Best Natural Gas Patio Heater to Keep You Cozy

There’s nothing like sitting on your patio in the middle of winter, enjoying a warm drink, and being kept toasty by a heater close by.

For many people, there’s no better type of heater than a natural gas heater, as they come with lots of benefits that make them a cut above the rest.

How does a natural gas patio heater work?

Patio heaters that use this method run on natural gas to create fire, and the flames then push against a metal screen which allows radiant heat to warm people sitting near it.

The benefits of these heaters are that they don’t require electricity to run and give off radiant heat without relying on a fan to create warmth.

If you prefer to go natural with your patio heater, we’ve got a selection of the finest options out there to keep you comfortable on the coldest nights.

Check out our buying guide to find the patio natural gas heater choices that meet your every need.

To keep your patio warm and cozy naturally, we’ve rounded up a selection of natural gas patio heater reviews to help you find your perfect match.

These heaters are the best of the best and guarantee you a natural way to stay warm in the winter, with all the other benefits of outdoor living.

Winner: Lucy Outdoor Gas Heater

Lucy Outdoor Gas Heater
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Weight: 28.7lbs

The best natural gas outdoor patio heater on the market today is the Lucy Outdoor Gas Heater, combing affordability, style, and immediate warmth and comfort.

This umbrella-shaped gas heater features a stainless-steel burner, double hood, and adjustable heat settings so you can get the perfect temperature while you’re entertaining on your balcony.

According to customers, this heater was extremely affordable for everything it offers, and it’s a cheaper way to get a standing gas heater like this.

The body is extremely durable as well, made with stainless steel, and it’s been designed to withstand rust, corrosion, and sunlight, so you can leave it out on the patio or in the backyard even when it’s not being used.

Another great feature about this gas heater was how easy it was to use.

Some people mentioned feeling intimidated the first time they used a natural gas stainless steel patio heater, but it takes just seconds to turn on with a one-press ignition button and fuel valve to fill it up.

Within five seconds, you can feel the difference in the air and will be immediately warmer.

However, there were some drawbacks, including the fact that it took some time to assemble, and could have had better instructions.

Once the heater was up and running it was easy to use, but getting to this point proved a challenge for some reviewers.

Another negative worth noting is that the heat radius of this natural gas outdoor patio heater is around 18 feet, so if you have a larger space than this to target, you’ll need to spend a lot more.

For a standard heater, this is impressive but when you’re looking at the more expensive umbrella heaters like this, it could seem a little lackluster.

The overall weight of the Lucy Outdoor Gas Heater is 28.7lbs and it comes with CE safety certification and meets the requirements of the European safety standards, where it was made.

There’s also a built-in safety valve so if the heater tilts over more than 30 degrees, the fuel supply will be cut off immediately.

The device also features a pulley base and handle so you can move it around as needed, provided you do it safely.

If you want safety, durability, and reliability from a patio heater, you’ve got them all with the Lucy Outdoor Gas Heater.

For this price, it’s disappointing to find there’s no warranty coverage, but you can get a three or four-year protection plan from Amazon when you buy through them.

This heater does it all and is one of the more affordable ways to get a stylish and natural heat source for your patio.

Runner Up: ZG Terrace Heater

ZG Terrace Heater
  • Heating Method: Infrared
  • Weight: 39.6lbs

If you want the crème of the crop when it comes to heaters, the ZG Terrace Heater is one of the finest.

This natural gas heater uses infrared radiation heating to spread its warmth, weighs a hefty 39.6lbs, and is 7.2 feet tall so it covers all of your outdoor living space with heat.

With a stylish stainless steel and iron construction, it’s a sleek way to keep cozy and will give your backyard an instant boost in sophistication.

One of the best features of this heater is just how wide it can spread its warmth, so it’s the perfect choice for large patios and backyards.

According to ZG, the heat radiance of this device is around 32 feet, and sometimes more, so you’ll only ever need the one heater to keep your entire backyard warm and cozy.

Customers also loved the adjustability of this heater, which includes a height adjustment between 7.2 feet and 5.9 feet, and the ability to move it easily thanks to its handles and wheels on the base.

This should only ever be attempted while the heater is turned off and completely cool though, otherwise, you’ll be at high risk of being burned.

The biggest letdown of this heater is that it takes a while to get to the temperature you want, and some people reported over five minutes to start feeling a difference.

When you pay this much for a heater, you expect it to be almost instantaneous in providing warmth, but it doesn’t appear that the ZG Terrace Heater can deliver on this front.

Another disadvantage to this heater is the price, and while it does a lot and looks incredibly stylish, it’s expensive.

