Best Large Outdoor Rugs For Your Outdoor Spaces

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Outdoor spaces are usually a lot bigger and more open than inside, so naturally you’d need bigger rugs to fill up that area. These are the best large outdoor rugs for your backyard or campsite.

I love adding an outdoor rug to my backyard decorating. It can really tie the space together, plus it gives you something nicer to walk on than the ground or deck. 

If your wooden deck or patio is starting to wear a rug can extend the life and make the space look a little newer. You’ll also keep splinters or chipped concrete from hurting your feet while outside.

You can also take your outdoor rug to the campsite if that’s more your thing. Setting a rug outside your camper or tent will give it a more “homey” feeling – plus keep dirt and grass from getting inside.

Last (but definitely not least), outdoor rugs are a great alternative to towels when you’re spending a day at the beach. 

What Are Outdoor Rugs Made Out Of?

Waterproof outdoor rugs are usually made out of plastic, although you wouldn’t know it at first. They create a woven texture that’s similar to straw, but that’s actually a durable weatherproof plastic. 

Woven rugs, even synthetic ones, are better for rainy areas because the water has room to move through the rug and into the ground – which means you won’t be stuck with a soggy rug after rainy weather.

Some outdoor rugs are also made out of cotton or jute. These aren’t as good in the elements, but you can use them in an outdoor area that isn’t going to get a lot of dirt or moisture like an enclosed deck.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Rug For Your Space

When you’re planning an outdoor space, it’s important to think about how your rug is going to be used and what kind of elements it’s up against. If your porch or patio gets only a small amount of traffic and is protected from the elements, for example, you can go with a cotton or plastic rug depending on your preference.

For grassy areas, campsites, the beach, and places where your rug will get rained on it’s probably better to opt with a more durable material like polypropylene. 

Size of the space also matters – you don’t want large outdoor rugs that are too large or too small. You should also keep in mind how you’ll be transporting the rug (and if it will fit) if it’s going to be used away from home.

Finally, it’s always nice to have a rug that you like! Make sure you pick one that matches your style or decor. 

BalajeesUSA Outdoor Rugs Plastic Straw Patio Rugs

BalajeesUSA Outdoor Rug - 9x12 Blue, reversible Recycled Plastic straw Outdoor Patio Rugs Clearance Waterproof Large RV Camper Rug 484

This oversized outdoor rug is ideal for big backyards or setting up the campsite. It’s big enough to fit the whole patio, which is great when you’re trying to set up an outdoor entertaining space. I also think the trendy pattern along with white and blue colours will match most people’s patio furniture.

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One thing that’s cool about this rug is it’s reversible. So if the sun fades one side, just flip it over for a (almost) new rug!

At a glance:

  • 9’ x 12’
  • Reversible
  • Made of Polypropylene for easy cleaning and durability

Uphome Indoor Outdoor Rug 

Uphome Indoor Outdoor Rug 5' x 7.9' Gray Farmhouse Patio Rug Hand Woven Moroccan Cotton Area Rug Modern Boho Geometric Machine Washable Carpet for Entryway Bedroom Living Room

I really wish this rug was bigger, but it’s still a great addition to the list because of the boho style geometric print.

Smaller rugs like this one are best used for narrow decks or at the campsite. In fact, it would be perfect set up in front of your camper!

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The blend of textiles that make this rug (cotton, polyester, and artificial silk) mean it looks nicer and feels better than its plastic woven counterparts.

At a glance:

  • 5’ x 7.9’
  • Machine washable
  • Mixture of cotton, polyester, and viscose

SEEKSEE 100% Cotton Buffalo Plaid Rug

SEEKSEE 100% Cotton Buffalo Plaid Rug 8'x10' Black and White Retro Lattice Checkered Outdoor Rug Washable Hand-Woven Area Rug for Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom

Buffalo check is all the rage if you’re going for farmhouse vibes. This rug would look great on the patio, set up in the backyard, or to use while camping. It’s a great size, thick, heavy, and made of cotton. 

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Since it’s woven it’s easy to get dirt out of it. Plus you can put this rug in the washing machine if you need to. Woven rugs are better than standard ones for damp areas because the water doesn’t sit on the rug; instead it falls through.

