth in the process. 

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If you’ve got older kids that you just can’t seem to peel off of the screen, this one might just break their skepticism about going outside and getting some fresh air! Just don’t be surprised when all of their friends show up and want to give this thing a swing, too. 

You can hang this stand up surf swing on just about anything secure enough! It’s ready as soon as it comes out of the box, and attaches to porch beams, tree branches, and of course existing swing set structures if you’ve already got one! 


  • Versatile outdoor movement equipment for older kids.
  • Can be used in a sitting or standing position.
  • Adjustable handles for kids of all sizes.


  • It’s a little bit less ideal for traditional swinging, but great for kids with a lot of energy! 

PELLOR Wood Swing Seat 

PELLOR Wood Swing Seat, Carbonized Hanging Wood Tree Swing for Adult Kids Children Anticorrosive & 100% Waterproof Wooden Swing Set 440lbs Load Indoor Outdoor Backyard Play

This swing is suitable for just about anyone in the family, but especially for older kids who just want to be able to swing in the sun from time to time. This one made our list because well, just look at it! It’s the perfect traditional swing set to compliment just about any style you’re going for in your backyard. It’s great under the raised deck, in the garden or even out front! 

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It comes with everything you need to hang the swing itself, and the seat really stands out here. It’s slightly contoured to create a comfortable seating surface, but it’s also completely anti-corrosive. It will easily stand up to sun, rain, snow and just about any type of inclimate weather. 

This is by far the best looking tree swing or all-purpose backyard swing in our reviews, so if you’ve got older kids that might not use it too much, you can be sure it will add a nice practical design element to your outdoor space! 


  • Looks great in gardens, or under patio beams. 
  • Hardwood finish keeps it safe in all weather conditions. 
  • Includes everything you need to safely hang it from multiple spots. 


  • Less ideal for younger kids. 
  • Surface doesn’t have much grip; not good for swinging up high. 

SONGMICS Saucer Tree Swing 

SONGMICS Saucer Tree Swing, 40 Inch, 700 lb Load, Includes Hanging Kit, Green and Black UGSW001G01

This is an incredibly durable piece of outdoor play equipment for kids of all ages to enjoy! That being said, it’s especially well suited for older kids who are a bit rough with their play style, or enjoy really active play when they’re outside. 

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Made from completely weatherproof textline polymer fabric, this swing is completely indestructible. Seriously, we’ve got one in the backyard right now and we joke the branch is more likely to give than the swing is. Thanks to its 700lb weight limit, multiple kids can pile onto this thing and swing without threatening the supports. 

Honestly, it’s an all-around great piece of play equipment that’s great for lounging, or for your kids to read/play games on in the summertime. You don’t have to worry about taking it down in bad weather thanks to the easy to wash and durable fabric, but you can simply take off the carabiners to do so. 


  • Includes all of the necessary equipment for hanging the swing. 
  • Durable textline fabric for withstanding all types of weather. 
  • Easy to take down and put up when desired.  


  • Versatile for lots of different swinging styles like standing or laying, but less so for sitting up and swinging your legs. 

SELEWARE Heavy Duty Swing Seat 

SELEWARE Heavy Duty Swing Seat, Playground Swing Set with 72'' Metal Chain and Carabiners, 600 LB Weight Limit Soft EVA Plastic Green

The same build quality and style you’d find in most new playgrounds, this traditional rubber and chain swing seat is a great way to make a totally practical outdoor swing in your backyard. It comes with a set of rubberized chains that won’t pinch hair or fingers, and also give kids a great grip. 

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It supports an astounding 600lbs, and the seat has a tire-like pattern on it that also provides some extra grip when swinging. It’s made from an EVA plastic coating that doesn’t wear in the sun or rain, and doesn’t crack easily over time. 

Overall, it’s perfect for those older kids who want to really kick their feet out and swing as high as they possibly can! They can get hours of fun activity out of a solid piece of equipment like this. 


  • Texturized grip surfaces on the seat and coated handles. 
  • Carabiners make it easy to remove the seat when desired. 
  • The chain and seat won’t get to hot in the sun, keeping it comfortable. 


  • Only has carabiners for installation, so you’ll need additional hardware or straps for a tree branch or anything other than bolts. 

PELLOR Wood Swing for Older Kids 

PELLOR Wooden Tree Swing for Kids - Anticorrosive Hanging Swing Seat 17.1 x6.8 x1.1, Adjustable PE Rope Kids Swing for Backyard Patio Garden Playground,220lbs

Comfortable and easy to install, this wooden seat has a timeless style to it that actually makes it suitable for both indoors and outside! Fear not though, it’s completely weatherproof so you won’t have to worry about the surface in wet or hot conditions. 

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Overall it’s a really barebones type of swing seat featuring a sturdy wooden seat and fairly basic woven rope supports. This might appeal to kids who like to move around a bit while they’re doing some reading, but also lets them get some fresh air at the same time. 

It’s another model of swing seat with carabiners and hook straps, making it incredibly easy to install this thing just about anywhere! Just keep in mind that it’s a little easier to slide off of, so it’s probably less ideal on any kind of incline. 


  • Weatherproof wooden seat and rope have a more old school style.
  • Sturdy straps and carabiners take minutes to install before you’re off swinging. 
  • Supports up to 220lbs. 


  • Not great for intense swinging, but instead more leisurely outdoor swinging. 

What is the Best Swing Set for Older Kids?

Throughout these reviews, finding the right piece of kit for your big kids was only half the battle. Besides the fact that they need to have slightly higher than average weight tolerance, they also need to appeal to those kids in ways that a typical park swing just doesn’t. For that reason, we’re leading with the SONGMICS saucer swing! At the point of writing this, I can safely say that this has taken over neighborhood backyards by storm, and for good reason too. The 700lb weight limit means several kids can swing and play around on it at once without any worry of it breaking!

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