The Best Modern & Contemporary Style Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

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Fire pits are a great addition to your yard, especially if you enjoy family time outside or entertaining. But they can also be an eyesore, especially if it doesn’t go with your home’s exterior design. We’ve put together some of the best modern & contemporary style outdoor gas fire pits so you can find the perfect match.

The Best Modern & Contemporary Style Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Modern and contemporary fire pits still function the same as traditional ones, but have some unique characteristics that make them stand out. When picking one for your own yard, look for clean lines and geometric shapes.

Mirrored surfaces, monochrome colours, and statue-like stone basins are all common in modern fire pit design. You’ll want to stay away from the imitation wicker and stone (for the most part.) 

All of these fire pits are contemporary, not traditional, in design and can work with a variety of decorative styles.

Can You Convert Propane Fire Pits to Natural Gas?

Almost all propane fire pits can be converted to natural gas with a special conversion kit. These are usually pretty easy to install, so don’t stress too much if you fall in love with a propane model. 

That being said, I always recommend having a professional hook up a natural gas fire pit, including installing the converter kit. It’s always better to be safe, especially when you’re working with flame.

Where Can I Use a Natural Gas or Propane Fire Pit?

Natural gas and propane fire pits are a little more flexible than wood burning ones because they don’t spark. They’re also safer when it comes to extinguishing the fire; all you have to do is turn it off the fuel source to shut the fire down.

For that reason you can usually use them on decks and patios. Avoid wood decks, though. Otherwise, the general rule with all fire pits is to keep them 10 feet away from any structures. Even though they’re gas powered accidents can happen!

Gas fire pits, generally speaking, should not be used indoors unless they’re specifically made and set up with property safety and ventilation for indoor use.

Concrete Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

The best modern & contemporary style outdoor gas fire pits table

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Concrete is a mainstay of modern and contemporary design. So are clean lines, and this modern fire pit has both. I love the white look of concrete, it really adds a modern feel. It would be complementary to a home with dark siding.

I love the way that it looks like a low coffee table, and can even double as one when not in use. 

Everything comes with it for propane, but you’ll need a conversion kit to hook up a natural gas line. The lava rocks would look better if replaced with a darker colour or glass.


  • Modern brutalist design
  • Can double a coffee table when not in use
  • Good size flame area


  • Only 40,000 BTU of heat; not the best if you’re trying to keep warm outdoors\
  • Doesn’t come with a natural gas hookup
  • Propane tank cover is sold separately

Hanie Design Duet Rectangle Fire Table

Modern style fire pit table in a rectangular shape

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This two tiered fire table is great if you’re looking for an outdoor gas fire pit that has a bit more height. If you choose to use propane, the tank is stored underneath so it stays out of the weather (and eyesight too). 

It starts putting out heat as soon as it’s lit making it a good choice for parties or just enjoying your backyard. The standing height makes it great for events or warming, too!


  • Dual flames are unique and modern
  • Raised up so you can enjoy it if you’re standing or sitting
  • Glass lava rocks are a contemporary touch
  • Adjustable flame


  • Will need a converter to hook it up to a natural gas line
  • Included lava rocks don’t adequately fill the tray
  • Needs assembly

Christopher Knight Home Square Fire Pit

Square shaped modern design fire pit for outdoors

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This square fire pit is a great example of simple, modern design. You can change out the lava rocks to coordinate with your exterior, and with the right ones you could even enhance the modern design. 

If you want to use propane it comes with a matching holder, but you’ll need a natural gas conversion kit to hook it up to your gas line.


  • No assembly required
  • Contemporary design
  • Holder for a propane tank included


  • Isn’t natural gas
  • Included lava rocks will likely need replacing for a more modern look
  • Paint doesn’t hold up well to extreme weather

BBQGUYS Signature Westfalen 18-Inch Table-Top Propane Fire Pit

Table-top propane powered fire pit

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It’s small, but this little table top fire pit packs a big punch. It’s super contemporary in design, including light colours and sharp angles. The fire glass isn’t included, so you’ll need to pick up some separately. The upside to that is you can grab a coordinating colour to your patio furniture.

Of course, the biggest drawback here is that this fire pit has to be placed on top of a table. That means you’ll need to have a suitable surface to dedicate to it. But it also comes with the natural gas conversion kit included, so set up is super easy.


  • Great modern tabletop fire pit
  • Gives off 35,000 BTUs of heat; plenty warm if you’re sitting around the table
  • Natural gas conversion kit is included
  • Can be moved around


  • Fire glass rocks are not included
  • Small, made to be placed on top of a table

Kante 25″ W Round Light Gray Concrete/Metal Outdoor Fire Pit

Modern design light gray round backyard fire pit

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Fire bowls are all the rage right now, and they’re a great modern addition to your yard. Skip the plain metal ones and look for something like this contemporary fire bowl that has a concrete look.

If round is not your thing they also have a square and rectangle option with the same finish. Or try the darker concrete, black, or wood finishes to find something that coordinates with your exterior.

There’s no natural gas conversion kit included so you’ll have to figure that out separately. Still, if you’re looking for something small and modern that gives off a lot of heat (50,000 BTUs) this is a great option.


  • Lots of options available for shape and colour
  • Matching propane tank holder can be purchased separately and doubles as a side table
  • Great heat output


  • Not very big
  • No natural gas conversion kitEndless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Black Glass Top Fire Pit
  • Lava rocks are not included

Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Black Glass Top Fire Pit

Glass top gas powered fire top in 30 inch diameter design

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This fire pit isn’t as ultra-modern as some of the other designs on this list, but it’s a definite contender if you’re looking for contemporary design. The base, which holds a propane tank if you go that route, has a simple design.

But the top of this fire pit is where it really shines; the outer edges are glass topped. Inside, the white lava rocks are a modern contrast to the darker exterior. On top of that, there’s another glass panel that can be set over top of the fire area to use it as a coffee table when you don’t want a fire.


  • 50,000 BTU of heat output
  • Can be used as a coffee table when not in use
  • Comes with coordinating fire glass


  • Conversion kit for natural gas is not included
  • Base is a little less contemporary than the top
  • Assembly is required

Which of These Modern & Contemporary Style Outdoor Gas Fire Pits is the Best?

It’s tricky to review modern & contemporary style outdoor gas fire pits because the best one isn’t just determined by quality but also what fits with your personal decorating style. If you’re looking for something specific, the other features might be less important than matching with your home’s exterior. 

That being said, out of all of these the Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Black Glass Top Fire Pit is probably your best bet. It combines everything you want in an outdoor gas fire pit (hassle free to use, good height) with contemporary design.

The glass top is especially nice, made even better by the fact that there’s a panel to convert this fire pit into a coffee table.

I really like how the contrast between the fire glass and dark surface looks, too. And for once it actually comes with nice stones; you won’t need to replace them out of the box like some of the other fire pits on this list.

The biggest downside is the design of the base. I think it’s a bit more traditional, but most of the time you’re not looking at the sides anyway. Especially if you’ve pulled chairs around the fire pit.

The base is useful for propane tanks. If you do want natural gas you’ll need to buy a conversion kit and have that installed.

Overall, I think it’s a really good value for money.

The Best Modern & Contemporary Style Outdoor Gas Fire Pits – Conclusion

Our pick, the Endless summer glass top table, has the best combination of contemporary design meets functionality.

But, there are so many great fire pits out there. We chose the ones for this list based on a combo of design and functionality, and you’ll need to decide what works for you. It all depends on style, whether you want propane or natural gas, how large of a fire pit you’re looking for, and what kind of heat you need.

Hopefully one of these modern and contemporary outdoor gas fire pits works for you!