Those looking for a natural gas heater for the average home will find it’s way out of their league, and considering the high cost, the fact that it doesn’t heat up quickly is a little off-disappointing.

This aside, the ZG Terrace Heater has lots of other features, including a massive 13KW power output, which makes it six times more powerful than a standard electric heater, and means you can use either source to generate heat.

There are different settings you can use to adjust the temperature as well, and it uses infrared radiation to do this gradually but effectively.

The ZG Terrace Heater is an expensive option but one with a lot of bells and whistles and the ability to heat larger spaces.

If you want to get your hands on this stylish natural gas patio heater, head to Amazon for the best price, and benefit from their free shipping service as well.

There’s no warranty coverage offered from ZG which is risky given the price, but Amazon offers free returns and it has loads of happy customers that can vouch for its excellence.

Alternative: GaoFan Outdoor Heater

GaoFan Outdoor Heater
  • Heating Method: NA
  • Weight: 33lbs

GaoFan has created an affordable option for those looking for a natural gas heater, and in a much more compact design weighing 33lbs in total.

This heater has a heat load of between 5KW and 13KW with various settings to choose from with a simple turn knob, and it uses a pulse ignition button to get it started, an electrical supply, as well as natural gas for the fuel.

The coolest thing about this heater is how much heat it produces for such a small package and it won’t be overbearing on your patio, even if you have minimal floor space.

When you compare its size to other natural gas heaters that seem to tower over everything, the GaoFan option is petite but powerful.

The range of heat that it produces makes it impressive as well, especially when you look at its size.

According to GaoFan and their happy customers, you’ll be able to feel the warmth between 215 and 645 square feet around it, which should be more than enough to cover even the largest backyard with warmth.

On the downside, customer support from GaoFan is lacking and you can wait a few days to hear a reply.

Others mentioned that instructions that came with this heater were missing some of the most important steps.

You’ll need to work out a lot of it yourself and think about what parts go where, as it only provides the bare minimum in the owner’s manual, and this alone could be enough to turn people off from buying it.

The GaoFan is pretty lightweight when you stack it up against other heaters, and although it’s shorter, it can make it feel flimsy.

If you live somewhere with wild weather or are worried about it getting blown over, it might be better to stick with one of the heavier options that are guaranteed to stay in place.

There are lots of safety features found on the GaoFan Outdoor Heater that will give you peace of mind, including hypoxia protection, a mechanism that prevents the flame from going out, and something that shuts the fuel source off if it tips over.

Once assembled, it’s easy to use by opening the valve to fill the gas and then using the one-touch button to turn on the pulse ignition.

Unfortunately, there’s no warranty period for this heater and no returns policy in place from Amazon, nor is there a chance to purchase a protection plan.

However, there are loads of happy customers and all the right features to affordably warm your patio with natural gas, so consider adding the GaoFan Outdoor Gas Heater to your backyard.

Alternative: Fire Sense Natural Gas Patio Heater

Fire Sense Natural Gas Patio Heater
  • Heating Method: Lamp
  • Weight: 19lbs

FireSense has created an affordable way to get natural gas warmth on your patio with their Outdoor Heater.

Made with stainless steel and relying on natural gas and electricity to work, it’s the perfect way to keep warm in the winter.

The Fire Sense Heater measures 33 x 33 x 91 inches so it stands pretty tall when you compare it to the rest, but it’s a lot thinner and sleeker in its design.

The coolest thing about this heater is its heat output with 45,000 BTUs possible from one device.

Although there’s no official word about what range it can get, the heating capabilities indicate it’s one of the best on the market, and especially in this price range.

What makes this heater such a smart purchase is the cost, and considering how well it heats an outdoor area and the sleek style factor it brings, you won’t find a better deal.

Some setbacks might make it a bother to use, but overall, it’s a quality heater by a reliable brand, and won’t cost you a fortune to set up.

This heater is very top-heavy so you might need to do some adjusting to make it secure on the ground.

Think about where you plan on having the heater and ensure it can sit there safely, otherwise it’s probably not the best option.

There’s a mounting plate included but it doesn’t seem to do a lot, so the simple addition of a weight at the bottom would have solved this problem, and it’s a job you’ll have to do yourself.

Another negative about the FireSense Outdoor Heater is that it feels a little flimsy and with an overall weight of just 19lbs, it’s about half the weight of others we’ve reviewed.

While this might suit people looking for a more portable design, it also means it’s more likely to tip over.

There’s a safety feature in place that shuts the fuel supply off if this happens, but a heftier heater probably wouldn’t have this issue.