At a glance:

  • 8’ x 10’
  • Woven cotton fabric
  • Softer than other outdoor rugs

SAND MINE Reversible Mat

SAND MINE Reversible Mats, Plastic Straw Rug, Modern Area Rug, Large Floor Mat and Rug for Outdoors, RV, Patio, Backyard, Deck, Picnic, Beach, Trailer, Camping (9' x 12', Black & White Lattice)

Another woven plastic mat, this is one of the best large outdoor rugs out there. Seriously, it’s nine foot by twelve! It even comes with a carrying case so you can fold the rug up when not in use. 

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If you camp at larger sites this would be a perfect rug to bring along on your trip.

At a glance:

  • 9’ x 12’
  • Folds and comes with a carrying case
  • Reversible
  • Made of woven plastic

LEEVAN Black and White Striped Area Rug

LEEVAN Outdoor Rug 5x7 Black and White Patio Rug, Washable Striped Door Mat Farmhouse Black Front Door Mat, Cotton Reversible Balcony Decor, Foldable Rug for Layered Door Mat/Porch/Front Door

The striped design of this outdoor area rug is perfect for your summer decorating. Made of 100% cotton, this rug isn’t just trendy – it’s also high quality.

You won’t get the same level of fraying with cotton as you do with plastic rugs, but it’s still durable enough to be used outside.

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The only downsides are that it’s not as big as some of the other outdoor rugs out there and that it’s a bit lightweight, so you might want to bring it inside if there’s a storm.

At a glance:

  • Machine washable
  • Works indoors and outside
  • 100% cotton

Home Dynamix Patio Country Danica Outdoor Rugs

Nicole Miller New York Patio Country Danica Transitional Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, Black/Grey, 9'2'x12'5'

This is another fantastic oversized outdoor rug. The eye catching design is a great way to dress up an outdoor space. Although it looks like cotton or other natural fibres this rug is actually made from polypropylene yarns. That means it’s both durable and waterproof.

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Since it’s not cotton, the rug won’t stain if you bring it along to the campsite or beach. It will also dry quickly if left out in the rain.

At a glance:

  • 9’2” x 12’5”
  • Durable, washable, and waterproof material
  • High quality, stylish design

JONATHAN Y Charleston Vintage Filigree Textured Weave Indoor/Outdoor Rug

JONATHAN Y Charleston Vintage Filigree Textured Weave Indoor/Outdoor Gray/Navy 8 ft. x 10 ft. Area-Rug, Classic,Easy-Cleaning,HighTraffic,LivingRoom,Backyard, Non Shedding (SMB106C-8)

I like the vintage look of this outdoor rug, so I figured it would make a good addition to this list. It comes in a bunch of different sizes and colour options so you can find one that fits your space both when it comes to size and aesthetic.

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At a glance:

  • 8’ x 10’
  • Made of flat-weave polypropylene
  • Durable for high traffic areas

What is the Best Large Outdoor Rug?

All of the rugs on this list are going to be great choices for your outdoor space. It really comes down to where you’re putting the rug and what your preferences are when choosing the outdoor rug that’s best for you.

That being said, though, I definitely have some recommendations when it comes to large outdoor rugs. First of all, at least in my experience, plastic rugs are more durable when using a rug outside. 

They’re easily washed with the hose and dry quickly when rained on. I have one that I use under my patio dining set and another I take to the campsite to put in front of the camper. 

For that reason the SAND MINE rug is the best bet when it comes to large outdoor rugs.

This rug is absolutely enormous. While it might not fit on smaller decks or patios, it’s absolutely perfect for creating an artificial floor almost anywhere. It even comes with a set of metal stakes so it doesn’t move around when sitting on the ground.

When you’re not using it, the rug can be folded up and placed inside the handy storage/carrying bag. 

Best Large Outdoor Rugs: Conclusion

Regardless of which rug you choose, it’s important to properly care for your outdoor rug. While they almost all do well with moisture, keeping your outdoor rug out of the elements will extend its life.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you set your rug out in a sunny area you’re going to get some fading. Some rugs are reversible but you should still keep this in mind when choosing colours and patterns. 

To clean an outdoor rug, use mild dish soap and water. Most can be hosed down for easy cleaning. Cotton and non-synthetic fabrics may be machine washable (check with the manufacturer) and should be hung up to dry. 

Finally, make sure your rug is being held down by something. Most outdoor rugs are lightweight and can easily blow away with a strong gust of wind. Use stakes or even your patio furniture to keep the rug in place. 

If you do all this then whatever large outdoor rug you choose is going to treat you well all summer long! 

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