Best Outdoor Low Lying Fog Machine

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Fog machines are so cool. You can use them for all kinds of events, performances, and even your Halloween decorating. But not all fog machines are the same, and they’re not all great for creating a mist on the ground. We’ve found the best outdoor low lying fog machine so you don’t have to.

Best Outdoor Low Lying Fog Machine

All the machines on this list are low lying fog machines, which means they can be used to create a mist low to the ground. They’re different from the types of machines that spray fog in a plume, which are usually designed to create a general mist in the room. 

What Does a Fog Machine Do?

Fog machines, also known as smoke machines, create a mist or fog in an area. You have to buy a special fog machine solution (either water or oil based depending on your machine) and the fog machine converts that liquid into fog.

The mist creates an ambiance in the area, and the effect changes depending on your event. For a wedding, for example, it can add a romantic element to the dance floor. For Halloween decorating you can mimic the creepy fog or mist you often see in horror movies. 

Fog machines can also be used indoors at large events like concerts. The fog looks really cool on stage!

Finally, fog that comes from a fog machine is really good at bouncing light off of it. As it fills the room, a strobe light will reflect on the fog and create cool effects which are great for parties. Some fog machines even have lights built in.

Is Fog Machine Mist Toxic?

No. As long as you make sure to use non-toxic fluid then any of the mist that comes out of your fog machine will be non-toxic too.

Fog machine fluid (or juice) is either water based or oil based. Make sure you choose the correct one for your machine because using the wrong one will wreck your fog machine.

Do Fog Machines Work in the Cold?

Overall, yes. Although your experience is going to vary depending on the machine and the temperature outside, the smoke still looks great when sprayed in below freezing temperatures. 

Fog machines tend to run hot because they use heat to create the mist so slightly cooler (but not super cold) environments are actually good for them. 

Just make sure to keep your fog machine out of extreme temperatures, as well as snow and water/rain.x

Theefun 400W Smoke Machine

Best low lying fog machine for throwing parties

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This little machine is perfect for smaller outdoor events, dance floors, or Halloween displays. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fog machine that still covers a large area this is a good option.

The biggest downside to this fog machine is that it’s not automatic. It does come with a remote, but you’ll need to press the button down each time you want to add more fog to the area.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Good size for in-home use
  • Covers a good area outside for the price


  • A little bit noisy (which may ruin a Halloween display)
  • Need to push the button every time you want fog
  • Takes a bit to warm up

GEJRIO Fog Machine

Best low lying fog machine for outdoors

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This fog machine is great if you want a lot of built in lights. While you can get separate lighting effects to place in your fog it’s really handy to have it built into the machine itself. The remote lets you choose from 16 colours to shine (or none at all).

Like the Theefun smoke machine, this machine also requires you to push the button for fog to come out. Once you fog up the area, though, you’ll only need to add more fog occasionally so it’s not a huge deal.


  • LED lights are built in and give off a cool effect in the fog
  • Comes with a remote for the lights and another for the fog
  • Has a window to show how much liquid is left in the machine


  • Does not mist automatically
  • Gets quite warm while running
  • Light remote can be finicky

Chauvet Hurricane 1800 FLEX Fogger with Remote

Best outdoor low lying fog machine with remote

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It might take more out of your Halloween or event budget but this fog machine is definitely worth the money. Some of my favourite features are the large tank, easy control, and adjustable nozzle.

Best of all, it comes with a timer – so no pushing a button every time you want fog (unless you want to.) As for the fog itself; this machine does a great job of filling the area.


  • Adjustable spraying nozzle so you can control where your fog goes
  • Timer on the remote means you can set it up outside and walk away
  • Great coverage


  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Cannot be moved with fog juice inside
  • Will clog if not properly maintained

Big Power 3000w WaterBase Fog Machine Dry Ice Effect

Low lying fog machine with dry ice effect

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This is a big jump from the smaller fog machines on this list but definitely a worthwhile addition to the list. It’s designed to make low lying fog and haze that’s perfect for any outdoor event. 

You can use the hoses to control where the smoke goes, which is awesome dance floors or halloween displays. It also means you can slide the bulky machine out of the way and still direct your fog where you need it. 


  • Hoses direct the fog
  • Can operate non stop
  • Large tank


  • Bulky, it might be hard to tuck away or hide
  • Costly compared to other machines

TC-Home Fog Machine with Light

Home fog machine for outdoors with lights

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Don’t let this smoke machine’s small size fool you, it’s really powerful. It heats up quickly and sprays fog for a decent amount of time – that means less time waiting to get the scene just right.

It comes with a remote control which you’ll need to active the fog machine. That means that it will only spray when you push the button – a pretty standard feature on “budget friendly” fog machines. 


  • Strong output
  • Doesn’t take long to heat up
  • Uses water based fog juice


  • Pump could be stronger for the price/wattage
  • Lights only change to a couple colour options
  • Only sprays for a short time

What is the Best Outdoor Low Lying Fog Machine?

There’s a lot of options out there, but only one can be the best outdoor low lying fog machine: our pick is the Chauvet Hurricane 1800 FLEX Fogger.

Seriously, this machine can’t be beat. It’s super durable, which is a must both for outdoor use and if you plan on using it again and again. 

As for the fog, it produces really good coverage for all types of outside effects, especially halloween displays or covering a backyard for a party. The nozzle that it comes out of is adjustable so you can aim it low toward the ground to keep the fog low. 

Since it comes with a timer remote (unlike many other fog machines) you can set it up and have it automatically replenish the fog all day or evening long. There’s also a manual button if you feel like adding more, which is handy at the start.

The machine is solid, which also means it’s heavier than other machines. You may need to get creative hiding it in a display or near your dance floor, but it’s well worth the extra effort. There’s a handle to help move it, though. 

You’ll also need to make sure you properly care for this fog machine. That means cleaning it out after every use by running water/vinegar through it, and then flushing with water. If you leave the fog juice inside it could clog.

One downside to this outdoor low lying fog machine is that it doesn’t have lights on it. If you want to add a lighting effect to your fog you’ll need to get a seperate light machine. 

Best Outdoor Low Lying Fog Machine – Conclusion

If our best outdoor low lying fog machine pick doesn’t suit your budget or needs all the machines on this list will get the job done. If you’re planning on creating smoke infrequently or need to mist a small area then an inexpensive fog machine will do just fine. 

For those who plan to use their fog machine often, though, I’d still recommend splurging the extra to get the Chauvet Hurricane 1800 because it’s well worth it. 

Regardless of which fog machine you buy, make sure to care for it properly. That means choosing the correct fluid for your machine (check the manual), not letting it run for too long or overheat, keeping it out of the elements (especially water/rain), emptying and cleaning it when you’re finished, and storing the unit safely.


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