Aside from these drawbacks, it’s still got loads of features for its price, including CSA safety approval, one-touch Piezo ignition, and an adjustable knob that lets you raise or lower the temperature with ease.

The gas hose extends 76 inches to meet your fuel supply and requires electricity as well, so you’ll need both of them at the ready.

The Fire Sense Outdoor Heater is a budget-friendly way to get a stainless-steel outdoor gas heater, and you can find it online at Amazon for the lowest price.

Amazon also offers free shipping to your door and free returns for 30 days.

Better yet, Fire Sense covers this with a one year limited warranty, which is more than we’ve seen from its competitors.

Best Portable Natural Gas Heater: Gogh Portable Gas Heater

Gogh Portable Gas Heater
  • Heating Method: Radiant
  • Weight: NA

The Gogh Portable Gas Heater is the best choice for those who don’t want to rely on electricity to turn the heat on, and it’s a compact package that can heat up to 600 square feet around it and with just a three-second response time.

With wheels on the bottom and a handle, you can move the heater wherever you need it, and use only propane and natural gas to get it going.

The most obvious bonus of this heater is that it requires no electricity to work, and instead runs solely on natural gas as its energy source.

This means, you can take it camping or anywhere that doesn’t have a power supply, and it’ll still be able to provide you with the right amount of warmth and comfort.

Another great feature of this compact heater is that you can use it indoors or outdoors, and there are safety mechanisms in place that make it safe to do.

This is a truly multipurpose type of heater and even if you don’t want to brave the cold weather outside, you can still make use of it indoors and get your money’s worth.

However, there were some negatives to the heater, including the lack of information supplied by Gogh about setting it up and using it safely.

Also, when it’s compared to the taller umbrella-shaped heaters, it doesn’t do as good of a job as spreading the heat evenly, which can be especially bothersome when you’re entertaining on the patio.

Some careful maneuvering will be required to hit the sweet spot when using this portable heater, so luckily it’s easy enough to move.

You’ll get everything you need to start enjoying the Gogh Portable Gas Heater, including gas pipe, gas regulator, and manual, even if it is a little light on information.

The heater connects directly to the gas bottle for ease of use, so there’s no need to fill it up yourself, and a safer method of operation.

There are a number of other safety features in place for your peace of mind, including dumping protection, oxygen content detection that tells how much oxygen is left in a room, and automatic flameout protection if the flame suddenly stops burning and gas is leaking.

If you want a safe way to use gas only heating, and want the portability that only these types of devices can offer, the Gogh Gas Heater is our favorite pick.

Although it’s expensive for such a small package, it heats quickly and safely and is available at Amazon for a great price.

Gogh covers this heater with a one year warranty and Amazon offers free returns for 30 days, so there’s no risk involved in buying this reputable gas heater.

Natural Gas Patio Heater FAQs

Natrual Gas Patio Heater FAQ

A natural gas heater is the preferred way for many people to keep warm outdoors, and it offers lots of benefits that other heater types can’t.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to invest in this specific type of outdoor heater, read some of these FAQs to learn a little more about them.

Can Propane Patio Heaters Use Natural Gas?

A gas heater can only use propane as its fuel source if it’s been designed to do so, otherwise, it should be avoided.

Adding propane to a heater or any other device that’s not made for this type of gas can be dangerous and will likely damage the heater as well, so only use the recommended form of gas.

How Long Does A 20lb Propane Tank Last On A Patio Heater?

A 20lbs gas bottle will power a standard patio heater for around 12 hours while running on its highest setting, but it depends on the make and model of the heater as well.

If you want to conserve propane, you can get a few more hours of running time from the 20lbs bottle by turning down the setting.

Which Is Better, Gas Or Electric Patio Heater?

Gas and electric patio heaters each have pros and cons worth debating, with users finding one of these types usually suits their requirements best.

A gas heater doesn’t need electricity to run, has better heat output, and is more visually appealing. However, an electric patio heater is safer to use, doesn’t require filling up, and is generally easier to operate.

Do Patio Heaters Work In The Winter?

Yes, patio heaters work well in the winter, as they’re designed to keep people warm in this specific type of weather.

A patio heater should only be operated under safe circumstances though, including keeping electrical parts away from rain and snow, and ensuring that nothing can tip over during windy weather.

Staying Warm the Natural Way

If the thought of using an electric heater doesn’t sound right to you, a natural gas patio heater might be more your style.

Any of our top picks can bring some warmth and coziness to your outdoor entertaining space, and in a stylish way, so you can keep everyone comfortable the natural way.