Best Outdoor Hot Tub Robe

Going in the hot tub is the best no matter what season it is. But if yours is located outside then you’ll probably want something to cover up your drips between the house and your yard. One of the ways to do that is by grabbing the best outdoor hot tub robe to wear!

Best Outdoor Hot Tub Robe

A good quality robe is a must have for anyone with a hot tub. Especially if you enjoy going in the hot tub on chillier evenings or during wintertime. There’s nothing worse than freezing after you get out of the hot tub and make your way inside while wet.

Hot tub robes can also double as a towel depending on the material. That way you won’t need to dry off first before putting on the robe. That being said, all of these robes would work fine for a quick trip from the hot tub to the house, even if you’re soaking wet. They’ll dry!

Can you Keep These Hot Tub Robes Outdoors?

Personally, unless you have a covered area for your hot tub that’s protected from the elements and rodents I would avoid it. Left outside, the sun could fade your robe. Or worse, it could be wet after a storm and not dried when you go to use it.

Rodents also like to make bedding out of soft material like what most robes are made out of. As someone who’s lost blankets to mice, I think it’s better to be safe!

Of course, if you opt for less expensive outdoor hot tub robes you might not be so concerned with something happening to them. In that case, I’d at least make sure robes are hung up to keep the chances of something happening to them at a minimum. 

Best Robes For Women

Arus Women’s Princess Robe

Women's princess hot tub robe Best Outdoor Hot Tub Robe Buy Now

What’s nice about this robe is that it’s ankle length so your whole body stays warm when you wrap up. No exposed legs! It’s made of cotton so it’s soft and absorbent, great when you’re getting out of a hot tub wet – it basically doubles as a towel.

One thing I really like about this robe is the hood. Having one is really hady when it’s chilly to dry off wet hair, or just keep you warm. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s not a super heavy robe. That means that it will be good in warmer weather, but maybe not as warm as plush options if it’s quite cold. 


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Long length and hood means your whole body stays warm
  • Dries quickly and doubles as a towel


  • Shrinks – so you may want to size up depending on how you like your robe to fit
  • Not very warm (more of a summer robe)
  • Could be more soft (resembles a towel)

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite HE Ribbed Robe

Barefoot Dreams ribbed robe for extra comfort Buy Now

This robe is so nice it was included in one of Oprah’s lists! It is so warm and comfy you might have a hard time using it just for the hot tub. Either way it’s perfect for those chilly hot tub evenings or winter dips.

While it’s a bit more of an investment than some of the other options out there, it’s also much better quality than similar, less expensive robes.


  • Extremely soft and comfortable to wear
  • Comes in 3 sizes so you can get the perfect fit
  • Well made and holds up over time


  • Light coloured robes may not be so good for outdoor use
  • Comes untied sometimes
  • Pricer than other options

Best Outdoor Hot Tub Robe for Men – KEMUSI Hooded Herringbone Men’s Soft Spa Full Length Bathrobe

While this robe is advertised as full length, you should note that it means that it goes down to the calves, not the ankles. Still the fact that it’s made of super soft fabric and has a hood means this is a perfect hot tub robe to keep you warm.

The two toned design is really nice and makes the robe look a lot more expensive than it is. It can be worn open or closed (perfect for all season use) and even has a pocket. 


  • Super soft and cozy to wear
  • Hooded robe so you can dry your hair or stay warm in the winter
  • Looks a lot more expensive than it is


  • Not very durable if you need something that you wash frequently
  • Sleeves are very loose so if you plan on wearing it for long periods of time they could get in the way
  • Will not dry you off so you’ll need to towel dry after getting out of the hot tub first before putting it on

Best Robe for Kids – Pattern Bathrobe with Hood

Kid's bathrobe with hood pattern design Buy Now

Having an outdoor hot tub robe ready for the kids is super helpful if you use it as a family. They make going to and from the hot tub easier because you won’t need to worry about young kids freezing on the way.

This super cute robe comes in all kinds of kid-friendly designs that are perfect for your little ones. The sizes go from toddlers to older kids so everyone in the family can have their very own, perfectly sized robe.


  • Really soft and comfortable (feels like a blanket)
  • Machine washable, which is great for kids
  • Belt is attached so you can’t lose it


  • Runs small (order 2 sizes up)
  • Pocket isn’t high quality and can break easily
  • Short so legs are exposed

Best Unisex Outdoor Hot Tub Robes

American Soft Linen Luxury Hotel & SPA Warm Shawl

Soft linen luxury hotel warm shawl Buy Now

If you want a traditional style robe this is a great option. Made from super soft plush material, the unisex design is perfect for the hot tub. Especially if you want something nice that can be used by guests. 

There’s no hood, which some people prefer. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s made of a sherpa-like material so you won’t be able to dry off well with this robe. 


  • Super soft, warm, and comfortable
  • Unisex design is perfect for sharing or guests
  • Easy to put on and adjust


  • Not very absorbent so you need to dry off first
  • Ankles and part of the leg are exposed to the elements
  • No hood (which could be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for)

SUN CUBE Surf Poncho Changing Robe with Hood

Changing poncho with a hood for getting out of the hot tub Buy Now

I love this poncho because it does something different than your typical bath robe. Since it’s made of microfiber polyester it also doubles as a towel so you can dry and stay warm all in once. 

Ponchos are great because you can just pull them over your head, which is especially handy as you climb out of the hot tub. You can put it on as you stand up/climb out! Then there’s no messing around trying to tie a robe around yourself while you freeze outside.

Since they’re unisex and one size, these would be handy to have hanging up in your hot tub area for your family or guests to use. There’s even a handle on them that would be perfect for hanging. 


  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable to wear and not clingy
  • Dries quickly (and helps you get dry too)


  • You have to pull it over your head (annoying for people who wear glasses)
  • Not full length and has short sleeves
  • Not as warm as plush towels

The Best Outdoor Hot Tub Robe

While the best robe overall here is the Barefoot Dreams robe (which is listed as women’s, but I think can be unisex too) but the price point is a bit high for outdoor use. I would be worried about something happening to it or dragging it through the dirt!

The SUN CUBE poncho is also a phenomenal candidate for best outdoor hot tub robe, and would be my pick if it wasn’t for the short length and sleeves. It’s great for summertime, but just not warm enough for those chilly nights.

That’s why I’d recommend the American Soft Linen robes. They tick all the boxes that most people are looking for in an outdoor robe that you can use with the hot tub.

First of all, they’re pretty warm. That alone is huge when you’re getting out of that hot water into the cool air! I also like that they’re unisex so you can keep a few extras arouind as guests. Finally, the price is really good compared to the quality, so you don’t have to invest a lot of money to be comfortable.

The only downside is that they don’t have a hood, but personally I find they fall off anyway. If I’m just running into the house I don’t mind! 

Although they’re not made of towel material and absorbent, I find it doesn’t matter when you’re staying outside or just wearing the robe long enough to go on in and change.

Best Outdoor Hot Tub Robe – Final Thoughts

The biggest things you need to consider when choosing the best outdoor hot tub robe for you is what’s most important in terms of warmth, size, style, and absorbancy.

Some robes are more plush and warm, but don’t double as towels. Others are better for warmer weather but dry you off. It really depends on how you use your hot tub!